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Verdict is an iPhone app that lets people give and get opinions anonymously. It works by allowing people to post an image and a description (ie ‘What do you think of my watch?’). Other users can then vote the image up or down and the initial user can see the feedback; users can swipe up or down to indicate thumbs up, or thumbs down. Pictures can be added into several categories including Art/Design, Food, Jewelry, Men’s Fashion, Tech, Watches, Women’s Fashion and Other. It is not shown how many people have rated up and how many down, only the total number (positive votes minus the negative votes) is shown, indicating the “true public perception,” similar to how commercial market research and public polling operates. Essentially Verdict aims to make industry-standard market research available to the average person. They can ask for an opinion on anything that fits into one of the categories, and can see almost immediately what the feedback is.

Mirc Media is a digital analytics company that helps celebrity managers and television sales teams to measure and understand their audience base. Existing second screen engagements on the web are used as primary feeds to mine intelligence.

Cojoin helps our customers get their data out, ready and combined to free analysts and engineers from the mundane and repeated task of collecting, joining and visualizing data enabling them to be more productive and focus on their own products and customers.
Santa Monica

KUERI is a software component for a simple to use search box which connects over any database (relational or NoSQL) and is capable of understanding plain language and generating the corresponding properly formatted database queries. The process includes as-you-type auto-complete suggestions based on user input, the existing database, query history and other criteria. The component is available as a self-service deployable software library (SDK) designed for software vendors and application firms set on incorporating natural language analytics functionality in their applications and services in order to improve user experience when exploring data.
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Our enterprise level Social Media Management Suite empowers brands with the unique ability to connect monetary ROI to their Social Media efforts and fully understand how and why social media contributes to their bottom line revenue. No more buzzwords, no more guesswork, we provide actionable financial performance analytics built for the age of social media marketing.
New York

UltraSportsLive.TV is live stream provider for sporting events--primarily those involving endurance such as trail runs, city marathons, and triathlons. We have also developed proprietary tracking that allows you to follow each individual participant--up to the minute- on the course as well as delivering real time analytics.
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Crunched is an easy to use customer communications and analytics platform that helps sales and marketing teams close more deals faster. Crunched allows you to pitch customers with mixed-media presentations live, in email, on your website and even on social networks and get real-time tracking on who is engaged and who's not. Crunched tells you exactly who to follow up with, when and about what so you get scalable, repeatable results.
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TP Technologies has created a customizable tool that, over time, can successfully predict events based on user input. While this tool can be applied to several business genres, we have already launched this analytic engine in the stock market and it is performing even better than we expected!

Informatica - The Data Integration Company - is a leading provider of enterprise data integration software.
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