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INVESTORS: Deck and more info available. --- Loveseat is an online vintage furniture platform. We take the pain and hassle out of buying vintage furniture - previously, the only options were hunting in vintage shops or on Craigslist. Using our app or website, users can browse from a wide range of inventory spanning many different styles and eras - all of which is high quality, reasonably priced vintage furniture that's been locally sourced. With just a few clicks, buyers can find the perfect piece and have it delivered directly to their home. But, we've learned that people generally want to see a unique piece of furniture in person first before committing to buy. With that in mind, via our app or website, users can schedule an in-person viewing of items on their wish list in our appointment-only warehouse. Loveseat is currently available in San Diego, but is expanding to other markets soon. Please check us out on the web at www.loveseatapp.com.
San Diego

Rum runner will allow customers to bring the party to them. Everything from liquor, wine, beer, snacks, ice, plates, napkins and plastic cups.

The Parking Fairy is a mobile app (with proprietary algorithms in a back-end API behind the scenes) to help drivers find a parking space as they drive into urban areas/city centres, by putting open data, released by Local Authorities, to use. Developed by Dylan McKee (DJM Development) with funding from the North East & Tees Valley Digital Catapult Data Movement competition, in collaboration with Sunderland Software City and the North East Combined Authority (NECA).
Newcastle Upon Tyne

The average professional or team struggles to meet the right contacts for their business because it’s a random process that consumes their time and money. Tiedots is able to introduce them relevant contacts at any event/community around the world because it’s backed by a big data, machine-learning system that does this research on their behalf, and automatically works and learns from your choices.

A visual Customer Experience platform ( App/ web ). The app works simultaneously with traditional means of communication for customer service (Call, email, chat) to allow users to share pictures, small video clips, and files related to their issues. The process is automated and generate automatic tickets in both ends, allow tracking, follow-ups, and give access to any companies from one place. Companies/ Businesses use our SaaS platform to manage their tickets, and Data.
Las Vegas

Dealocx’s mission is to develop a symbiotic relationship between businesses and customers. Dealocx makes loyalty and redemption a seamless gamified experience for both merchants and customers. We provide a platform for the merchants to identify, connect and reward their loyal customers. Through the applications merchants are able to do surgical promotions, gain real time insights, deliver contextually relevant experience and market with speed and agility. Customers get instant gratification, as real time redemption is open for different online platforms and aggregators. Dealocx also leverages the power of customers social network for businesses making it a win-win situation for both the entities by using Multi Layer Marketing.

Grit Labs partners with early-stage entrepreneurs to fund, design and build innovative, connected hardware products while launching and scaling the business. Grit Labs is sector-focused and invests in seed-stage startups that have platform potential. We focus on a small number of startups and provide entrepreneurial services to help reduce execution and funding risk. Grit Labs understands that startups can’t afford to hire a lot of executives or consultants. We fill in your most strategic gaps and let you focus on building a kick-ass product. Grit Labs believes in the power of disruptive ideas and diverse teams. We are looking to fund teams with at least one woman founder or a founder with a racially underrepresented background. Grit Labs is located in Silicon Valley, the heart of technology, research and consumer innovation. Grit Labs taps into the unique and diverse talent in this area while leveraging talent around the world in development, design and manufacturing.
Menlo Park

MIXELLE; Fragrance by me. For me. MIXELLE is the first and only fragrance line that enabling consumers to 'dial up' their perfect fragrance formulation; In an era of personalized products, MIXELLE offers customized fragrance, 'on-demand'. Now, fragrance wearers can 'dial-up' a bespoke fragrance in seconds. Customize your fragrance for daytime, nighttime, any mood or any occasion! MIXELLE has a strong social media component whereby uses can 'message formulations' via social media; connecting with friends to share a favorite formula. For the first time fragrance is INTERACTIVE! MIXELLE, exclusively features MixByMe (tm) patented technology.
Pittsburgh · New York City

coJuvo guides high school students through the complex process of preparing for, applying to and paying for college. We're putting everything you need to know about college admissions into one easy-to-use, comprehensive, month-by-month guide. We'll make sure you know about all the important steps, dates and requirements and we'll connect you to all the right resources. Available now for iPhone and Android!

VIBRANT is an easy-to-use home care pain management solution that alleviates discomfort and reduces the need for medication. We have designed a self-care pain management platform to effectively reduce pain without use of medications. This patented vibration system targets nerves at the pain site to alleviate discomfort and reduce pain. VIBRANT is a vibration mesh architecture embedded in wearable wraps, pads and braces, and programmed and controlled by a mobile app. VIBRANT is the first wearable and programmable therapeutic vibration system. How VIBRANT Works: VIBRANT uses powerful yet gentle vibration oscillators to target, sooth, and relax agitated nerves and joints. The patented Transcranial Vibration System (TVS) applies Pain Gating techniques to relieve pain by stimulating key nerve areas of the patient. Personal programming capability also enables the patient to create therapy configurations that match the level of discomfort while avoiding habituation.