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Are you ready to advertise at UEFA Champions League Final Game? Eiffel Tower? Super Bowl? Make it happen! IT'S EASY TO REACH YOUR TARGET MARKET WHEN YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE AND AT WHAT TIME! With SpotFuse you choose the venue you want to deliver your ads to and the specific time-frame your ads will be shown to the people you want to reach.
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Wanderventure.com is a new way how backpackers and individual tourists will experience their travels. With our mobile application, solve the main problems every backpacker has: - Finding relevant and useful information around you - Connect to other backpackers near to you - Share your amazing travel experience in an easy and fun way With our Website we help people before they start to travel: - Get information about the places you want to go to - Read through lovely travel blogs of our community members - Create a Trip Plan and share it with the community to get off the beaten path information

Dualvis.io is a real time interactive mobile platform that links with live events aired on TV, primarily sports. Through the mobile app people can interact, receive more information, play games, trivias and modify the TV content in real time and synced with the TV signal. Technically, the product consists of an application developed for iOS, Android and BlackBerry10, a CMS specific-for-sports-broadcasted-over-the-TV and an Ad-Server. The vision of the product is to make it available in countries of Latin America where football and baseball are the most followed sports. An agreement is made with the local TV stations that owns the rights to broadcast this events daily or weekly and whom have the obligation of airing a TV ad promoting the download and use of the application. We create value by leveraging use of mobile devices while fans are watching big sports on TV. We capture value through alliances with the biggest media groups on every country of Latin America.

Hand Curated Brief news by Vikas Chauhan. Just News no hiccups. Customer can read the top news faster and with any device. Students and Public is the customer. Native or otherwise. The purpose is to know current or top news in brief without wasting time on browsing news mediums. Here we are going to promote neutral and positive headlines rather than negative or disturbing news. The UI is going to be very simple with addition of filtration( which i am working now right now) to make it easy to read. It supports different languages thanks to Google translate widget.

Pretio curates exclusive brand offers for large-scale loyalty and reward networks and connects them with an easy-to-integrate API. Pretio manages reward delivery, redemption, user follow up, and tracking. Brands pay Pretio for reward delivery or spend. Through Pretio, ad platforms are able to fill remnant inventory, loyalty programs reduce liability and brands reach receptive consumers in ’moments’ where traditional ads don’t work. To date Pretio has rewarded over 100M user activities with brands such as JCPenny, Sears, Foot Locker, Bed Bath & Body Works, TOMs, and Crocs.

Invidio enables viewers to window-shop their entertainment and purchase the products seen on-screen in movies, TV shows, music videos, and online web series. It's as simple as using one of the apps on your mobile device! We enter the market with, Inspired. A mobile web-app for fashionistas and music fanatics, allowing users to shop fashion styles directly from the hottest music videos. Users can follow their favorite artists, keep up with fashion trends, and purchase the products they love! The app launches early 2014. Pre-registration is now open. www.inspiredapp.tv

Nowadays there are numerous websites telling you about the what is happening in your area. But how do you know who is actually up for a festival, a football match or maybe just a relaxing day in the park? Joining is the place where you join people for social activities; via our web- and mobile site, you can easily plan fun activities with your friends or join other people with similar interest in your area. And all of this.. for free!

Award-winning full service mobile interactive agency that Thinks then Executes (c). The team comprises of strategic, creative and development visionaries who support a client's business goals through effective and meaningful experiences across connected screens.
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Wellspring Prep Academy is a small elite private school with a homeschool atmosphere! Wellspring parents and educators with similar philosophies of education, enjoy working together to protect the integrity of the school. Our program offers American students a quality education without the hassle of politics from public schools! The teachers encourage fun, creativity, and exploration to promote student success!
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