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CannSoft is the most comprehensive ERP platform for licensed cannabis producers and dispensaries, helping clients manage their end-to-end operations from cultivation, quality control, inventory, sales, logistics and back office functions like compliance reporting and financial system integration. We currently have two pre-release customers, generating ~$15K in revenue to date, with another $250K committed over the next two years. Upon our November release, we expect to onboard another 7 clients, with revenue of $300K annually. Our customers demanded a solution that was truly end-to-end to meet their unique compliance requirements. Our platform helps clients stay compliant and automate operations to drive bottom line growth. CannSoft's November release has approximately 40% more functionality than the leading competitor and our early traction has validated the pent up demand for an end-to-end turnkey solution.

We are a company building a system to help people take themselves to the next level. Personal development is of number one concern to millennials at work - and they're not getting it. This gap costs employers $20-30K per departed employee. NXT Level You is the only solution addressing this gap head on. Our team of (mostly) millennials is building the full suite of growth tools we wish we always had in a B2B SaaS model. This includes goal and habit tracking, online courses and personal coaching, holistic "quantified self" feedback, and community support. Leaders are empowered by insights and industry benchmarks to help them build happier and more productive workplaces and machine learning ensures the right actions are recommended to the right people at the right time. Our Foundation will host a "data commons" towards the intentional and progressive application of data for human development research.
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Individuals use StrengthsInsight to build a FREE strengths profile that provides them with useful insights into their resources. Through social tools, users gain valuable insight by sharing, comparing, and gathering views of how others see their strengths. Unlike an offline resume or online resume type profile which focuses on experience and education, a strengths profile captures the resources that an individual brings to the table in a succinct and easy to understand way.

Global Evolver specializes in providing startups and early-stage entrepreneurs with value-added support services that are essential to business success. Global Evolver was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and a global office located in Russia. It serves companies in United States, Russia, and CIS countries.

Clipsi provides spaces where team members contribute information in the form of clips that are easily consumed and discussed. Clips link back to their source for context and deeper discovery. Clipsi spaces engage teams in organizing information and having conversations to determine the best path forward for achieving team objectives. At the start of an initiative team leaders are faced with the daunting task of getting team members engaged and pulling in the same direction. The team leader must get everyone focused on objectives and engaged in surfacing solutions. Traditional meetings have proven ineffective at this early stage of project discovery as often personalities and emotions get in the way of healthy discourse. Clipsi encourages users to lead with referenceable facts not opinions. Clipsi makes discovering and surfacing facts and the discussions that follow an engaging online activity.

Enable better informed hiring decisions. Reduce screening time to find qualified applicants to in turn reduce churn and expenditures throughout hiring lifecycle. Patented system validates at granular level career accomplishments using professional/social graph & other data and maps these to specific job requirements to better assess applicant fit. Create better candidate experience as applicants collect and own validated data to be re-used throughout the course of their careers - for free.

With our product you can grow organic and toxic free vegetables, fruits, herbs or spices in an automated and self-controlled micro-habitat. You'll have your own supply of the freshest possible greens right on your kitchen balcony without any action to keep them alive and nourished. You can even use it for other purposes like purely decorative terrarium, beautiful gardens of exotic flowers or even for small animals like frogs and turtles! If you always wanted a little flower or vegetable garden but live in an apartment with no green areas or if you simply don't have the time to dedicate to such a garden, this is the perfect solution for you! If you're a small producer, this product will completely change the way you manage your business. Remember those beautiful but extremely delicate and difficult to grow orchids? Those out of season flowers that your clients keep asking you about? Well... With our product you'll have no more difficulties and you'll stand out from all other producers.
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One click video conferencing. Host, record, and review business meetings.