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With our product you can grow organic and toxic free vegetables, fruits, herbs or spices in an automated and self-controlled micro-habitat. You'll have your own supply of the freshest possible greens right on your kitchen balcony without any action to keep them alive and nourished. You can even use it for other purposes like purely decorative terrarium, beautiful gardens of exotic flowers or even for small animals like frogs and turtles! If you always wanted a little flower or vegetable garden but live in an apartment with no green areas or if you simply don't have the time to dedicate to such a garden, this is the perfect solution for you! If you're a small producer, this product will completely change the way you manage your business. Remember those beautiful but extremely delicate and difficult to grow orchids? Those out of season flowers that your clients keep asking you about? Well... With our product you'll have no more difficulties and you'll stand out from all other producers.
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Accelerator Angel Fund, partnering with Accelerators in local communities to promote entrepreneurship & stimulate economic growth. TechHub Ventures partners with Accelerators in local communities (state's, county's, city's) worldwide to promote entrepreneurship, and to bring innovative technology and products to the world. Founded by Bryan Monteleone (LGLO) and Robert Wells (WellsSpring). TechHub Ventures partners with the non-profit organization, "TechHub Palm Beaches", Palm Beach County's premiere Accelerator.

syms.me lets private and professional event organizers and venue owners easily offer innovative events for singles, winning organizers new, affluent customers and additional revenues. syms.me lets singles get in touch with new people instantly, to meet the partner of their dreams in a safe yet more exciting way than any existing dating service today.

Zapala Go provides removal, relocation and storage companies with a simple, end- to- end solution to schedule, cost, track and trace their consignments. Using Zapala Go, clients are able to obtain detailed, real- time information on the exact status and location of their consignments while in transit or storage, as well as an easily accessible inventory of the goods being moved. Zapala Go can help clients to reduce labour and error costs by 35% per year. This is achieved by enabling open access to job information from any device, resulting in the streamlining of operations processes. Zapala Go is emerging as an innovative leader in the industry; facilitating a shift away from conventional paper based documentation to a fully integrated, digital system.

Baabedo is the easiest way for companies to make more profit. The price is the most influential factor for a company's profit, and plays a key role in many other business metrics - yet it is an unbearable task for more than 99% of companies to figure out which prices are the most helpful for any situation. With Baabedo companies connect their sales channels (or send the data manually to our service via our API), to get price predictions for their products, in order make more profit, gain market share or manage supply. We achieved impressive results so far with our Amazon merchants pricing-AI, which increased the profit, on this very competitive marketplace, over +74% on average.
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One click video conferencing. Host, record, and review business meetings.

Infoduce turns traditional business cards into a versatile engagement portal. The portal is a user defined persona which reduces the logistics of business card transcription, adds social media integration, and empowers custom single click actions like navigation, resume downloads, and demos. Because many of us wear multiple hats during the day, users can create multiple personas for different situations. At the enterprise level, Infoduce allow admins to manage large groups with templates, track analytics, and dynamically push updates to managed accounts. With Infoduce, enterprises are able to track the effectiveness of their sales / HR teams, determine the right social media platform for their customer base, push marketing efforts out to the entire company, maintain a consistent company image, and ensure social media compliance.

DataDab combines strategic, creative, and technological expertise in one convenient package. In a world of web designers who provide creative designs, developers who build technology solutions, and marketing consultants who provide business strategy, DataDab is able to deliver you all three. The result is a web solution that is stable, attractive, and poised for success. We are proud that we have served our clients for over 5 years using the best open source solutions. Because our developers and marketers are professionally trained to work with many proven content management systems, we can find the right resource for your specific needs. We don’t use freelance developers, and all work is done within our offices. DataDab has a very talented design team that understands how to design a user friendly, beautiful website that performs superbly on your selected CMS and works well with others. We would love to work cooperatively with your Marketing Agency or In-House design team.

Crazyyy is where friends challenge themselves and prove they have completed it by sharing 15-second videos. Fun Crazyyy also helps businesses, brands and celebrities to create bespoke challenge-based campaigns on social networks. Pioneer.

Survis is like mint.com for you business’ online reputation. We make it simple for you to make sense of your business’ online reputation and it’s customers' expectations and, in turn, help you guarantee the best experience for them. Survis is a customizable, cross-platform review-consolidation and analytics dashboard solution for small-medium sized business, to monitor their reputation across the various review platforms, like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Survis helps map back management decisions (e.g., staff or menu changes) and sales & marketing initiatives (e.g., Groupons, etc) to non-transient online business chatter (e.g., Yelp reviews). The ultimate vision is to have an automated personal assistant for review digestion, to save the business owner/manager(s) the time in reading through each individual review in order to comprehend the customers' sentiment about the various aspects of their business. Survis may eventually offer a 3rd party customer-facing review platform.