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Project Sport, LLC is a San Francisco-based specialized sports management and event production company focusing on the running and cycling community. Their events are a union of athletic challenge, destination travel location and marquee entertainment. Events include the US Half Marathon, San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Rafael Twilight Criterium, Echelon Ride to Revel Cycling Series, San Francisco Turkey Trot, Livermore Half Marathon & The Town's Half Marathon in Oakland.
San Francisco

Promoting healthy lifestyle through authentic & powerful yoga practice. www.udemy.com/14dayprogram
San Francisco Ocotlán

The Yoga Recipe is a worldwide marketplace specifically for yoga teachers. Teachers create a shop for free, upload original content (sequences, playlists, themes, workshop/training collateral) using our custom Creation Tool, price it themselves, and sell it for profit to other yoga teachers around the world! We create an energy and monetary exchange between seasoned and new teachers that elevates both parties, the yoga community and most importantly, the students. We are the ONLY resource available that supports a teacher-to-teacher relationship and provides a revenue stream, which sets us apart from the many resources available for the teacher-to-student relationship (i.e. Yogaglo). This type of knowledge exchange has been very successful in the education space, with Teachers Pay Teachers grossing a reported $5M+ in 2012. Although we currently have users around the world, there are 30 million yoga practitioners in the US alone, being led by 100,000 registered instructors.

iHeart is a device and iOS application using a fingertip optical sensor to record the arterial pulse for 30 seconds and display an objective health index: Internal Age. iHeart measures Aortic Stiffness, a scientifically accepted predictor of overall health. With positive lifestyle choices and regular testing, iHeart users can watch themselves getting internally younger, with improving health and longer lifespan. Each iHeart user's results are stored on their own personal dashboard where they have access to diet, fitness and lifestyle resources and the iHeart community.  Developed by a medical doctor, the iHeart method of measuring aortic stiffness has been validated against the gold standard of aortic stiffness testing. iHeart is not a medical device. It is intended to be used for personal health and wellness education. With medical device certification iHeart would be useful to medical clinicians for stratification of cardiovascular health risk.

Nurse at Your Door (NAYD) is a mobile nursing service, accessible via app, web, and phone, run by experienced and knowledgeable people in the nursing and home care areas. We deliver high-quality professional care on demand or at your convenience to your location, when you’re sick or when you want to feel your absolute best. Core services include: Case Management, General Health & Wellness, Prescription Delivery & Supervision, Doctor-Prescribed Treatments, Caregiver Education, and Private Duty Shift Work. NAYD also delivers wellness programs at venues and events throughout Los Angeles, including vitamin IVs and shots on-demand. We offer shots like B12 Boost, Extra Energy, Serenity, and Mood Boost, from our friends at Pure Vitality Rejuvenation Center. NAYD launched in the Los Angeles region in 2015, and will expand beyond that area in 2017.
Los Angeles

Hello Heart's mission is to empower people to manage and understand their health using technology. It's a Mobile Therapeutics that empowers 100M Americans dealing with high blood pressure and heart risk (#1 cause of death) to understand and improve their heart health. 25% of our users have lowered their blood pressure and statistically reduced their heart attack risk in over 50%. Hello Heart just became the first clinically validated mobile solution for Hypertension and heart risk, rated 5 stars by consumers, getting great reviews on Fox news, Forbes, TechCrunch and more, and backed by top tier Silicon Valley investors, including Noam Bardin (CEO of Waze); Eric Roza (CEO of Datalogix); and Resolute ventures. Based in Tel aviv and Palo Alto, the team consists of experienced professionals from Apple, Google, eBay and more. Hello Heart is currently building its B2B2C growth strategy with employers and Health Plans. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t08aJkEpz8s
Palo Alto

Gymchalo solves the problem by providing a single platform that organizes and standardizes all Fitness & Well-being resources to achieve any fitness goal. Gymchalo Proprietary Algorithm provides custom diet, supplement and workout plans specific to User Personas and Inputs. One-on-One personalized consulting with our fitness experts. Marketplace for Gym Memberships, Fitness Classes, Fitness Events, Healthy Prepared Meals and Expert Consulting. Online Store for genuine Proteins, Supplements, Vitamins & Accessories. Fitness Blog for Tips, Diets, Workouts, Success Stories and Healthy Lifestyle Ideas.
India · Bengaluru

Fiterazzi Magazine is an online health and fitness magazine focused on positive body image. There are too many magazines out there with non-productive headlines. They’re telling us to “Lose 10 Pounds in 10 days” and “Get Rid of Those Muffin Tops”. Who is to say that any of that needs to happen? Why is the accepted culture one of negativity? It’s about time we throw away those faux-inspirational titles and actually open up genuine discussion about health and fitness topics that matter. Fiterazzi Magazine is a contributor-based online magazine that features high-quality content from experts and everyday people. http://www.fiterazzi.com
San Francisco Ocotlán

Cure Care, Inc., is a medical device company that delivers advanced solutions for healing chronic wounds using Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy (VHT™) technology, which has shown to be highly effective in the treatment of non-healing foot ulcers in diabetic patients and a range of other type wounds throughout the body including: • Skin ulcerations due to diabetes, venous stasis and post-surgical infections • Pressure ulcers • Gangrenous ulcers • Amputations / Infected stumps • Skin grafts • Burns • Frostbite Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy (VHT™) is administered through our revolutionary WTS-2000™ Wound Treatment System, an FDA 510k cleared and fully patented medical device that can be used in a permanent facility such as a wound care center or hospital, and is easily transportable to fit the needs of any patient locale.
San Diego

Jump Interval Training Fitness DVD (Seen on CBS morning show, FOX morning shows, CW morning show across the country) combines lower and upper body combinations that will take your body to the Next Level. The program includes 7 complete 4 minute interval workouts which progress by level of intensity. Start with Level 1 and advance through Level 7 - in no time you'll tone and burn 1000's of calories GUARANTEED. As an added Bonus ShapeByBrown has added a comprehensive Nutritional segment. This DVD combination of Fitness and Nutrition will help you reach your Health and Fitness Goals without a doubt!!!