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  Raising: $1,000,000

153 days left  


Eazymation provides Data Leakage Prevention service for Enterprise File Sync & Sharing on web without any client and installation
South Korea


Clouvir prototype is done and on developing.

1. DLP for EFSS(Data Leakage Prevention for Enterprise File Sync & Sharing)
- Main item and on developing for enterprise SaaS service.
-> Plan to open on December.

2. College group project performance checking/evaluating tool
- By using Clouvir, someone who is in charge get a report of performance of each team member.
-> Negotiating with colleges and professors.

3. HTS(Home Trading System) on Web
- Clouvir make possible to use HTS on MAC and on Web.
-> A few companies HTS are installed on Clouvir, and is on closed test.


10% Equity

  Raising: $2,000,000

26 days left  


We,Pison Contents Inc., are a worldwide music distributor & publisher and are an official provider of Apple Music, Spotify, Google, Amazon. We have become established successfully in the market with our first service, Musicspray.net, which is an online service for worldwide digital music distribution.

Additionally, we have developed an online back-end system, SoundDex, as an automated and integrated solution for solving the big structural and language problems between international and Korean/Asian music industries with The machine learning technology for detecting of a copyright infringement in UGC music streaming platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud.
Also, on the other hand we are evolving to a singer-songwriter accelerator, the 'Firstrack' project, like Y combinator in the startup field.
★ We are a portfolio startup company of Go-Venture, KVIC, Primer, Sazze, SMBA TIPS, beGlobal 2015 Top10 in Silicon Valley.
★ We succeeded to turn into the black-ink balance in 2016.


Firstrack is a singer-songwriter accelerator for musician startups like Y combinator in the startup field.
We Firstrack hope that a musician will get an experience of being an emerging artist and rapid growth as entrepreneurial singer-songwriter in this Self-Directed Producing with the'MusicSpray' music monetization platform.

Artist ≒ Startup


http://sf.koreatimes.com/article/20170417/1051090 (News Article)

▶ MusicSpray
MusicSpray is a worldwide music distribution and publishing online agency platform based on a digital and web technology.


▶ Red Wine
Red Wine is a detecting solution prototype for the copyright infringements on YouTube based on the machine learning technology. (Demo)(ID/Passwod: musicspray


15% Equity

  Raising: $440,000

20 days left  


**Problem / Solution**
Parents need help with planning things to do for their kids. They spend over 60% their time organizing and planning events for their kids.
So, Loopkin(www.iloopkin.com) allows them to find any kind of kids group activity at their any preferred time, date, and place.

**Product Introduction**
Loopkin is the 1st kids activity sharing platform(a.k.a AIRBNB for kids group activity), that connects people with extra capabilities to host kids activities to local kids. Our mission is to foster creative potential with diverse people. Loopkin raised one million dollars last September(2016) from 1 VC and 1 impact investment firm in Korea. Our team is consisted of a Creative designer, a App/Web developer, and a Global business strategist. Loopkin has over 160 service users and over 830 facebook followers. Business Area - US: Bay Area(San Francisco, Silicon Valley, etc.), Korea: Seoul, and China.

**Product at a Glance**
1.We offer - Online platform, www.iloopkin.com, that helps people to easily find and host local kids activities.
2.Kin Pro Lab, Loopkin's Kids activity specialist program providing Design Thinking-driven kids activities.
2-1.Kin Pro Lab - Fast Track (4-week): $400/per person.
2-2.Kin Pro Lab - Regular (16-week): $2,000/per person.
3.Online Transaction - We take a 20% commission on each transaction.
3-1.Events W/Loopkin Target Market Share - 13M
3-2.AVG FEE $120 per play (4 participants)- $24
3-3.REVENUE 2016~2019 - $156M
4.People make extra money by hosting fun activities!
4-1.Part-Time Kin Pro: Estimated Profit - $1,200/month
4-2.Full-Time Kin Pro: Estimated Profit - $6,000/month
5.Kids Group Activity: Visualizing and sharing thoughts experiencing diverse prototyping.
6.Networking service: To make a trusted community, we have monthly basis mixers that connect kids, parents, Kin Pros (Loopkin's kids activity specialists).
7.Regular workshops: for parents where they can learn and explore Loopkin’s Kids group activity and how they do it with their kids.


