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ispirante makes it fast and easy to monitor and analyze the performance of service and support help desks. With minimal configuration, Customer Success executives can gather insights on how to increase the productivity of their service organization and improve customer satisfaction. Trender provides advanced statistical analysis of Zendesk usage to immediately assess the health of a help desk and identify when there are trends and exceptions that require further review. Using Data Miner, users can access detailed ticket information for outliers, exceptions, and problem tickets. With Performance Indicator, it’s a snap to create KPIs and measure performance against service level targets. Leveraging a near real-time integration into your Zendesk ticket API, users can easily use all theirs standard fields, custom fields and tags as controls and dimensions throughout ispirante. ispirante is dynamic and any changes made in Zendesk automatically appear in your ispirante.

TRACTION: After launching last month we've closed $32K in enterprise sales and are closing an additional $16K by the 1st week of September. WHAT WE DO: Kivvik automates client outreach allowing financial advisors to stay up to date with their clients. From travel updates to real estate purchase plans, KIVVIK eliminates the need for advisors to blind email & call their clients. Our automated outreach works in the background, sending the new client updates on life events right to the advisors inbox. HOW IT WORKS: KIVVIK sends clients recurring emails at chosen intervals, giving them access to a secure interface allowing them to submit life updates to their in under 15 seconds. When submitted, advisors receive email reports wherein they can respond directly to their clients. No maintenance or need to interface with the Kivvik dashboard is required.

Matador is a commission-free trading app merged with a social platform, allowing users to follow friends and professionals. Matador started with a simple concept, take a brokerage model and build a social network around it. This enables users to follow friends trades and beginners to learn from top investors. Our social network enables users to view others trading gains and losses as well as their portfolios on a weighted basis. All sharing features are optional. In addition, users can begin trading fake money to gain comfort with the platform, though these trades are not verified on our social feed. Matador has put a face on the stock ticker, and in doing so is transforming the way people interact with the financial markets.
New York

Moneero is The Social Wallet. Payments are not about checkout, but about communication, coordination, and engagement. Create and join groups to split expenses, get rewards and give back. Send to any phone number, scan to pay and load money with cash, card or bank account. The hurdles to create a successful mobile wallet are onboarding merchants and getting financial licenses for each jurisdiction. Our technology is so persuasive that we've been able to onboard big international brands and small local merchants to do a pilot, in just 5 weeks. “If we add Moneero to our Mastercard, it becomes so much more sexy that we will acquire double or triple the amount of clients this year” - Alfredo Bruce, CEO of ECONSTAR S.A. (issuer of PREX Mastercard Debit) Moneero was founded by entrepreneurs who've built several file-sharing, micropayments, and Bitcoin companies, including FileDonkey and Dialcoin, an exchange that sold bitcoin through SMS.

MerchAdvisor makes the process of finding and choosing a merchant account provider as easy as shopping for a hotel online.

RetirementPlan.io is software as a service for do-it-yourself investors. We put the same processes and tools used by top financial advisors & wealth management professionals into the hands of consumers. There is a rapidly growing market of people who are tired of paying 1.5% of their assets annually ($1500/yr per $100k invested) for someone to set up a target portfolio and rebalance their portfolio once per year. RetirementPlan.io provides risk tolerance determination, asset allocation, retirement modelling and portfolio tracking tools to allow these people to purchase Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) through discount brokerages, at a fraction of the cost.

Evergreen provides a global currency powered by local communities, secured by real assets, transmitted via a simple open API. Our primary delivery vehicles are our iPhone and Android apps. Secure, fast, and free. We allow free, instant payments by providing our own infrastructure for our digital currency. When we charge people to cash out in to a mainstream currency, we adjust the pricing based on the user's trust score, a proprietary algorithm that is based on the user's use of our service and other linked accounts on the social web. We don't believe that people who have long histories of trustworthy interactions should be penalized because of internet fraudsters. We aim to be what Paypal wanted to be, a currency that connects globally conscious users and allows them to transact business without worrying about the problems of archaic financial infrastructure, with a positive social message that encourages the development of interconnected global and local ecosystems.
Palo Alto

ChangeIt® is an automated charitable giving program that provides cardholders with a simple and secure way to donate to their favourite charitable causes with every debit and credit transaction – all through the comfort and security of their trusted financial institution. ChangeIt® enables cardholders to roundup their transactions, creating Virtual Change®, and automatically direct this Virtual Change® to the charitable organizations THEY choose!

A money management suite for children and parents. It is safe, easy and fun. It educates kids of all ages about saving and spending, and lets them purchase goods online independently, without the need of an adult payment option. KidsCash beats other payment methods by providing a simple solution for kids while supporting a line of values that exists in KidsCash alone.
Tel Aviv-Yafo

ArmorText is an enterprise-class secure messaging platform that includes security and audit control features. ArmorText’s proprietary technology provides device-specific message encryption and allows individuals, business teams, and multi-enterprise groups to share information securely. This secure messaging solution is designed to support enterprise-wide administration as well as ease-of-use. ArmorText provides end users with an intuitive interface and supports the applications with which they are familiar. Security features include end-to-end encryption, device specific keys, and an audit feature with the option of native text back-up. The platform is ideal for corporations that must manage sensitive and proprietary communications data. ArmorText provides vital security functions to organizations within industries that must meet regulatory laws and security mandates, such as those specified by FIRNA, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.