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enMarkit is a social engagement and business intelligence platform. Our easy to integrate plugin enables businesses to increase conversion rates, and reduce cart abandonment by engaging customer through contextualized reviews and personalized content.

In the Age of Data there are too many numbers and to little knowledge. Reach.ly uncovers particular aim of e-commerce on-site visitors and provide ways to engage in real-time. By using machine learning algorithms we detect customer intention of visit - purchase, casual surfing or research. It is done in real-time.

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Enlarge your metrics : SociQuanti lets you easily compare the public social metrics of your brands, your friends or your competitors. Build your own dashboard to keep track of the the number of facebook fans, twitter followers, klout score and much more of many entities at once.

15% of Americans are responsible for over 75% of healthcare costs. Varsa Health empowers health organizations with leveraging patient-reported data to improve the efficiency and efficacy of care managers. Our system analyzes information collected from self-reported outcome measure and creates intelligent links to specific content to keep individuals engaged. By digitally storing and organizing this information, we track outcomes throughout the care process. Varsa serves health plans and accountable care organizations with a focus populations with chronic conditions. As value-based care becomes a reality, these organizations are under increasing pressure to better stratify individuals based on health status and prevent individuals from falling through the cracks. Varsa enables these organizations to remove paper-based measurement from their workflow and instead automatically capture outcomes assessments in a way that is meaningful for care managers and those they serve.

Leading CDN, IPTV and OTT providers choose Skytide's online video analytics & reporting to optimize digital media performance.

Wannahangout mobile app is a Stanford startup project that allows friends to organize events through their mobile phone without going back through strings of emails, text messages, and missing out on important details.
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Evolv - Big Data Analytics for the Workforce
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