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CannSoft is the most comprehensive ERP platform for licensed cannabis producers and dispensaries, helping clients manage their end-to-end operations from cultivation, quality control, inventory, sales, logistics and back office functions like compliance reporting and financial system integration. We currently have two pre-release customers, generating ~$15K in revenue to date, with another $250K committed over the next two years. Upon our November release, we expect to onboard another 7 clients, with revenue of $300K annually. Our customers demanded a solution that was truly end-to-end to meet their unique compliance requirements. Our platform helps clients stay compliant and automate operations to drive bottom line growth. CannSoft's November release has approximately 40% more functionality than the leading competitor and our early traction has validated the pent up demand for an end-to-end turnkey solution.

The majority of Africans do not have access to adequate maternal and child care due to inadequate resources and medical practitioners (per every mother) thereby delaying detection of disability to heights that diminish the benefits of any intervention. Totohealth is revolutionizing maternal and child health industry by leveraging mobile technology platforms. It allows parents and caregivers to monitor the development of their child using the electronic set of Totohealth’s disability indicators and linking them to the right health care service providers for specialized care, treatment and guidance.

Currently we are developing a smart fitting tool for lower limb prosthetics that will increase the adaptation of the prosthesis, the comfort of the amputee and speed up the whole fitting process.
Porto Alegre

Medefer takes a whole-system approach to healthcare, simplifying complex organisational problems. Medefer’s services are incorporate into and enhance existing pathways. From initial diagnosis to chronic disease management, we help patients and work with commissioners, doctors and hospitals to manage the already overburden healthcare ecosystem, improving healthcare whilst reducing costs. Our revolutionary preDoc™ software empowers patients to provide detailed medical history whilst monitoring chronic diseases using machine learning, and our national faculty of specialist doctors deliver world-class virtual healthcare. For researchers, preDoc™ offers an invaluable tool that significantly reduces the cost of clinical research as it integrates into the clinical workflow, gathering detailed patient-derived information.

Qwertymates simplifies connection to the world, allows the world to have the platform to express themselves whilst empowering the users and giving advertisers maximum value for their money. Qwertymates empowers users by helping them to monetize their blogs, it also allows the advertisers to get maximum value for their money. QwertyPeople allows users to view locations on the social website before they can visit.

Cure Care, Inc., is a medical device company that delivers advanced solutions for healing chronic wounds using Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy (VHT™) technology, which has shown to be highly effective in the treatment of non-healing foot ulcers in diabetic patients and a range of other type wounds throughout the body including: • Skin ulcerations due to diabetes, venous stasis and post-surgical infections • Pressure ulcers • Gangrenous ulcers • Amputations / Infected stumps • Skin grafts • Burns • Frostbite Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy (VHT™) is administered through our revolutionary WTS-2000™ Wound Treatment System, an FDA 510k cleared and fully patented medical device that can be used in a permanent facility such as a wound care center or hospital, and is easily transportable to fit the needs of any patient locale.
San Diego

HHS Soundbites targets the root causes of noise-induced hearing loss, and stops it. HHS Soundbites is an FDA drug. Except it isn't. Safe, fully-patented, directly derived from pioneering research at University of Michigan Medical School, HHS Soundbites will be available for pre-order in early 2016. NIH and European Commission-funded clinical trials are underway. Leading pro musicians and audio engineers are signed up for our field trials.
Ann Arbor