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Presm brings proven communication preferences (such as text messaging, mobile access and private online accounts) into the context of healthcare by enabling targeted, relevant, and timely information to be shared securely between providers, patients, and the general public. Think of it as a cloud-based social layer that integrates with existing clinical software.

Ubiquo is a SaaS technology oriented to satisfy the needs of the health sector on matters related to digitization, storage, management, deployment and processes of health information, with emphasis on diagnostic imaging. Our solution "in the cloud" have had excellent results in our clients as: reduction of over 25% of the time in medical reports, increases of more than 10% in specialist productivity. Demo http://www.ubiquo.co/ubiquopacs Usr: medico Psw: medico http://bit.ly/qcHZ8R

Greenpie App serves as a online platform that allows nutritionists, dietitians and other nutrition health providers to transition and automate their businesses online, communicate and work closely their clients over the Internet, in real - time. It is the only online platform in the market that connects a professional nutritional software with a fitness app in the cloud. By automating their workflow, Greenpie helps nutrition providers to focus on their clients and offer personalized care and education while predicting and monitoring their health in real – time over the Internet. By combining a professional nutrition software (for the nutrition provider) and a fitness app (for their client), Greenpie App enables real time communication between the patient and provider, resulting in improvement of the quality of treatment, prevention, lower costs of treatment. Greenpie App is a SaaS with monthly and annual recurring revenue model.

Spectra Care is a HIPAA secure, cloud-based communication ecosystem for all devices that facilitates frictionless connections between the entire care team. Users build private, patient centric groups and invite the entire caregiving team - including healthcare providers, patients and their family caregivers. Free to try and easy to use for anyone - in any organization - throughout the healthcare continuum. Teams that communicate with their patients and family caregivers using Spectra improve patient satisfaction and engagement in treatment. Organizations use Spectra to build referrals and census while decreasing hospital readmissions and medical error caused by lack of coordination and mis-communication throughout transitions in care.
San Francisco

Corengi has developed an online search engine to help patients find clinical trials for which they may be qualified. The Corengi technology includes all ongoing trials in the U.S and Canada for a specific condition and is available both on a dedicated website and via an embeddable widget. We provide augmented exposure for paying clinical trial sponsors and also give a new revenue stream for health-related websites.

Thryve is a friendlier way you to track what you're eating and how that food makes you feel.

Integr8ed Health is designing, developing and customizing a patient portal for those Canadians affected by cancer. The foundation architecture of the product is complete. The organization is looking to further customize it for a meet the needs of Patients, Health Care Specialists, and Care providers. The objective is to empower the patient in their treatment and vastly improve communication with the various specialists that all cancer patients need to deal with on a regular basis. The portal will contain historical data, MRI, Xray, Ultrasound, vital signs, allergies, medications, and education material. It will also offer secure communication channels with specialists. The customers are patients, health care specialists and care providers, our revenue model is subscription based focused on the patients and patient care providers. The organization will also consider other options for those patients that can't afford a monthly subscription.

A Pró-Laudo é uma empresa de telerradiologia que oferece a elaboração online de laudos de radiografia, mamografia, densitometria, tomografia computadorizada e ressonância magnética. Com uma rede de radiologistas de alta qualificação, a Pró-Laudo utiliza as mais modernas ferramentas de transmissão e armazenamento de exames e laudos, garantindo elevados padrões de segurança.
Rio De Janeiro

ArmorText is an enterprise-class secure messaging platform that includes security and audit control features. ArmorText’s proprietary technology provides device-specific message encryption and allows individuals, business teams, and multi-enterprise groups to share information securely. This secure messaging solution is designed to support enterprise-wide administration as well as ease-of-use. ArmorText provides end users with an intuitive interface and supports the applications with which they are familiar. Security features include end-to-end encryption, device specific keys, and an audit feature with the option of native text back-up. The platform is ideal for corporations that must manage sensitive and proprietary communications data. ArmorText provides vital security functions to organizations within industries that must meet regulatory laws and security mandates, such as those specified by FIRNA, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

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