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LearnLaunchX is New England’s leading edtech accelerator program. We are dedicated to helping edtech startups grow. LearnLaunchX runs two 3 month accelerator programs every year, each with a group of 6-8 education technology startups. We provide select startups with seed funding, an unmatched team of mentors and colleagues, a great work space and intensive coaching by LLX founders. For more information, please visit us at www.learnlaunchx.com

A new initiative & co-working space for recent alumni of Columbia Business School.
New York

Miles de emprendedores tratan de resolver los mismos problemas desde el principio de su gestación, conseguir mercado cautivo, desarrollo del producto o servicio, tener acceso a inversiones y aceleraciones, contratación del talento adecuado. Estos problemas, suelen ser los principales motivos del fracaso de proyectos muy prometedores e innovadores, según las estadísticas más recientes, el 40% de los emprendimientos tienden al fracaso en sus 2 años de vida. Empresas multinacionales se vuelven pesadas y lentas a la hora de innovar y/o crear productos nuevos, sus protocolos y mecanismos internos hacen que se entorpezca este proceso e incluso les sea muy costoso realizarlo. SimpleBlack lleva su servicio a dos grandes segmentos de manera muy diferente y con objetivos muy distintos. Emprendedores / Pymes Mentorías, incubación, aceleración, inversión, desarrollo y gestión del producto o servicio, son algunos de los servicios que Simple Black les lleva a este segmento en particular.
Mendoza Province

Global Evolver specializes in providing startups and early-stage entrepreneurs with value-added support services that are essential to business success. Global Evolver was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and a global office located in Russia. It serves companies in United States, Russia, and CIS countries.

1) MSEF's - a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization - connects forward looking investors to independent filmmakers of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender ("LGBT") like the $20MM/year nonprofit FILM INDEPENDENT (FI) does. FI focuses on independent filmmakers ~ the Foundation laser focuses Independent filmmakers of LGBT media, whether they are straight or gay; 2) As a result, the Foundation has found itself on the is front lines of a rich and growing source of entertainment, MSEF has become an incubator of new, innovative, LGBT media properties; 3) Now, the Foundation needs the financial resources from business partners / investors like you to create a pathway for these properties to go from script to project to distribution. The incredibly smart investor who is a leader and can see this as a Clive Davis/Sean "PUFFY" Combs moment who gets in on this growing market now will make hundreds of millions if not billions over the next 20-30 years. We all know what happened to hip hop..
Los Angeles

Launch36 is an intensive accelerator program designed to quickly move selected entrepreneurs to an investor-ready position. We run two sessions per year with the goal of successfully launching 36 companies over a 3 year period. Companies follow a rigorous mentorship program for 5-months to launch a minimum viable product. At the end of the program it’s sink or swim time as we put you in front of real live investors at our Demo Day.
Halifax · Moncton

Since 2011, Memphis’s first startup accelerator has helped fund, mentor, and launch 18 emerging technology companies. Our cohort-based system means we invest in 6 startups per session, driving them through a rigorous but rewarding 90-day program. You’ll not only emerge with a working business model, you’ll emerge with a working knowledge of business. You’ll also earn an opportunity to pitch for additional funding at our annual Demo Day event. This year the startup density in Memphis is bigger and better as Start Co. will invest in 24 total teams. Learn more here: http://neverstop.co/gan

Incubation Station is an accelerator that brings together a consortium of Austin’s notable entrepreneurs, investors and advisers for the purpose of mentoring high-potential, market-validated consumer product companies to more effectively manufacture, distribute, market and grow their products and services. We are currently accepting application for participation in Track 3 of Incubation Station. Please do not apply on angel.co. If you are a high potential, market-validated company who is prepared to scale, please visit http://www.f6s.com/incubationstationapplication to apply. Deadline for application is January 3rd at midnight! To learn more about Incubation Station and Track 3, visit our website at www.theincubationstation.com.

The LEAP Axlr8r is a unique program designed for developers, designers and founders interested in reinventing industries through gesture based technology. We will provide design guidance, access to industry expertise, access to LEAP engineers for software and hardware development and business design expertise to help turn your product into a massively scalable business that changes the way people interact with the world forever.
San Francisco

CrossCoin Ventures funds technologists and entrepreneurs who are passionate about using the Ripple protocol to make a difference in the world of payments, transactions, and currency markets. Some of the particular areas we are excited about include remittance, transactions, and micro-payments. But the scope of possibilities in this area is wide; if you have a great idea or strong coding chops, we want to hear your story. Ripple is an open source, peer-to-peer payments system. Ripple lets you transfer any asset across the network, with automatic currency conversion and fast settlement, while featuring the irreversibility, distributed robustness, and negligible fees that come with cryptocurrency technology. Ripple makes any transfer of value cheaper, faster, and more secure, empowering the success of ambitious business models that disrupt the status quo and have the potential to create world-changing, profitable companies.
San Francisco