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We sell chicken wings of diferent flavors ordered via phone for take out saving the customer time and money because of low overhead costs. Everyone has to eat might as well be something delicious.
Madonna Di Paris

MIXELLE; Fragrance by me. For me. MIXELLE is the first and only fragrance line that enabling consumers to 'dial up' their perfect fragrance formulation; In an era of personalized products, MIXELLE offers customized fragrance, 'on-demand'. Now, fragrance wearers can 'dial-up' a bespoke fragrance in seconds. Customize your fragrance for daytime, nighttime, any mood or any occasion! MIXELLE has a strong social media component whereby uses can 'message formulations' via social media; connecting with friends to share a favorite formula. For the first time fragrance is INTERACTIVE! MIXELLE, exclusively features MixByMe (tm) patented technology.
Pittsburgh · New York City

Grit Labs partners with early-stage entrepreneurs to fund, design and build innovative, connected hardware products while launching and scaling the business. Grit Labs is sector-focused and invests in seed-stage startups that have platform potential. We focus on a small number of startups and provide entrepreneurial services to help reduce execution and funding risk. Grit Labs understands that startups can’t afford to hire a lot of executives or consultants. We fill in your most strategic gaps and let you focus on building a kick-ass product. Grit Labs believes in the power of disruptive ideas and diverse teams. We are looking to fund teams with at least one woman founder or a founder with a racially underrepresented background. Grit Labs is located in Silicon Valley, the heart of technology, research and consumer innovation. Grit Labs taps into the unique and diverse talent in this area while leveraging talent around the world in development, design and manufacturing.
Menlo Park

The Giant Pixel Corporation has partnered with Flight.vc to launch The Giant Pixel Corporation Syndicate. This syndicate is distinguished by our operational experience as founders and by the depth of our network. Founded by engineers and designers with a track record of starting companies like Yammer, Eventbrite, and Xoom, The Giant Pixel Corporation is an incubator in the traditional sense: ideas are conceived, prototyped, and brought to market at our purpose-built SoMa offices. We are currently working on three products reflecting our consumer and enterprise history, and backers will have the opportunity to invest in each of the seed rounds raised through this syndicate. This syndicate will also offer opportunities to invest in startups within the larger network of Giant Pixel and its founders. You will be investing alongside many of the same people that helped our earlier ventures succeed.
San Francisco Ocotlán

Stay connected with what matters to you most. Dashbook lets you create your personal view of the internet by curating the information you care about, when you need it. With Dashbook you skip all the clutter and get to what matters most in one beautiful screen. Stop digging through apps, webpages and RSS feeds. Let what you care about find you.

A new 5 stars rated mobile social experience in which you can: • Discover & Share wonderful moments • Instantly chat with people around you • Make new friends. Get social with us: Facebook: /getstatusapp Instagram: @statusapp Twitter: @getstatusapp + tag #statusapp


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Lettuce is all about finding the best food near you, with the design of Tinder and the personalization of Pandora. We build your "taste profile" so you can always have an answer to "What's for lunch?"
New York

The average professional or team struggles to meet the right contacts for their business because it’s a random process that consumes their time and money. Tiedots is able to introduce them relevant contacts at any event/community around the world because it’s backed by a big data, machine-learning system that does this research on their behalf, and automatically works and learns from your choices.

Squaresold is the first and only tool to help sell a home from start to finish. We’re using technology to simplify and streamline the sale of a home by empowering homeowners to: • Find a home's estimated value with Squaresold Estimate • Stay connected with a real estate agent throughout the entire process • See the number of home visits, online views, days on market, and other key analytics • Go paperless by reviewing and e-signing necessary documents anywhere • Keep track of the home sale in one, single place Discover the difference at: www.squaresold.com Feedback/questions: hello@squaresold.com

Prettier Please is a beauty service that lets women go online and book appointments with hair and makeup professionals who come to their homes, starting at $40.
New York