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Happy Sunday is an online platform that allows sewing enthusiasts and young fashion professionals to order fully-customized fabric.

Product recommendations that works! Problems: Get the right customer in front of the right product. Reduce bounce rate. Solution: Natural, socially near recommendations. Breezup take on real life social behaviors and translate them to the digital world, with high fidelity. Building more engaging experiences around products and brands. Breezup is a place where people feel at home and interact with friends through products and brands; in a way it feels very natural. Breezup is how e-commerce really work in the information society of today.

Gumhoo is a fashion/quality-design products social platform that allows you to explore, share, and shop with the same taste of group around the world.

Monogram is bringing together editorial content with fashion commerce. Think Vogue + Nordstrom. Discover new brands or simply keep track of products you love, all in one amazing iPad experience.
San Francisco Ocotlán

inkbox is transforming the art and experience of tattooing. Our first product is the World's first real tattoo that lasts 2 weeks. It's made from an easy-to-apply and organic formula. Customers can browse hundreds of trendsetting designs at www.getinkbox.com.

Looksima answers the all-time question of "What to Wear?" It connects professional stylists, internet stores, designers, fashion bloggers and users to provide the best shopping experience through individualized composition of fashion looks. The users discover their styles, receive new looks every day and buy what they like at our partner stores. And it is all done ONLINE! Until now, people had to pay stylists. Looksima makes professional advice affordable (and even free) to anyone.
New York

Vividly is the best way to create and shop high quality wearable art. Vividly gives artists a new medium to share their work, and consumers unique clothing pieces that reflect their personalities. We empower artists to create their own clothing lines by uploading their artwork onto our predesigned clothing templates. We then market and sell their pieces on our website, and artists receive 10% of revenue on sales of their products. Vividly is an end-to-end solution, providing fabric printing, clothing production, marketing, and e-commerce sales. All clothing items are made to order, so we carry minimal inventory. With a unique range of made-to-order products, we empower customers to personalize their clothing by uploading personal images or selecting from our artists’ offerings. We currently design for and market to women in the 18-35 yrs old range, but will introduce men’s items in the near future. All Vividly items are made in the USA.
San Francisco

TeeParty is a pioneer Russian service of t-shirts subscriptions. Company proposes unique and limited collections of t-shirts every month. Popular designers cooperate with TeeParty and create 3 illustrations for each month. T-shirts are made of 100% brushed cotton from Turkey. Fabric is light and breathable. Comfortable to wear in summer or winter as underclothes. Users can subscribe to service from one to 12 months. Also they can present subscription to a friend. Original gift that you can get the whole year. TeeParty offers free worldwide shipping.
King Of Prussia

Based in Los Angeles, LuxeCoat was founded in 2012 to provide quality products for easy at home or salon manicures and pedicures, while also predicting trends in nail color. So many of us want to know what nail colors are trending and our LuxeCoat team of trendsetters and fashion forecasters provide just that. LuxeCoat formulas are based on sustainable vegan ingredients free of harmful carcinogens and chemicals often found in nail products. The chip-resistant and high shine nail polish is formulated to keep nails growing strong and healthy. Our nail polish contains no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor. All LuxeCoat products are cruelty free.
West Hollywood