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LearnLaunchX is New England’s leading edtech accelerator program. We are dedicated to helping edtech startups grow. LearnLaunchX runs two 3 month accelerator programs every year, each with a group of 6-8 education technology startups. We provide select startups with seed funding, an unmatched team of mentors and colleagues, a great work space and intensive coaching by LLX founders. For more information, please visit us at www.learnlaunchx.com

We built @FoodKhoj for enabling easy food options for students in campuses. As a spin-off from FoodKhoj, we built eRestro - a SaaS based turnkey solution for restaurants. To solve the problems faced in managing group emails, we built the MailSyncr technology, now known by as @Paceable. In the process of running a completely bootstrapped startup, we also conceptualized Fuzzy Angles as a platform to connect bootstrapped entrepreneurs and students in universities.

Schoolflow lets college students automate their homework management. With just your university login information, Schoolflow syncs assignment deadlines, quizzes, and grades in just seconds. How do we make money?- Schoolflow is pre-revenue but we have some ideas in mind- 1)We can leverage student course data in order to display required textbooks at the beginning of the semester and collect commission from affiliate online retailers. We have estimated that employing this alone would generate about $2.16/user/year. 2)Schoolflow can act as a middleman between employers and students. Employers would set parameters based on academic data, and we would reach out to candidates that meet their criteria. Employers save themselves time by talking to only qualified candidates. We would charge a rate per application, so employers would only pay based on the results we generate. We have calculated that if we average 5 recruiting campaigns a month we could generate an additional $10.50/user/yr.

Laernn is a branded K-12 education media company that redefines literacy and integrates learning software with instructional online video and offline book resources. The first product was a book, Get Your Child to the Top, which redefines literacy to include the skillset needed for children to be successful in future job markets and provides a path for parents, teachers and children. CEOs, entrepreneurs, VCs, educators and kids shared their experiences/methods. The website, Laernn.com offers updated resources. Video lessons and further books will be added,centering around new common core curriculum requirements and 21st century literacy needs. Software will support the online learning videos to provide an integrated school supplement/compliment. Literacy should now include: technological prowess; financial literacy; globalization/world culture; ethics and values; creativity; entrepreneurship and the ability to create; social digital collaboration; and effective communication.
Los Angeles

Read With Friends focuses on generating content relating to education and social interaction. Our strategy gives us an advantage over our competitors by giving customers a innovative way to read news articles and popular topics while improving their comprehension, memory, focus and spelling ability in a fun, engaging manner. We are looking for an equity partner to help us finish our app and bring it to market. Please email me and I will give you a better breakdown on the specifics.
San Diego

VilCap Investments deploys critical risk capital to early-stage companies peer-selected from Village Capital accelerator programs. We will make seed investments in convertible debt, debt, equity, and revenue-share structures, and follow-on equity investments for select high-potential companies. The fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of enterprises in our focus sectors in the US and internationally. Our affiliated sourcing partner, Village Capital, can be found here: https://angel.co/village-capital
San Francisco

Studying in college is hard. We make it easy with our interactive, laser-focused study guides delivered in an online exam format ("Learning Exams"). Our Learning Exams offer a more powerful way to learn: simply choose the topic you’re studying to review the subject matter, fill in any gaps, and really make the information stick.
San Diego

Snapclass is a software company helping businesses bring education and training services online. Our software provides businesses with the technical infrastructure needed to reach new markets and grow their business.

A third of our kids have handwriting difficulties. Today, learning handwriting is boring and tedious process. WriteRight develops tablet applications based on state-of-the-art technology, that through gamification transforms the process to be fun and effective.
Tel Aviv-Yafo

We sell licenses for instructors to own an enrichment program at their location. We provide all the material and class plans for the instructor to teach the Kids Business Club classes at their schools, Churches, community centers and so on. The classes are for kids in Elementary School and involve hands-on activities. We develop games that bring the child to experiment business and finance literacy, learning while having fun. The licensee sells the program at his/her location for an extra income that is very attractive.