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We produce Clean Copper, and bookable Ecosystem Services as a result thereof. We are delivering a people's mandate for Life Without Oil™ within the decade per our gamified apps, Adopt Clean Copper™ (educative) and FOX EARTH - Find The Copper In The Chain (gamified with rewards).
Santiago · Silicon Valley

With sales in over 80 countries and customers that include several Fortune 500 companies, UGE has become the world’s leading supplier of small wind turbines. The technology UGE has developed is the wind component of choice within the distributed renewable energy (“DRE”) industry, an overall market which will surpass $150 billion in global revenue by 2015. UGE seeks to become a global force in DRE by leveraging its leadership position and technology advantage in small wind to deploy full hybrid solutions within specific target markets for which it has a competitive advantage, namely telecoms, outdoor lighting, and commercial projects.
New York

Coastal Risk Consulting provides coastal homeowners, businesses and local governments with a cloud based flood risk assessment tool online at an affordable price. - CRC's FIRST Score is a Flood Risk Screening tool (like a FICO Score) available for $99.95. -CRC's CRRA (Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment) is a detailed color coded map on a Google Maps base layer that shows, at a parcel level, where and how much a property is at risk of flooding from Tidal Sea Level Rise, Hurricane Storm Surge and Groundwater accumulation, now and into the next 30 years - $499.95. -CRC's "Heavy Rainfall Real-Time Street Level Flood Alerts" are delivered through Auto NAV Systems and Smartphones - Annual Subscriptions -CRC's "Living Flood Maps" are delivered via IBM's Intelligent Operations Center and simulate the impact of adaptation actions such as levees, seawalls, pumps and elevation increases on future Flooding Risk - Annual Subscriptions.

Our greenhouse farms live on city center roofs. We sell tastiest, most nutrient rich, and most sustainable fish + produce to gourmet fast casual and meal delivery services in NYC. We harvest and deliver on the same day, from city center rooftops. We use environmental controls to optimize for nutrient-density and taste. We use 90% less water and energy than conventional agriculture.
Brooklyn Park