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A common place for loyalists to discover how many miles, points and cash back they have and finally what to do with them. A place to connect, find rewards program information and save money with relevant offers from brands they are most passionate about. In it’s current form Rewards Tree is a website, an iPhone application and a securely distributed partner application. To users, Rewards Tree is a free solution for managing rewards earned everyday. Save money with relevant offers, set goals, expirations and alerts to prevent from losing rewards status. A gathering place for a shared passion. To brands, advertisers and partners, Rewards Tree is a platform that enables a connection with their most loyal and profitable customers using succinct targeting across multiple media channels. Rewards Tree is a privately held, 3-person start up based in San Francisco, CA
San Francisco

splinter.me is a big data startup that uses the information available on different online platforms to do real-time matchmaking between tech talents and work opportunities. Employers save time and money with a smarter sourcing and filtering recruitment tool that uses the advantages of big data. Talents have an easy and pleasant tool for building their professional profiles and receive job proposals that really fit.

We are building beautiful dashboards that allow principals, teachers, and parents to track student performance. Student information flows to our system real-time through a robust and proprietary API that we've developed. We believe that by connecting all the stakeholders and tools involved in a child's educational process, their learning outcomes will dramatically increase.

Scalacity is a PaaS that hosts, scales, provisions, and monitors your big data infrastructure. It frees data scientists from the headache of managing servers and software, allowing them to concentrate on extracting value from their data. Scalacity seamlessly combines the power of three leading big data frameworks - Hadoop, Spark, and Storm - to excel at any task from batch processing large datasets to real-time systems.

Guidebits shows consumers the words trending around products, providing them an instant understanding of what a specific product is all about. Our B2B offering gives brands an inside, real-time, look at the words and phrases trending around their products so they can better tailor marketing and advertising initiatives.
New York

We do not live in a black and white world. Color is everywhere. It is a universal, non-verbal language that has tremendous influence over consumer buying decisions, brand perception, and user experience. In fact, more than 68% of consumers purchase a product based on color. Therefore, good color decisions drive sales, while poor color decisions build excess inventory. Huegroup is building a color intelligence database that uses data science and machine learning to help businesses confidently answer the question “what color should it be?” Founded by experienced color data strategists, Huegroup calls New York home.
New York

Leveraging the explosive growth in competitive gaming (or "eSports"), IGL is the amateur destination for competitive eSports. We specialize in creating, organizing and maintaining competitions for the hotest video games such as League of Legends. We bring it all together with live broadcasts and player and team statistics for a true league experience. IGL is proud to contribute to the growth of eSports by introducing the competitive aspects of video games to gamers around the world.

UpperClassmen.co provides prospective students with a first hand glimpse into the culture of any university. What do we do differently? We don’t just connect students, we help match them with a variety of mentors that have similar passions and shared interests. This allows students to immediately establish a connection with a student and not waste time figuring out common areas of interest. Furthermore, we provide information to the mentors to ensure that all topics are covered and that they deliver the best possible experience.  UpperClassmen.co is building a platform that will connect these students via text chat. 
Los Angeles

###### THE ENTIRE TEAM BEHIND CATALYST ZERO IS 100% WORKING ON GIANT SWARM (http://angel.co/giant-swarm/) ####### IDEA GENERATION We are enterpreneurial minds. Show us your challenges and we will help you find a solution for your digital future. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT We help you creating something valuable, usable and feasible from the getgo and stay that way while growing. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT We build highly reliable and scalable software in a rapid development fashion with small iterations giving you problem/solution fit at reduced costs.

MassMediaCulture is the first Internet Protocol Television Network, WebPortal and advertising medium to focus exclusively on the global phenomena of Mass Media. MassMediaCulture delivers the stories, the ever expanding narrative of the human experience through the lens of the world’s cultures. People around the world of all ages are engaged and fascinated with Mass Media. However, there is neither a single provider nor gathering place that offers evidence-based-scientific understanding of the evolution, activities and trends of the mass media landscape along with live feedback from consumers regarding their experiences with, opinions of and recommendations for Media sector products, services and content; entertaining content featuring the activities of Media;.monitoring, analysis and reporting of Media activities by media practitioners, policymakers, thought leaders, researchers and academics; and the influence of culture on Media and media on culture.