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GameOn is your place to be a fan, with real-time news, scores and highlights delivered automatically to your private or public group chat. Discover communities or create your own -- whichever you choose, trash talking is encouraged.
San Francisco

Vidiactive has just launched www.videobee.tv. The first step towards its vision of 'manage and socialize your video from any device, watch on any screen'. Create your own web video playlists, share with friends, manage your video feeds build a following, watch on any screen. Have just signed deal, being paid to be extended to a range of set top boxes so users can watch their playlists on TV in full screen. Trial process starting with US telcos. Press at http://tnw.co/n4xOxQ
United Kingdom

Listen Up is a web based app that allows fans to purchase merchandise and concert tickets while streaming music. In addition, our service helps artist managers better understand the behavior of fans. The music industry is fragmented to the point that making a living in music is an increasingly difficult challenge. Our goal is to make decisions on behalf of artist managers that will increase attendance at concerts and get more people supporting the bands they love.

Brainsy’s patented technology enables individuals or organizations to set up a private label “expert network” so they can monetize their social networks or affinity groups via paid phone calls. SaaS, B2B2C.

Corvus Ventures portfolio companies https://angel.co/brett-bringardner There are basically three "groups" 1- Products, service and manufacturing: Rare Earth Elements and superalloy recovery einsteinsurplus.wordpress.com harddriveloop.com mariettamagnetsics.com Libriloop.com smartasstoiletpaper.com Intelligenttissue.com Zombiejournals and zombiesketchbooks.com sunulose.com enviroseed.com locallooprecycling.com campuslooprecycling.com 2- web and Ios apps: recyclescoreboard.com recycletrac.com recyclestats.com Recycleometer.com 3- Blog, content research and reporting : batorrater.org Feastforlawyers.com Einsteinsurplus.com Documentcollector.com

REELR.TV turns your music tweets into a live video broadcast by matching artists and songs to their YouTube videos. All you have to do is tweet songs with a music related hash-tag such as #nowPlaying and REELR.TV automatically creates the live playlist for you to watch and share on the web. As a registered user you can search for the videos you like, add them to your live channel or wrap them up in a playlist and save it online. You can also share all the content easily from the site.
West Hollywood

The app was born in Japan, and for Japanese with a view to going across Asia. MakaMaka is intimate social media app the simple ways to share life Journal your life through thoughts, friends, feed, places and as always, photos.

Sociabliz develops tools and custom apps to help marketers make the most of social marketing opportunities. We also create strategies and contents to make the most of our tools !

Cravist makes participating in daily deals fun and easy by rolling up all related activities into an overarching experience. Cut through the clutter and find the deals you want, automatically manage the deals you've bought through a single sign-on, and plan the outings that you've purchased deals for... all in one place.
Los Angeles

FourLeaf is a web and mobile based platform that allows professional producers and songwriters to connect with each other with the assurance of quality. Using data from verified third-party sources, FourLeaf addresses the current problem with networking in an industry that is all too often style-without-substance - the awful signal-to-noise ratio. FourLeaf does this by providing users with a clean, data-backed snapshot of a user's accomplishments, track record, and other relevant information. FourLeaf's search feature allows users to find each other based on a wide range of parameters (real-life achievements, co-writers, location, musical style, social reach, and more). Additional functions include curating personal content (music/video links, a short bio, skills, current projects) via a visually pleasing profile, as well as an in-depth look at the user's activity patterns on FourLeaf.