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"Cloud Hosting Simplified." MistLayer lets users spin up virtual servers on our infrastructure with the most intuitive and simple to use cloud platform. We are focused on the neglected mid-tier market which wants the power and flexibility of the cloud, but not the complexity offered by today's providers. By integrating additional value added services such as backups, snapshots, analytics, alerting, and grouping, we are creating an integrated cloud experience that customers love.

My Campus List is an online student marketplace where students can buy and sell things to other students on their campus. Other online marketplaces provide poor search results for highly specific items that students need. We are an alternative to selling on Craigslist's, Ebay, or Facebook Groups. Some of these sites are visually unappealing, and target too large of a group to be effective in certain situations. We are trying to get rid of the middle man (such as campus book stores, or unruly website vendors) who take advantage of students. We are trying to put back the power in the hands of students. Students decide what price they want to sell their textbook or dorm room furniture and once they find a buyer they meet up on campus for the transaction.

AcheiLOJAS Inc. é uma empresa de tecnologia que propõe soluções de divulgação de lojas, rede social e comércio eletrônico para comprar, vender e pagar de tudo pela internet. O Acheilojas.com.br, é uma plataformas de anunúncio, compras e vendas pela internet onde compradores e vendedores se encontram no AcheiLOJAS para trocar informações e realizar transações de comércio eletrônico, contando com uma ampla gama de produtos e serviços. O AcheiLOJAS permite que os usuários paguem e recebam dinheiro pela internet de forma fácil, rápida e segura. O AcheiLOJAS oferece mais uma opção de anúncio para pequenos, médios ou grandes varejistas e reforça seu conceito de democratizar as vendas.
São José Dos Campos

HiredWell focuses on sourcing and screening job seekers for the Hotel & Hospitality industry. Employers post a job with HiredWell and have their posting marketed through several channels including job boards, schools, employment organizations, social media, and our internal user base. Job Seekers apply and their information is organized in our candidate dashboard - making it easier to screen candidates. HiredWell allows employers hire candidates faster and easier.

Whether it’s the office manager charged with the weekly Happy Hour or a CFO planning an office retreat, the majority of people planning corporate events are not professional event planners. Sourcing everything you need for a party or event is a time consuming and complicated process that is quite often tangential to the planner’s core job function. These planners don’t want to spend a lot of time focused on the event but they must get it correct, on time and on budget. That’s where DivvyDown comes in! DivvyDown takes the complication out of the process by offering a one-stop-shop online/ mobile event concierge service that provides recommendations and tools to help customers order the best selections of liquor, beer, wine, mixers, party snacks and supplies and have them delivered directly to the party or event. For liquor providers, the DivvyDown platform provides a new source of revenue without significant investment or risk.
New York

Homeschool is a premium outdoor brand that designs and manufactures high quality, hyper-breathable outerwear, mid layer, base layer and accessories for the core specialty outdoor market. Our technology incorporates a branded, breathable technology called 37.5/Cocona. We are the first company to use 37.5 in outerwear,mid layer and base layer in the outdoor space, creating a "trifecta" of super breathability for ultimate comfort outdoors.

pedalr is a better marketplace for people who love bikes. pedalr allows the passionate cycling community to connect, buy and sell new and used bicycles, gear, accessories and art in a marketplace that is both local and global.
San Francisco

How much spam you receive in a day?Were your visitors happy when verify the form using Text-CAPTCHA? You care about SPAM,but no with your visitors. Karamel provides gesture-based captcha to secure your web from spam attack. We reduce your time on moderation of spam. We also increase User Experience of your website. Do you want to advertise your product in high-traffic website? Place it on Karamel! We make sure that your product will reach target because your targeted customer having fun with us!
Special Capital Region Of Jakarta

When it comes to sending people birthday and Christmas gifts, people try to find a pleasant gift, but this moment can easily become a hard time for the giver and a disappointment for the receiver. The Coffret, a start-up that hopes to reinvent gift-giving, seems like it could offer the perfect solution. The company allows people to use a simply-designed web site to choose gifts to form a small catalog of gifts (10 gifts). The person receiving the gift is then sent in the mail a beautifully designed and personalized catalog that allows them to choose a gift, which is then also sent to them for free in the mail. It’s the perfect solution for everyone involved: the person sending the gift doesn’t have to go to the store and post office, and the person receiving the gift gets something they might actually want.

Shop Paul is an online marketplace focused on providing affordable faith-inspired designer products and experiences for the Christian consumer. The most important mission of Shop Paul is to provide products that resonate with our audience. Shop Paul features exclusive paper products, home decor, jewelry, and mobile accessories developed by our own artist community as well as children's products, media and occasion-based gifts curated from top Christian brands. Shop Paul will feature proprietary personalization and customization features powered by AI. This enables Shop Paul to serve a broad spectrum of denominations in the Christian faith.
Los Angeles