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What RDBMS such as MySQL were for computing silos in the industrial age, blockchains are for networks in the information age. Eris is a blockchain application platform which makes it trivially easy to build, test, install, and run blockchain backed applications. These can be developed with either Eris' smart contract engines or with user-built engines that sit on top of our open-source blockchain application creation and management system: Eris. Eris Industries maintains an enterprise-capable blockchain database layer and also offers a host of value-added services atop it such as training, hosted instances, support, and application-layer functionality. Eris Industries already works with some of the world's best companies, ranging from bulge bracket banks, to startups, to insurers. Blockchains and smart contracts will revolutionise the way businesses communicate and transact. And Eris is the definitive enterprise blockchain and smart contract platform.

Sync Ninja brings the deployment technology used at Google to all enterprises. With Sync Ninja enterprises: - deploy globally, across cloud providers or in their own data center, with one command - save time by not having to manage complex infrastructure - discover and reuse code in a micro-services architecture
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ScanLife is the leading QR code generator. Revolutionize your marketing campaign with QR codes to relay data to consumers, employees or organizations. Contact ScanLife today 212-278-0178!
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Enable better informed hiring decisions. Reduce screening time to find qualified applicants to in turn reduce churn and expenditures throughout hiring lifecycle. Patented system validates at granular level career accomplishments using professional/social graph & other data and maps these to specific job requirements to better assess applicant fit. Create better candidate experience as applicants collect and own validated data to be re-used throughout the course of their careers - for free.

A community and discussion site dedicated to referral/reseller partnering. You'll find topics on setting up referral partnerships, creating strategic relationships and building a channel partner network, tools and technologies to use, choosing the right organizations to partner with and how to successfully work with partners.
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Coursetto is a knowledge-sharing platform that empowers anyone in a company to create and curate courses for new and current hires. By allowing HR, legal counsel, and employees to create their own courses, Coursetto provides companies with a holistic catalogue of organizational policies and skills. Big Picture: In the future we see colleges fading in the background and companies taking a larger role in educating their employees. Current Picture: We are taking out the tedious and expensive process of hiring outside agencies for companies who want to have custom courses implemented into a trackable system. Two Business Models: 1. The marketplace is an app store model. Anyone can create a course, set a price and send it to the marketplace for other companies to purchase. We get a cut of each sale. 2. Subscription for private courses, the companies pay based on the amount of employees they have in the system.

SailDeck is a cloud based API, distribution platform for cruise data. It provides an intelligent and comprehensive cruise vacation selling platform which enables travel enterprises to sell cruises and related ancillaries efficiently while providing the best experience to its customers. By pulling cruise pricing, ship, port, and excursion data from multiple sources and presenting this data in a simple to use format, travel professionals can apply this data to create a branded user interface. Unlike many of the competitors, WorldWinger will perform detailed analytics in order to provide API services for recommend cruises to our partners based on customer specific profiles.

GoGo Software is a company that is solving a significant business problem. Companies of all sizes want applications like a help desk or a CRM solution and they need it yesterday! They don't want to pay a fortune for software licenses and consulting fees, just to streamline inefficient business processes The Gogo Software platform uses a graphical workflow editor in conjunction with a web form builder to customize any business application, live, online to a customer's exact specifications. We give our prospects 2 free hours of design time during their 14 day free trial. To become a customer, they simply pay $800 and receive 4 more hours of design time. We do not hinder our customers by making them pay for software licenses or have user restrictions. They simply pay a monthly usage fee similar to their electric bill. We offer unlimited users and applications starting as low as $150/month.
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We are building a platform that leverages network effects to help thousands of young professionals manage their daily lives. We are backed by Stanford Law School and expanding nationwide. By building a network of active, connected users starting at law schools we are able to combine the best of Web 2.0 and mobile technologies to revolutionize the way attorneys work, and disrupt this multi-billion dollar market.
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