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MarketFish transforms the list marketing industry by providing a service platform where owners and buyers of lists come together to do business without the need for list managers, list brokers, or 3rd party transmission bureaus. On this platform, performance data is exposed allowing buyers to purchase based on the true performance of the list; and the multiple and tedious steps are automated, significantly improving the productivity for both sellers and buyers.

As a global sports portal developer we provide advertising programs for brands to engage a target market of sports fans of all demographics. Our Battle Sites brand connects fans of all of the major professional and collegiate sports leagues creating unlimited inventory for our clients to engage a rabid base of consumers.

Pretio curates exclusive brand offers for large-scale loyalty and reward networks and connects them with an easy-to-integrate API. Pretio manages reward delivery, redemption, user follow up, and tracking. Brands pay Pretio for reward delivery or spend. Through Pretio, ad platforms are able to fill remnant inventory, loyalty programs reduce liability and brands reach receptive consumers in ’moments’ where traditional ads don’t work. To date Pretio has rewarded over 100M user activities with brands such as JCPenny, Sears, Foot Locker, Bed Bath & Body Works, TOMs, and Crocs.

OOHSEARCH is a technology services company for the outdoor advertising industry. Our workflow automation software delivers unprecedented ease and efficiency for businesses that plan and buy OOH in-house. OOHSEARCH The Easiest Way to Plan and Buy Outdoor Advertising which will help media buyers save time and save upto 30% on their ooh media budget

VaycayTV is Toronto’s tourism channel. We are the ONLY channel that broadcasts directly to hotel guest rooms across Toronto, providing viewers with information about Toronto's best attractions, hotspots, and in-demand events. 
The VaycayTV concept is simple. We produce a 30-minute show: a live-action, city-wide exposé that hotel guests can watch from the comfort of their rooms. Our show is updated monthly, and is shown on a closed-loop channel in hotel rooms over 40 times per day. When guests turn on the TV’s in their rooms, VaycayTV will be right there to greet them and show them the very best that the city has to offer in food, culture, shopping, and more. Our main clients revolve around are tourism attractions, hotels, restaurants, transportation and retail therapy hotspots which want to advertise to the tourism market.

Swagsy is a social network for shopping where people follow celebrities, experts, or other influencers who share recommendations for their favorite products.
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It's an informative and entertaining television show that highlights local interesting people and teaches people how to cook by cooking recipes that go along with the theme of the interview.

The Idealists is a marketplace of professional creative talent — from individuals to full service agencies. Our 'Scope of Work Wizard' quickly matches marketing needs with curated solutions based on schedule, budget and deliverables. Our vetted community of 6000+ professional members provides web design and development, video and commercial production, photography, design, campaign strategy and more.
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