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For all the social connectivity we have today, the disconnect between an individual and his community is alarming. When was the last time you decided to take a break, and engage with your scintillating city? We tell you the important stuff. The events, the deals, and the news. By making you more aware of the happenings around you, we aim to make discussions and debates feel significant. We make your news feed relevant again.

Go Dutch Today is a mobile platform in the dating app ecosystem comprised of a community of people that understand that each person will be fiscally responsible for their portion of the date. Go Dutch Today brings the financial commitment of dating to the forefront while allowing members the opportunity to connect while paying their own way. Through the platform, members have an opportunity to experience more quality dates, eliminate awkwardness, lessen expectations and level the dating playing field.

Water scarcity is a problem. NextDrop creates water data networks to help cities avert it. We send a text message to people an hour before water arrives in their homes, and provide the utility with live maps to track where their water goes (and where it doesn't).

Recommender systems capable of looking at tens of millions of users, hundreds of thousands of products and billions of transactions, and providing insights in a coupole of hours.

Info Assembly is a Market/ Business Intelligence platform which enables intended data discovery by aggregating, analyzing and linking all relevant information. It helps generate quick business insights in real-time. The platform reinvents the business research process by providing a continuous visual targeted search and collaborative browsing experience. It lets you visually group/ cluster massive amounts of information into custom cluster templates designed for intended data discovery, and also lets you filter within clusters for Key Themes, Organizations, People to get pinpointed relations. It helps you easily understand Sectoral evolution - how Sectors/Companies have evolved around different themes over time, and also facilitates the analysis of the competitive landscape. Collaborative intelligence features like annotating articles/reports, saving and sharing the refined articles in real-time across the organization/public, provide targeted insights and quick relevant information.

Clicktree's virtual API is here to monetize your web traffic. We empower your partners and affiliates to design APIs from your content, deploy APIs virtually, quickly, and easily (without requiring your resources), and track and block web scraping to give you control over who can access your data and prevent scrapers from going around your API. Often a website's content is serves a larger audience than the website itself, which means websites benefit from sharing their data and creating affiliate programs, which for large websites can generate up to 50% of their total annual revenue. Creating affiliate programs requires an API to distribute content to third parties, but building an API takes time, developers, and infrastructure. Clicktree combines API management and web security to deploy a comprehansive API solution in days, not weeks.

Simple and trendy recommendation engine, optimized for fast updates and real-time big-data machine learning.
Buenos Aires Province

Preference Labs is a content marketing platform that is personalizing the Internet for users, marketers and creators. Our products give users control of what they see (and don’t see) online. Our data and analysis give marketers and creators the ability to value, create and target content that their audiences prefer. We call it the “Preferred Web” – one that it is personal, simple and valuable. Our first product, Spoiler Alert, protects you from seeing online spoilers before you watch the TV show, game or event. Finally, the Web is spoiler free – the way you prefer it.
San Francisco

If you love to travel but are frustrated with how long it takes to find a great hotel room at a great price, you’re not alone! TopHotel.deals is an innovative hotel meta-search engine that understands what matters most to travelers and puts their priorities first to find top hotel deals for their criteria. TopHotel.deals compares hotel offers from every major booking site to ensure you always get the lowest price and continuously monitors price changes to notify you of any cost reductions for your reservations. TopHotel.deals provides an intelligent map-interface that not only visualizes hotels by their cost-utility to help you easily find the best hotel offer anywhere in the world, but also integrates a useful heat map that displays the best tourist districts to stay. With just a few clicks to confirm when and where you plan to travel and how much you want to pay, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free hotel booking experience that’s easily accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.
Istanbul · Los Angeles

BooksILove is the first mobile platform to facilitate book conversations between groups of friends. It allows users to recommend, discuss and gift books via their mobile devices. BooksILove version 1.0 is available on iPhones with iOS7. Version 2.0 will ship Q3 2014 and takes advantage of 3 market opportunities: 1. The rise of mobile messaging platforms. Mobile messaging is the fastest growing digital media category. However, no app has addressed the book vertical. 2. The lack of targeted, real-time data in the book industry. 3. The need for mobile, social commerce. There's no established player for books in mobile or social commerce. BooksILove combines them. Using a unique (patent pending) process of visual cues, users create personal recommendations by tapping pictograms and we gain valuable insight about consumer behavior that lets us: • Create apples-to-apples comparative data • See conversational trends ahead of buying trends • Gain insights about personal recommendations