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Gloss48 invites the beauty-obsessed to a daily dose of highly curated cutting edge brands, presented with personalized, exciting, educational content. Offered initially at a promotional value, followed by ongoing marketplace model. 1) Targets the 50M online beauty addicts who currently spend $22B online. 2) Provides low risk, low cost marketing channel to the 50,000+ indie beauty brands worldwide. 3) Generates 50% revenue on sales; does not hold inventory. Differentiation: daily discovery, indie focus and relationships, content, curation, commerce, & personalization.

A mobile application called OnePape. It is pronounced "One" like "1" and "Pape" like "Paper" without the "R". You won't know what OnePape is just yet but you will soon. For now, let's just say it is... A library without books and a theatre without films. It is the best content you will ever read or watch because it is the only content that will require you to do both. It will be immersive and compelling with cliffhangers and plot twists that will leave you burning through video and tearing through text. It will have long-arching storylines broken into digestible pieces to be consumed in airports, on couches, in beds and in between classes whether you have 15 minutes or 15 hours. It will free, it will cost money and will come in both unlimited and short supply. It will be online, offline and, for some, inline. It will many things to many people with many parts but it will always...ALWAYS be unmistakably OnePape.

WriteBug is an exercise app for writers. It tracks the words you write every day, everywhere. Learn what you're doing right, how you're stacking up to the competition - and in real time - what you could be dong better. It's a Nike Fuel for the creative set. From tips on how to succinctly slam your favorite sports team on Twitter, to setting goals for that book you’ve always meant to put out there, WriteBug helps you be a better writer - and tell the world about it, too. WriteBug is reads what you’re writing, all over the web. From social media to email to the novel you’ve always wanted to write, the app helps you learn about your vocabulary and the topics you’re writing about, creating a database about you, for you. Are you writing at grade level? Are you the next Hemingway? Is there something simple you could do just a little bit better, every day? Those data stories - and more - hit your inbox every morning, encouraging you to write ambitiously and often.
New York

Radiogram combines the best of Flipboard (Curation), Google Now (Contextual) and Spotify (Immersive) to redefine how commuters consume relevant and personalized content. Our solution is driven by 1) Intelligent Curation of relevant content that is both user and system curated (keywords, urls, location, time of day, patterns learned via past behaviors, etc.); 2) Immersive listening experience delivered via interweaving of contexual interlude/background music (using NLP) and personalized sorting/filtering of content driven by homegrown recommendation engine; and 3) Holistic Content Aggregation - Collation of text and audio content from sources like web (RSS, Blogs, etc.), emails, weather, traffic, reminders, appointments, IoT sensors, etc.

GameOn is your place to be a fan, with real-time news, scores and highlights delivered automatically to your private or public group chat. Discover communities or create your own -- whichever you choose, trash talking is encouraged.
San Francisco

StoryPress is a social network built on stories. Similar to how Instagram is social network built on images or Vine on short movies. Unlike other products though, StoryPress focuses on the power and authenticity of someones own voice and can even facilitate the sharing of stories when no photos or videos are available. All of the finished stories can be shared socially inside and outside of StoryPress and also embedded and linked to from external websites. Because of this linking and embedding capability StoryPress can be much more than a social network but the new standard in digital story creation, sharing and distribution. Tremendous design and testing has been invested into making StoryPress the world's easiest and most intuitive story creation experience.

The app was born in Japan, and for Japanese with a view to going across Asia. MakaMaka is intimate social media app the simple ways to share life Journal your life through thoughts, friends, feed, places and as always, photos.

MemoirCraft is a set of mobile apps that allow people to capture their life experiences as photos, diary entries and externally sourced information and then delivering that life journey as a personal developed photo book. Starting off with a pregnancy journey app allowing people to document every step of their pregnancy journey, from finding out they are pregnant and announcing the pregnancy to baby accessory shopping and doctor visits then delivering a photo book telling a story of all the nine months of development. Creating a private social network with the people closes to them allowing them to share their photos and insights into the life journey. Ultimately allowing people to document and preserve their life journey as stories printed in photo books. From pregnancy and wedding journeys to graduation and vacation trips, MemoirCraft allows people to truly preserve their intimate memories of their life journeys.

Altah Net is a digital platform for private practice healthcare providers, who offer price transparency and online booking. altah.net is a bit like "OpenTable for private practice health practitioners" - so consumers can find, watch videos, view schedules and pricing (!), and book appointments (for pre-paid / direct-pay rates) online. The web platform is live, with ~100 primary and well-care providers in NYC, now available for online booking at fair and transparent rates. e.g. See: Dr. Sabina Ostolski, DO, MD: altah.net/sabina-ostolski/ OR Dr. Andrew Halperin, DC: altah.net/andrew-halperin/ We're listing the city's best primary and well-care providers - Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Dieticians, Internists, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, and Osteopaths - to start. OUR VISION: Help front-line healthcare providers with digital marketing and booking/payments, so they may flourish in our digital age... to help Americans get and stay well!
New York

We are a reasonably new startup based in London with offices in San Francisco. Having raised $20 million in funding and with successful beta projects with Pepsi, Tesco.com and the Red Hot Chili Peppers we are now rolling out our product in full. We've built an engine that uses people's social media behaviour to understand their interests, and those of their friends, so that we can provide them with an incredibly personal on-site experience. Essentially we would help visitors to your site personalize their experience by using insight from their own social media activity. We present the content, products or messaging visitors are most likely to engage with, and help identify who in their network would also be interested in the content. The result is a very 'personal to me' user experience that increases repeat visits, enables targeted user acquisition, and provides rich user insights that you can plug in to your marketing and advertising campaigns.