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In the Age of Data there are too many numbers and to little knowledge. Reach.ly uncovers particular aim of e-commerce on-site visitors and provide ways to engage in real-time. By using machine learning algorithms we detect customer intention of visit - purchase, casual surfing or research. It is done in real-time.

Bookend helps you stay ahead in school by showing you proactively where there are opportunities for improvement. We are building a web and mobile app that will make it easy to keep track of your academic progress and show you where to turn should you fall behind.

Innovation Choice Group is bringing to market a professional network that allows vetted scientists to crowdsource answers. By providing a community of verified experts, users can extend their reach and increase their professional clout. Using the portal allows these professionals to voice their inquiries to the world.
San Francisco

Simple and trendy recommendation engine, optimized for fast updates and real-time big-data machine learning.
Buenos Aires Province

edifyHEALTH uses a patent pending method to monitor the therapeutic objective of each app on the edifyHEALTH platform and all of the user data that flows through each. We apply proprietary algorithms that allow us to “see” when something happens that affects the targeted health outcome of any population or sub-population of users. The result: We provide our customers (e.g. health plans, self-funded employers, beneficiary trusts, app developers, etc.) with the insights they require in order to maintain or improve the outcomes effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the apps that they offer, pay for, recommend or prescribe to consumers and patients. Whether you are a payor, provider, employer, app developer, or consumer, you need to know whether an app continues to be worth the investment. An RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial) cannot answer that question. We do.
Boise · San Diego

Clicktree's virtual API is here to monetize your web traffic. We empower your partners and affiliates to design APIs from your content, deploy APIs virtually, quickly, and easily (without requiring your resources), and track and block web scraping to give you control over who can access your data and prevent scrapers from going around your API. Often a website's content is serves a larger audience than the website itself, which means websites benefit from sharing their data and creating affiliate programs, which for large websites can generate up to 50% of their total annual revenue. Creating affiliate programs requires an API to distribute content to third parties, but building an API takes time, developers, and infrastructure. Clicktree combines API management and web security to deploy a comprehansive API solution in days, not weeks.

United Preference is revolutionizing health and wellness incentives via our Tailored Spend Payments Platform. Health plans and employers spend over $60 billion annually to engage members in healthy behaviors. Directly partnered with Discover Financial Services, our platform and tailored card products can only be used to purchase health related products and services. Proprietary analytics detail how incentive dollars are being spent, and their impact on engagement, behavior change, and outcomes.
New York

Constant Insight provides brands, such as CBS and YMCA, with insight into existing customers interests so they can increase customer transaction rates, revenue and retention through a highly personalized engagement experience. When a customer's email address is uploaded into CI, the system goes onto the web and gathers up the digital crumbs that people have socially left about themselves. Once found, CI create a searchable database of customer's interests and social profiles which allow brands to identify and continuously speak to people's motivations and needs. Benefits included: • Increase transaction rates and revenue per email by personalizing content. • Supplement customer profiles or market research with social data. • Increase customer retention by allowing brands to proactively combat churn and competitive advancements due to a lack of insight into existing customer's changing interests. Constant Insight is a Software-as-a-Service.

We are dramatically improving behind-the-wheel driver training effectiveness for both civilian and DoD drivers using variants of the same proven techniques used in the aerospace industry.  Our mobile apps (DrivingBuddy) and analytics (DriveInsight) facilitate driver awareness of the implications of driving behaviors that improve safety and proficiency.  Our teaming business model leverages large installed bases of existing mobile app users to instantly generate massive amounts of driving data and monetize it.  We continuously refine our proprietary analytics for driving schools, military driver training, fleets and (free) consumer apps that reward good drivers and increase the competency and awareness of drivers of all ages.
San Luis Obispo