"Innovating Interconnected Societies"

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Recommender systems capable of looking at tens of millions of users, hundreds of thousands of products and billions of transactions, and providing insights in a coupole of hours.

iKnode (http://iknode.com/) let's you build pure Javascript applications with a powerful Back end platform. Code your back end right there in the comforts of your browser. Publish your application with the push of a button and access it from anywhere. Save money and time by focusing on the functionality of your application. Leave the API management to us. You focus on your app we cover your back end.
Santa Ana

The Virsto team will continue to support customers through their current systems and processes.

Humanoid is a crowdsourcing QA and cost optimization technology built on top of Amazon Mechanical Turk. We use advanced machine learning techniques to model and predict how well individuals will perform different virtual tasks, then assign work to them in a way that optimizes speed, price and quality. Our engineering team comes from the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute and our investors include Google Ventures, 500 Startups and Mitch Kapor.
San Francisco

We have created a cloud based ERP application over the last 8 years that allows the customers to integrate directly with channels such as Amazon, eBay and NewEgg. We had sales over 20M over the last 8 years and are looking to help manufacturers and distributors leverage our experience selling on these channels. My long term goal is to be able to drop products onto our platform and automatically integrate them into distribution networks and sales channels on a global platform. We have already invested a substantial amount into the software but are looking for partners to help us penetrate the market and grow the business.

e-Magik is a cyber security startup addressing secure connectivity, whether it’s our businesses, our phones, our homes or cars – made by Apple, MS, Intel, Google or Samsung…Mobility is no longer the point. Mobility is expected. Securing this connectivity is the point! This is why we developed “Fluid security” — eM-Connect™.

For mainframe operators, zCDP™ is a Continuous Integration and Delivery solution for the z/OS achieving an unprecedented level of test automation and running on x86 low cost commodity hardware. Improving the Time to Market of new and innovative functionality while reducing over 70% of the cost of testing.
Hong Kong