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Constant Insight provides brands, such as CBS and YMCA, with insight into existing customers interests so they can increase customer transaction rates, revenue and retention through a highly personalized engagement experience. When a customer's email address is uploaded into CI, the system goes onto the web and gathers up the digital crumbs that people have socially left about themselves. Once found, CI create a searchable database of customer's interests and social profiles which allow brands to identify and continuously speak to people's motivations and needs. Benefits included: • Increase transaction rates and revenue per email by personalizing content. • Supplement customer profiles or market research with social data. • Increase customer retention by allowing brands to proactively combat churn and competitive advancements due to a lack of insight into existing customer's changing interests. Constant Insight is a Software-as-a-Service.

Local-Insights is the only SaaS real estate tool that integrates local-level monthly & quarterly Geospatial datasets into a user-friendly interface with accurate 24-month property forecasts. So far, every real estate tool has focused on individual property data and regional macro-market data alone. These tools neglect the single most important factor in real estate: the current local marketplace! After many years in development, over $350,000 invested, with the help of microeconomic PhD math...
Silicon Valley

Our technology will redefine the way athletes and coaches communicate on the field. We integrated our bone conduction technology into a sports mouth guard. The mouth guard vibrates the athletes jawbone allowing them to hear. All electronics are housed in a pod in the roof of the mouth. The device allows for one-way communication with a coach and allows the athlete to listen to music. The coach will have a configurable app where they can control who they talk to. For example, a football coach will have multiple configurable buttons that allow him to talk to the entire offensive line, only the quarterback, all line backers, or entire team. Sports like soccer where athletes cannot hear the coach during play will now have communication across the full field. Future product iterations will contain additional sensors to monitor G-forces, internal temperature, hydration levels, and track activities. All data will be viewed real-time on the coach's app and uploaded securely to our cloud.

SocialCrunch is building a Behavior Graph of people on the Internet. We map how people behave in the real world to help companies of all sizes understand 21st century consumers.

splinter.me is a big data startup that uses the information available on different online platforms to do real-time matchmaking between tech talents and work opportunities. Employers save time and money with a smarter sourcing and filtering recruitment tool that uses the advantages of big data. Talents have an easy and pleasant tool for building their professional profiles and receive job proposals that really fit.

NUFFLY.COM - LIBERATING SOCIAL MEDIA (tm) Nuffly is building the world’s first unified interface to aggregated social media and cloud content, to grant app developers easy access to the unified aggregated content down-stream. This empowers developers to easily create truly unique and engaging ways for the user to experience, interact with and publish their own data – free of the enclosures that big social media services impose, but with ultimate control for the user.

Swaniti currently has a suite of visualizations and data analytics repositories for measuring and presenting data insights to the Indian citizens. Check out our work on Indian Express. Swaniti is also working with a number state and central government bodies to bring tangible change in administration's ability to utilize data in policy and development decision making. Swaniti has produced mobile apps, data dashboards and visualizations to achieve its goals. Swaniti is using the latest technologies and tools to build these new products and continues to explore new avenues to make governance more effective!
New Delhi

RedRovor is focused on Crowdsourcing / Friendsourcing peoples likes and dislikes, and giving users real time access to this valuable and important data. We started with music likes and dislikes:

SalesVerge enables in-field "salespeople" to engage and connect customers to close sales on their iPhone and iPad. Think Marketo meets CRM on your iPhone or iPad. Automate emails and sales tracking and qualify with demographic and economic data right from an iPhone or iPad. Designed like github, any salesperson can use on their own, and later-on join their account to their company's edition.

Verdict is an iPhone app that lets people give and get opinions anonymously. It works by allowing people to post an image and a description (ie ‘What do you think of my watch?’). Other users can then vote the image up or down and the initial user can see the feedback; users can swipe up or down to indicate thumbs up, or thumbs down. Pictures can be added into several categories including Art/Design, Food, Jewelry, Men’s Fashion, Tech, Watches, Women’s Fashion and Other. It is not shown how many people have rated up and how many down, only the total number (positive votes minus the negative votes) is shown, indicating the “true public perception,” similar to how commercial market research and public polling operates. Essentially Verdict aims to make industry-standard market research available to the average person. They can ask for an opinion on anything that fits into one of the categories, and can see almost immediately what the feedback is.