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A financial literacy and accounting tool to help micro-borrowers manage their business & personal finances and improve their financial literacy. Lending institutions receive data allowing them to predict likelihood of repayment and manage portfolio volatility.

A money management suite for children and parents. It is safe, easy and fun. It educates kids of all ages about saving and spending, and lets them purchase goods online independently, without the need of an adult payment option. KidsCash beats other payment methods by providing a simple solution for kids while supporting a line of values that exists in KidsCash alone.
Tel Aviv-Yafo

MarketShift is the first marketplace where independent financial analysts and investors can directly connect and trade institutional quality research. ​MarketShift’s mission is to be the number one, “go-to,” ​well-respected source for quality financial research.
Los Angeles · San Francisco

Funding Values allows foundations and other potential donors to evaluate a nonprofit's activities in the simplest method possible. Through metrics and standards derived from financial data, we provide the screening process for donors to gauge whether they should invest in a nonprofit. Basically, we provide the test questions to foundations and donors to evaluate how impactful a nonprofit really is. As a secondary product we would provide the test questions ahead of time to nonprofits who would like to register their non-profit.
San Antonio

INSTANT Financial is changing the way the world gets paid! INSTANT provides workers with access to their pay after every shift without the need for traditional bank accounts and without visits to check cashers or payday lenders. Why? Because every year banks, payday lenders and check cashers rake in $80 billion in interest and fees from workers who have no alternatives. For more information, please visit http://www.beinstant.com.
Montreal · Vancouver

For the financial institutions we offer an integrate solution: - High quality & prefiltered leads + real time business intelligence and market research tools. For the consumers we improve the customer experience, saving time and money in their loans.

We launch digital products. Product exerience design + consulting services. Trusted for over 17 years by some of the world's biggest companies (Disney, Cisco, Visa, AMEX, Ford, BMW, Manulife, Rogers, Bell, TD), global agencies (JWT, Heath Wallace, Critical Mass, TAXI), and startups across three continents. Design is about optimizing for a desired outcome. Design thinking is about finding harmony of focus, clarity, and efficiency. We start our design process from the core: optimizing the value proposition and brand positioning. We use the insights from brand strategy to shape the product experience for both acquisition and retention (something many companies don't consider). Product design informs our marketing design. We believe in continuity and simplicity in both organic and paid campaigns to fuel customer acquisition. Finally, we help teams prepare for both gradual and explosive growth (scaling in the cloud) as well as behavioral design to keep users engaged (retention).

RetirementPlan.io is software as a service for do-it-yourself investors. We put the same processes and tools used by top financial advisors & wealth management professionals into the hands of consumers. There is a rapidly growing market of people who are tired of paying 1.5% of their assets annually ($1500/yr per $100k invested) for someone to set up a target portfolio and rebalance their portfolio once per year. RetirementPlan.io provides risk tolerance determination, asset allocation, retirement modelling and portfolio tracking tools to allow these people to purchase Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) through discount brokerages, at a fraction of the cost.

Quantum4D’s technology solutions span the data scale spectrum from spreadsheets, to the entire internet to suit the organization’s needs. Groups of users can work collaboratively using the client side desktop application to build, discover and publish interactive online monitoring and alert ecosystems. Results can be searched online and are viewable as simple traditional charts through network graphs to virtual world models of massive information systems. The platform is modular, leveraging open source solutions including Hadoop/MapReduce, Lucene/Solr to feed massive structured and unstructured raw data into this entirely new kind of insight engine for today’s big data world.
San Francisco

Our service provides instant responses to the consumer question: who provides the best interest rate for my money and what is that rate? It is an interest rate maximiser. It enables the consumer to optimse the interest rate for the respective investment dollar and expected investment term. This is done by enabling interested banks to bid for the prospective term deposit by supplying a competitive interest rate for the consumer to select. Our next iteration will include a 'max manager' product allowing us to identify the client enabling easier switching between institutions and removing this compliance need for banks to perform.