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Dodecki brings mobile ordering technology to everyone with our iPhone and Android smartphone apps. Users order and pay at take-out eateries, save and track their orders, and receive personalized Deals + Rewards the more they use Dodecki. Merchants of any size are empowered with Dodecki's Smart Coupons. Think Facebook + IFTTT for promotions: Any number of criteria can be used to create a highly targeted, localized, and time sensitive ad. E.g.: A coffee shop wants to generate more business during the afternoon and evening when it’s raining. The owner creates a promotion offering half-price pastries with any coffee purchase. The promo only goes out to 18- to 60-year-old coffee drinkers. Further, the promo is targeted to only reach users within 15 miles of their shop. The merchant can choose to pay on a CPM basis upfront or opt for a CPA (commission-based) campaign, wherein Dodecki receives a percentage of an order in which the coupon is redeemed — win-win, and infinitely scalable.
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Think AirBnB for local chefs. Giving more opportunities to connect with people around the world. Creating bonds and relationships over the worlds most diverse necessity, food.

Bomboloni is a three year old Italian Style Dessert concept which highlights Italian doughnuts, gelato and coffee based drinks. In addition the stores sell savory options such as panini's and salads. The store also highlights a variety of stylish apparel. We have positioned the store more as a fashinable food concept, rather than a pedestrian dessert retailer. It is highly profitable and returned its initial investment in 14 months. By Febuary of 2014, combining both corporate and franchise stores, Bomboloni will be operating 18 stores internationally. We anticipate to add an additional 2 corporate and 20 additional franchise stores by the end of 2014. Bomboloni has a wholesale component in addition to it's retail. We wholesale to Whole Foods and will be adding a consummer sized gelato packaging to be distributed nationally. Bomboloni corporate stores has shown a 18.3% pre-tax profit margin, not including the franchising fees and royalties
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Craving for your favourite food? An interview tomorrow and laundry’s not done? Plan for a movie and tickets not available? Surprise late night party and restaurants are closed? Tired of plumber situation? Mom’s coming over and fridge is empty? Just type a wish and we are the solution! Consider DudeGenie as your best friend who fulfills all your wishes with just a click. Text your requirement on Whatsapp and consider it done! From food to beverages, laundry services to instant movie tickets, plumber service to cab emergencies, DudeGenie is waiting for your text on Whatsapp ready to provide your with the best services instantaneous and hassle free! About Us: A group of young entrepreneurs from IIT Bombay, full of creative ideas, work together to take the order and delivery process to a next level. Currently based out of Bangalore, we are looking for sincere individuals with great and fresh ideas to join our company and bring a change in typical consumer services.

Easyfood is a website and very soon a mobile app to order food from your favorite restaurants in town, also we deliver the food to you in case this restaurant is far from where you are or does not have delivery service.
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India is essentially a tea drinking nation. Being the third largest producer of coffee in the world, coffee drinkers are only limited to the South of India and part of West India. Most of the coffee produced by India is exported to International countries. That said, many international brands including Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Gloria Jeans have successfully managed to attract this chai addict nation. However, none of these cafes focus on the "health" aspect of an individual. Having felt this gap in the market, a cafe chain is desperately needed which will not only serve quality coffee but also a healthier version compared to other cafes. And viola! Coffitude was born. Coffitude is a brand new concept serving "Quallity health in your Cup" to the tea loving Indians. We will serve you quality, healthy products from coffee to our desserts to our tea to our smoothies. Experience it once and you'll come back for more. Healthy yet tasty, Tasty yet healthy!

Ordertakr helps local restaurants, food vendors and merchants easily expand their online and mobile presence, so they can increase customers and revenue with little-to-no additional cost. It's a new take on ordering that makes it easy for a restaurant with no digital presence to start taking orders from online and mobile customers. Restaurants can continue to take orders the way they are doing it now -- by answering the phone -- without a single change to their infrastructure and processes.

Foodjing lets you search menus of restaurants near you. View a history of your previous searches and get recommendations on new dishes and restaurants near you.

Zai Lai Chinese Grille is a fast casual Chinese restaurant.  We serve quality Chinese food using natural and local ingredients at premium prices.  We use words like "healthy," "fresh" and "sustainable."  Zai Lai disrupts the food scene by uniting the public's love of Chinese food with the public's preference for health.  As a brand, Zai Lai does more than sell Chinese food; we sell health. Opening in the Chelsea / Flatiron area of Manhattan, Zai Lai has a ready audience of 1) urban professionals who live and work in the area; 2) firms in need of catering; and 3) NYC foodies in search of new experiences.   In one word, Zai Lai's founding principle is "thrive." Zai Lai seeks the welfare of its guests, staff, vendors, and shareholders, believing that it's possible to do good, treat people well, be good for the environment, and make money all at the same time.  Zai Lai is designed with scaling in mind.  We expect to leverage the Zai Lai brand and push expansion when prudent.
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Our first product is Snappers! A real-life social mobile game that re-invents the way you communicate with your friends.
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