  Raising: $1,000,000

27 days left  

Dr. Son Soccer Academy

Innovative football education & player management company, to change the world through football convergence theory and 3 ball training
South Korea


Once a day I had seen national footballers playing football in 'poor' performance on TV , I thought "What is soccer? How can we be better just like ' Messi',global super star, in a very short time, effectively and effiecently? Is there really no way?" We finally find solutions!

[Dribbling with three balls, using a 1m diameter ball]

Oetae Son (55), a graduate of Korea University, was a well-known fund manager. In the early 1990s, he saw soccer on TV and asked, "Why do I play soccer? I can not do better, "" I wondered what the movements of the world's players would be different. " He recalled the theory of the stock market. 'When investors feel insecure and sell their securities, they can increase their profit by buying stocks at that time. the same as Soccer, goalkeepers and defenders feel a sense of anxiety if you make the probability of increasing the odds.

"He analyzed Ronaldo, Zidane, and other world players hundreds of times, carefully analyzing them, going from elementary to professional, and taking notes on the game. Dr. Sohn said he could divide his football theory into psychology, behavioral science, and probability.

"Psychology is a way to raise the odds of a goal by making the opponent uncomfortable. Behavioral science analyzes the behavior of top players and allows them to play quickly and efficiently. The probability is to provide a pattern that moves toward a goal that is more likely to be "

"The young players who received the" Tweezers Tutor "from Dr. Son were swept away by the scorers of various tournaments and were selected by the national youth representatives of each age, and 43 of total 453 persons,who had been educated until 2016yr, astonishing 9.3% went to the professional team.in general case was 0.8%. In January 2015, Jeju, who scored 37 goals in the K-League in 2014, scored 55 goals in 2015 and scored first in the K-League with 71 goals last year.


10% Equity

  Raising: $225,000

51 days left  


Platform to compare prices for multiple service providers and book the best transport option available


Currently we have more than 15K downloads While most of the users are using Dride for comparing, However more number of users are shifting to Dride to book their Ride.

Currently we are integrating international service providers within the app and going forward will integrate multiple OTAs to offer air fare comparison to users.

Looking to raise funds to build tech to offer pre to post travel solution (air, road, stay, on the way services, options, suggestions) and build intelligence to offer smart solutions to users based on their regular travel habits.

Currently there is no app in the market which provides end to end travel booking experience by comparing options across various travel categories ranging from renting a car, hiring a cab, booking a flight, rent a stay and give suggestions to make savings for the users.

Dude will have multiple revenue streams - Alliance Commission, in app Advertisements and Partner priority suggestions.


20% Equity

  Raising: $1,000,000

61 days left  

Swizzle Global Inc.

The Feedback Interpreters for App Developers using AI & Big data Technologies.
Seoul , United States


1. What we do

The Feedback Interpreter for App Developers.

2. Problem

Online User Feedback(reviews and comments) for mobile apps is scattered in various platforms and it should be interpreted to a meaningful business insight at the right timing. However, Human can’t do it all by manual way due to the limit of time and energy.

3. Solution

Swizzle’s user feedback interpreting service utilizes an advanced AI and big data processing system to collect, classify, and analyze tons of review or comment text from anywhere in the internet and provide direct business insights out of it.

4. System

- Multi-platform Crawler
- Multi-layered Feedback Classification System (Topic, Purpose, Sentiment, etc.)
- Automated Insight Interpreter
- Sets of various deep-dive text analytics tools (Deep Learning, Topic Modeling…)

5. Main Domain

- App review analysis (App Store, Social Media, Online Community)

6. Current Status

7. Roadmap

8. Use of Fund

9. Financial Projection


10% Equity

Lead By: Private

  Raising: $1,000,000

46 days left  


Imaged based Quora for K-Fashion
Seoul , South Korea


Gwabba is an image based Quora for K-Fashion.

CUSTOMERS have a tough time trying to find clothes they saw on TV, the internet or in their daily lives. Sometimes they don't know what words to search with, and even if you know the brand, you are bombarded with hundreds of irrelevant results. They just want a simple way to search.
Especially those who live outside of Korea, the growth of the Korean wave has boosted demand for K-Fashion, but due to language barriers and limitations of online payments in Korea, access is low.

