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Mobidoo is an enabling technology that allows existing payment infrastructure to be utilized to enable friction-less commerce.
Mobidoo's Inaudible Sound Transmission technology sends data over sound and thus enables contactless mobile payment without requiring extra hardware.

In 2017 March, Mobidooo launched world's largest scale mobile payment service via Lotte Pay.

The main feature of the solution is that 1) it is low cost as it does not require extra hardware, 2) it works on both Android and iOS unlike NFC, and 3) contactless payment is possible.
Mobidoo's solution is already deployed at 30% of POS market in Korea and will soon provide payment infrastructure to wallet service providers and banks such as Woori bank.
Main business model is fee per transaction and expected to have $20M revenue by the end of year 2020.
April 29, 2017 Get Access
Undisclosed or Undecided Private
- GMV run rate: $1,177,253
- GMV growth rate: 17% MoM (Trending higher; May=23%, June= 20%)
- Average take rate: 22%
- Revenue: $38,786 / month
- Project growth rate: 12% MoM (Trending higher; June=19%)
- User growth rate: 11% MoM (Trending higher; June=16%)
- Project size growth rate: 5% MoM
- Approximately 32% monthly repeat-purchases (Trending higher; June=37%)
- Per-user gross margins: >75%
April 18, 2017 Get Access
Undisclosed or Undecided Private
- Sold out first 30,000 units within 10 months of launch, grossing $2.3M+ in revenue to date
- Smart Vent Systems currently sold in over 500 Lowe's and 95 Best Buy stores, with other distribution deals in the pipeline
- Investors include Techstars Ventures, R/GA Ventures, Galvanize Ventures, Lowe’s Ventures, Brand Foundry Ventures, and American Family Ventures
- Estimated target market of 20M households equates to $6.4B of revenue at the current average order value
- Received one of the highest valued offers in Shark Tank history during February 2015 appearance from current investor and advisor Robert Herjavec
- Product roadmap includes smart connected products for electricity and plumbing as well as consumable goods that will generate recurring revenue
April 30, 2017 Get Access
In less than a year, we have grown to 500k registered users and over 100k MAUs. Over 4k paying customers on monthly subscription. Revenues are now at $25k/mo and growing >35% every month for the last 9 months without any capital infusion. The company has positive ROI on all their campaigns (LTV > CAC), and have a clear path of next steps in growth with the incoming funds. KPI’s for the next 24 months can be found in the deck
April 30, 2017 Get Access

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