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We produce Clean Copper, and bookable Ecosystem Services as a result thereof. We are delivering a people's mandate for Life Without Oil™ within the decade per our gamified apps, Adopt Clean Copper™ (educative) and FOX EARTH - Find The Copper In The Chain (gamified with rewards).
Santiago · Silicon Valley

Tylt Lab is a venture capital and venture advisory group based in Santa Monica, California. Our focus is to invest with innovative companies on the verge of significant growth. As entrepreneur-investors with native operating experience, we deploy a hands-on approach in our work with founders. Put simply - we believe in adding value being simply contributing capital.
Santa Monica

Retrocap is a platform that provides property owners with the expertise and financial capital to conduct energy efficiency retrofits. Leveraging data from the Department of Energy, we provide: an indication of which installations will provide the homeowner with the highest return on investment, an estimation of the financial return for your retrofit, and a platform that links you with the capital, supplies and technicians needed to conduct your retrofit.

We are developing a product that will re-establish the definition of clean energy ,we seek to bring literal meaning to mobile charging by offering a device that charges your mobile phone ,smartwatch or even loudspeaker with the energy you loose while walking wether on the go or when you decide to have a seat the energy will be stored, this product is targeting people of all ages ,as you can stick this device on your child in the playground ,on your walk or bike ride to work everyday, or ever on your weekend hike ,we also offer a mobile interface to follow your step count and energy produced

Our decentralized desalination system uses only wind power to turn brackish or sea water into clean, affordable drinking water. We are acutely aware of the risks of "dumping" technology in the developing world. Our work always starts on the ground, at the market, in local communities, with local buy-in and partners. Working with local partners and entrepreneurs, we design tailor made solutions designed with our software model, which optimizes conditions to produce clean water in maximum quantities. We have learned through doing. We currently have a pilot project in Berbera, Somaliland. There we developed our own fully mechanical system that is more efficient than other systems, is low cost, and is easy to maintain with local workforces. It can generate 25,000L of water/day, enough for 5,000 to 20,000 people. We are scaling up more Winddrinkers in Somalia and Kenya.

Techno Run’s main product for the time being is an operating system named StratOS. It’s aimed at improving the user experience for Personal Computers and Tablets (smartphones in the future as well) by increasing speed performances and changing the familiar user interface to a more mobile-friendly and easier user interface. StratOS takes everything to the next level. It's designed to deliver the most intuitive and integrated computer experience in the world. StratOS unifies and links all of our devices together simultaneously by providing a user interface similar to that found on phones and tablets, and in the same time speeding up the connection between your devices and making it seamless.