RETAILERS face intense competition vs big players with deeper pockets. Advertising is expensive and ineffective. Companies spend a lot of time and resources in trying to forecast sales and manage inventory. They just want to see demand and secure customers directly.

Gwabba is an easy to use platform, customers just upload the picture of the clothes they want, and for now, the community helps find it.
Retailers for the first time can now search for customers who want to buy the brands or styles they are selling. They can have direct contact with the customers.

Behind the scenes Gwabba is developing technology to first collect the scattered data, and then manage it with immense detail. We have also automated parts of the manual search process. So ultimately when you post a picture, we want to provide same or similar styles immediately.
We are also customizing based on the user profile. A 15 year old girl and a 30 year old man should not be getting the same results when they search for a white shirt.
With this unique demand side data, Gwabba can provide a wide range of services.
But for now we are focusing on growing the community and fine tuning the app.

PROCEEDS: 80% of funds to be used to hire talent. We have been in touch with head of major IT company image search head to join, along with some of his team. Also we will scale and refine customer acquisition as well as customer service.


20% Equity

  Raising: $1,000,000

31 days left  


> Problem : Deal Source in Asia is not free and locked to some Inner Circles, Lots of legal paper, regulations frustrate founders/investors, Liquidation of Startup Stock is very hard

> Solution : Online Marketplace for founders in Asia and International Investors (Micro VCs, Angel Investors)

> Traction : 15 Deals in progress, 770,000 Companies Listed, 1,800 Users from 15 Countries, 500 Investors registered

> Previous Invsetors : DCM Ventures, 500 Startups, Strong Ventures, Hadry Farm Ventures etc


19.35% Equity

  Raising: $1,000,000

12 days left  

Riiid, Inc.

Riiid replaces paper workbooks and tutoring institutions for multiple choice tests with its data-based adaptive learning technology.
Seoul , South Korea | Series A


> Providing test-prep'ing students with AI tech powered adaptive learning solution(web+app) to achieve the target score the fastest way: it offers learning analytics, personalized set of questions and lectures, mock tests, etc.

> 200,000 registered users (only for TOEIC, launched in March, 2016; it's a must-have app for TOEIC takers now)

> Proprietary AI technologies → technical barrier

> Top level AI scientists and engineers

> Currently no direct competition worldwide. (when it comes to technology)

> Inbound investment and partnership deals from a number of big China education companies.

> China education market has started quickly transforming into AI+mobile based industry.

> Has been and will be brutally focusing on R&D, already preoccupied the keyword <AI tutor> in the Korea education market, and will expand its brand into Asia market in 3~4 years.

> Rasied over $4MM from top Korea VCs and heavyweights in IT (cofounder of Nexon, VP of ST Unitas, etc.)


10% Equity

  Raising: $1,000,000

6 days left  

Membersheep Company Co. Ltd.,

MBS is a B2B trade agency which professionally sources the products of about 500 famous global brands in U.S. and Europe and provides them.


The Problem we want to solve is about the Brand sourcing in Cross border market.
As china GDP is growing up, many China customer want to buy the overseas branded products and their needs is also growing. But sourcing brand products for distribution companies in China is very hard.

It is similar to Branded headquarters. As China become the largest market in the world, many fashion brand companies want to enter the Chinese market but it’s not easy like registration to China government, finding partner, trademark, understanding Taobao ecosystem, dropshipping ecosystem, etc.

We solve this problem by connecting them directly. If US/Europe companies upload the products information to our platform, it is translated automatically and Chinese distributors can buy as a wholesale price.

By doing that, brand company can sell the products to China customer. Also Chinese companies can buy the genuine products safely. We have partnership with more than 200 brands so far.

> Growth of Trade Volume
- 2015 : USD 700,000
- 2016 : USD 1,662,000
- 2017 : USD 2,624,000 (1Q Traction Only)
* Expect massive increase in 2017.


5% Equity
  • Private

  Raising: $250,000

13 days left  


> Publishing a weekly newsletter w/ 10k+ subscribers and 45% avg. open rate

> Subscribers are mostly early-stage founders and startup employees

> Recently launched a website (www.startupweekly.net), which is updated daily

> Will generate revenue from ads on newsletter/website

> Previous Investors : Strong Ventures, Plug and Play Tech Center