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The Ubiqi Health personal discovery platform combines a mobile-enabled data-gathering framework and a sophisticated data aggregation engine. We empower people to do their own investigations to identify which treatments and lifestyle changes improve their health. With data amassed from our users, we create a store of clinical evidence that helps healthcare organizations ensure that people receive the best treatments for their individual needs.

Integr8ed Health is designing, developing and customizing a patient portal for those Canadians affected by cancer. The foundation architecture of the product is complete. The organization is looking to further customize it for a meet the needs of Patients, Health Care Specialists, and Care providers. The objective is to empower the patient in their treatment and vastly improve communication with the various specialists that all cancer patients need to deal with on a regular basis. The portal will contain historical data, MRI, Xray, Ultrasound, vital signs, allergies, medications, and education material. It will also offer secure communication channels with specialists. The customers are patients, health care specialists and care providers, our revenue model is subscription based focused on the patients and patient care providers. The organization will also consider other options for those patients that can't afford a monthly subscription.

Predilytics is an advanced healthcare predictive analytics product and services company. We are the first to commercially apply to population health the proven machine learning techniques from other demanding industry sectors such as financial services and consumer acquisition. Predilytics applies its patented analytic tools to transform healthcare “big data”, and to point the way for at-risk healthcare organizations to optimize and precisely target their care delivery resources, to increase revenue, and to control costs. We use our customers’ structured and unstructured data, along with external data sources, to predict healthcare consumers’ behavior at the individual level. This means that our customers and their colleagues can confidently focus their efforts on individual members who show a high probability of success, and prioritize their scarce resources to maximize overall impact and cost-effectiveness.

Pain Pals is an app that connects people living with chronic conditions, allowing them to create their own virtual support network from around the globe. Our mission is to address the social and emotional elements of healing through the connections this app fosters. To use the app, users create their personal profile, filling out their general demographics and choosing conditions they associate with and would like to “follow”. An algorithm pairs users based off of this information, matching them with up to eight “Pain Pals” to begin with. Pain Pals are then able to communicate with each other through multimedia messaging, and can post on general discussion forums to interact with the community at large.
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With strēm, you are in control of your health records. Access, manage, organize, and share your health information. Chances are, you have been to more than one doctor in your life. This means your medical records are spread across many different organizations, doctor's offices, clinics, and hospitals. Keeping an updated, complete record is nearly impossible. Your doctor faces the same problem! Imagine trying to see the whole picture of a partially completed puzzle. strēm is the next generation of health records. It automatically imports all of your health information, makes it easy to understand with 3D visualization and patient-focused content, and makes it easy to share your information with your doctors and family as needed. We believe that giving you the power to understand and manage your health information will help you get the care you deserve. http://thestrem.com

Using wearable technology we allow physicians to spend less time in documentation and more time in patient care. This results in improved revenue, better care, and happier physicians and patients.
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Excura has pioneered the Discharge Summary Xcelerator (DSX) - an expert software solution for distilling hospital encounters to summary format for optimal reimbursement, more efficient continuity of care and compliance with more rigid payer mandates. The DSX shifts the documentation role of hospital physicians from chart analysis to chart oversight ensuring more reliable information transfer between hospitals and follow-up providers and eliminates costly discrepancies between clinical documentation and reimbursement management. Over 36 million patients were discharged from 5,754 American hospitals in 2011 - each required a discharge summary. Recent CMS changes have made clinical documentation, specifically reliable discharge summaries, paramount to the financial health of hospitals. As payer audits continue ramping-up, hospital CFOs need a solution that satisfies more rigid timeliness and and accuracy requirements without increasing the amount of time their doctors spend on paperwork.

Spectra Care is a HIPAA secure, cloud-based communication ecosystem for all devices that facilitates frictionless connections between the entire care team. Users build private, patient centric groups and invite the entire caregiving team - including healthcare providers, patients and their family caregivers. Free to try and easy to use for anyone - in any organization - throughout the healthcare continuum. Teams that communicate with their patients and family caregivers using Spectra improve patient satisfaction and engagement in treatment. Organizations use Spectra to build referrals and census while decreasing hospital readmissions and medical error caused by lack of coordination and mis-communication throughout transitions in care.
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