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MyOnbelle offers Germany's first fashion subscription service. Sign up once, mark your favorites on the website and receive your first box. Keep it as long as you like - 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months. Send it back and receive you next box right away. We fulfill all women's dream of an unlimited closet.

Artmartframing has been doing custom framing for anything - prints, diplomas, family photos, art and shadow box for 20+ years. Our customers would range from corporate offices to home. These can also be given as gift items. We do all the custom framing here in Atlanta, GA. The main purpose of this store would be to create a niche that no one is doing so far in art business. We will rent out framed art to stores on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. They can swap out art every few months based on their plan. That way an office or home can change their look new every few months without spending too much. Also, if you have heard the story of framebridge.com, they opened their store with a simple idea and that was to keep their pricing simple and easy so people don't have to spend too much. Their first year they ended up doing 20,000 orders! We are planning to keep our prices to the minimum as well without lowering quality. Help us in creating better art! Thank You.

Tempbookings.com is an online peoples directory which facilitates the pairing of independent temporary staff and small businesses with temporary work. Tempbookings serves as a facilitator platform by which employers can find and directly source independent temporary staff. By maintaining the independence of temps, the usual administrative burdens which traditional agencies are obligated to carry out are passed on to the temp. As a result we eliminates a number of the costs associated with using temp agencies such as payroll and admin. All tax obligations are also passed on to the Temp. These cost saving are then passed on directly to employers and workers, thus employers are able to save money; a readily available workforce is maintained, and as temporary staff and employers are free to contract directly with one another thus both the business and the temps are free to capitalise on the business relationship.

Linden & Company is a digital agency committed to creating meaningful entrepreneurial pursuits that inspire and empower.
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Product GetSporty helps people in the field of sports (such as athletes, coaches, trainers, physiotherapist and others) at the grassroot level. There are two modules. One is where an athlete (who want to become a professional) can find out any tournament or event of his/her sport of interest. Then he can create alerts for similar events for which he will get notification in future. This module also helps the organiser get in touch with their prospective participants. The second module helps the sports people to connect with the prospective employers. Here also one can subscribe for an alert. The employers can also connect with the prospective employees. Effectively, this become one stop shop when one wants to know about all the jobs and events in the field of sports for a particular region.

MissPopUp is a marketplace, where entrepreneurs can find the commercial spaces available for short term rent. Our target market are businesses or people who want to increase their brand awareness, make some money and test a concept/product.
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Centsoft use machine-learning to help companies cut the tedious paper trial of A/P invoice processing, and creates a completely digital workflow for recognition, approval and accounting of vendor invoices saving over 80% of time and cost associated with invoice processing.

Anakel es una aplicación que permite al usuario realizar sus compras de supermercado desde un dispositivo móvil o computadora, recibiendo los productos antes del final del día en la comodidad de su oficina. Esta experiencia personalizada permite al joven ejecutivo reinvertir el tiempo que usaría en ir al súper en otras actividades.