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Strong Ventures is a seed fund, based in California, supporting Korean-Global entrepreneurs.

Strong Ventures is a seed fund, based in California, that finances, supports and mentors Korean-Global entrepreneurs, empowering them to build strong ventures and to break successfully into the global market. With proven experience as operators, executives and entrepreneurs, we provide hands-on assistance and guidance. On top of our financial investment, we aim to provide tangible value to our entrepreneurs, through network reach, strategic thinking and executional collaboration. And, as we engage together with others in our venture endeavors, we hope to make the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which we call home, a better, stronger and more vibrant place for all.

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  • Los Angeles , United States
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Funding Raised

January, 2015 | Venture

Company Name Description Investment Date Velocity Score Momentum Score Propagation Score
Kevin Park Taking the road less traveled - investor in early stage consumer companies. January, 2015

Investment Syndicate
Portfolio Companies
Company Name Description Total Funding Raised Investment Date Velocity Score Momentum Score Propagation Score
beSUCCESS We support Korean startups to go global successfully USD 20,000 August, 2016 124.0
TNT Crowd TNT Crowd was established in 2012, in Seoul, Korea, when its founders realized that there were fundamental problems in the Korean education system. USD 920,174 October, 2015 200.0 193.0 4258200.0
Valualize We visualize a value. March, 2013 300.0 101.0 600.0
Shakr Democratizing video marketing for SMBs USD 21.3 million May, 2014 150.0
BDS Diet BDS DIET offers brokerage service to sellers and lenders for free in return for information of the apartment for sale. 124.0 9219900.0
Korbit Korea's leading bitcoin exchange, wallet and merchant processor USD 3.1 million August, 2013 143.0 1032561900.0
Miso, Inc. The best way to book a home cleaning in Korea. Miso is for people who love cleanliness but don't like to clean. USD 4.3 million December, 2015 124.0
BratVillage Offering services in managing space effectively September, 2015
FIXNOW Offering online repair services May, 2016
Tumblbug An online Crowdfunding site USD 7.3 million July, 2014 300.0 151.0 118401900.0
3Claps A kid fashion full-stack E-commerce company December, 2015
8omakase Delivering custom tailored styles to your door
Bookoob Online Library Platform April, 2015
brandboom A cloud-based sales tool November, 2012
Chacare Car cleaning service platform
ChannelMeter An operating system for next generation media companies June, 2013
ESES Global Running an accomodation reservation app April, 2015
Flow State Media Innovative, Polished Casual Games for Web/Mobile USD 1.7 million December, 2013 200.0
Flybook A book recomendation platform
Glance Personalized and improved Lock Screen 124.0 777000.0
GLOBAL TOP ROUND A mobile game accelerator
Hellocafe Language Learning mobile App developers November, 2014
I/O Smart home intelligent systems October, 2015
Kairos #1 Facial Rec company on AngelList. We love Enterprise. We love SaaS. We love Mobile. USD 6.7 million January, 2015 700.0 200.0 15295500.0
KOREABOO Providding recent Korean stream news October, 2014
MagTag Providing a tool to find your matching look to your style USD 42,600 October, 2013
Mayrok Media A boutique media company February, 2013 100.0 124.0 45600.0
Nspoons Inc. Creating advanced market places
oneminute Connecting worlds with various views December, 2015
Palate Visual Restaurant Menus 124.0 141300.0
Pedaling Opperating an on-demand personal tutoring platform October, 2015
Piena Tender touch baby formula maker July, 2013
Pinyata An event-based photo-sharing and social network app January, 2014 A bank canvas to write new rules for financial servicies USD 3.5 million April, 2014 1000.0 177.0 82506300.0
Recomio A recommendation engine API and Platform November, 2012
RushOrder Curated take-out and delivery app built for food discovery. March, 2013 124.0
SimiplySocial Social media management November, 2012
SnackFever A subscription-based e-commrce August, 2015
SOXHUB Developing Enterprise accounting software
Storytime Studios Developed Skit, which you can create animated movies USD 2.1 million May, 2013
Tapas media Bite-sized mobile content platform USD 7.3 million November, 2012
The Good Ear Company Providing hearing devices November, 2012 100.0 124.0 600.0
Totspot Mobile marketplace to shop and sell kids fashion (500 startups B9) USD 7.7 million January, 2014 500.0 127.0 17251800.0
WANT TO WEAR Fashion Rental Service November, 2015
YZ Interactive Computer game developers March, 2013
BLUE WHALE ENTERTAINMENT Virtual K-Pop singer producer
Tapas Media USD 5.1 million July, 2015
Kairos Watches Smart wearables for the 700M analog watch buyers USD 4.0 million December, 2014 200.0 150.0 600.0
Bdsdiet Real Estate Online To Offline USD 264,124 June, 2014