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cloudControl helps developers build better products faster. Our PaaS solution lets developers focus 100% on the product throughout the whole application lifecycle from development to production. True scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing allows developers to start smart and scale hard.

The Virsto team will continue to support customers through their current systems and processes.

Since 2009 we are building one of leading conferences on topic of cloud computing. It served as a free launchpad for multiple cloud startups, being acquired shortly after being on the spot. At the same time big corps rolled out their core cloud offerings at Cloud Slam, getting tremendous success.
South San Francisco

We provide affordable cloud solutions that help small businesses operate with out the headache of running their information infrastructure.

Clipsi provides spaces where team members contribute information in the form of clips that are easily consumed and discussed. Clips link back to their source for context and deeper discovery. Clipsi spaces engage teams in organizing information and having conversations to determine the best path forward for achieving team objectives. At the start of an initiative team leaders are faced with the daunting task of getting team members engaged and pulling in the same direction. The team leader must get everyone focused on objectives and engaged in surfacing solutions. Traditional meetings have proven ineffective at this early stage of project discovery as often personalities and emotions get in the way of healthy discourse. Clipsi encourages users to lead with referenceable facts not opinions. Clipsi makes discovering and surfacing facts and the discussions that follow an engaging online activity.

Piston Enterprise OS (pentOS)™ makes it possible to build a secure private cloud in under 10 minutes and removes the hours of time, complexity and technical expertise traditionally required to build private clouds.
San Francisco Ocotlán

Transforia delivers a full set of enterprise desktop computing service that help businesses improve end-point security, reduce IT costs and migrate business applications to the cloud without having to acquire software or manage complex infrastructure. The Transforia TEBox (Transforia Enterprise Compute Box) and TEBook are intelligent network computers for cloud storage services, online collaboration and web apps pre-configured with a full suite of free and open source software. We provide, manage and secure these devices leveraging our cloud based automation technology, management tools and online administration portal. Powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the TEBox and TEBook are sold as a inclusive subscription bundle, with helpdesk support and accidental damage protection helping IT focus more on mission critical projects and less on expensive labor driven processes.
San Jose · San Francisco

Financial planning spreadsheets are a primary reason why 5 out 6 small business fail. "Xambrosius BI Tools" by GPX Software brings enterprise featured BI to small businesses at a small business price by providing multiple pre-programmed fiscal planning templates, dashboards, analytics, step-by-step wizards, and web services to data-mine comparable company and personnel facts. Xambrosius cuts GIGO while reducing data entry and analysis time from over forty to less than four hours.
Ann Arbor

We have created a cloud based ERP application over the last 8 years that allows the customers to integrate directly with channels such as Amazon, eBay and NewEgg. We had sales over 20M over the last 8 years and are looking to help manufacturers and distributors leverage our experience selling on these channels. My long term goal is to be able to drop products onto our platform and automatically integrate them into distribution networks and sales channels on a global platform. We have already invested a substantial amount into the software but are looking for partners to help us penetrate the market and grow the business.

Banyan allows researchers to share, publish, and collaborate on their research. We are building the Github for researchers. Find out more about us on http://banyan.co