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Localocracy helps news organizations turn content into conversations to increase visitor loyalty, page-views, reporter productivity and profit.

The broadcast news industry as a whole is facing radical changes to their business model and is being forced to make cuts in the newsroom. As a result, 1/4 of local US TV stations do not produce their own local news content. In response to this, Kaptchr serves as the infrastructure that enables news professionals to be more efficient, competitive, and effective so they can produce more content with fewer resources. It's like Salesforce.com for a Newsroom. Kaptchr is SAAS platform designed to consolidate and organize social media content, allowing news professionals to access newsworthy content in real-time. Kaptchr filters the noise of social media feeds and brings relevant items to the forefront, as they happen. If your job is to find a needle (a story, an event, or information) in a haystack (a multitude of content sources), Kaptchr delivers the haystacks to you and highlights the needles.

Online niche TV talk show network.
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Swell Radio lets you listen to personalized audio news and information for free from your mobile device. Enjoy quick and easy access to unlimited streaming audio from iTunes, NPR, ABC, ESPN, BBC, CBC, TED and more. How does it work? Listen to what Swell plays. If you like it, keep listening; if not, just swipe to move on. Swell learns what you like as you go and will continue to deliver the content most relevant to you. "Swell is great, because, like Pandora, you don't have to make decisions about what to listen to. Swell figures it out for you.” - Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY
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KidSenz delivers animated news videos to elementary and middle school kids, in a safe and friendly environment. It is a platform for browsing and publishing news stories suitable for kids. Teachers and parents can get the future generation of decision makers interested in news and current affairs early in life.
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NOTE: this is a bit out of date. We'll update it later. Infobitt News will be the world's first crowdsourced news site focused on serious, front page news. Our founder and CEO, Larry Sanger, was the brains behind Wikipedia. He organized us to build a useful encyclopedia; now he's organizing us to build a high-quality online newspaper. Our organic community picks and ranks the top stories and competes to write the best headlines and summaries. We make a fascinating intellectual game out of curating and summarizing the news. Nobody knows how to crowdsource high-quality content consistently. We think we've solved the problem. We think the crowd can actually do some things better than traditional news organizations: • Find breaking news quickly and put it all in one place, not spread around different sites. • Carefully summarize and rank the importance of large numbers of news stories in many categories. • Publish consistently good writing—as on Quora, the best will rise to the top.

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Inforex connects Forex Bureaus to each other providing real time Foreign Exchange rates and inter trading. Third party companies can join this network to take advantage of the lowest available Forex rates in the market.