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FogHorn aims to enable an IoT Application Factory for sensors that are geographically distributed and or mobile. FogHorn provides an application development and deployment platform for multi-tier IoT infrastructures that consists of processing and storage at the cloud as well as the edge (“Fog”). FogHorn’s unique edge capabilities brings both applications and data services on a Fog device which is within the site where sensors are located (industrial site, factory floor, oil rig). FogHorn leverages container technology to host applications at the edge on industry standard edge hardware from Cisco, Intel and Qualcomm. These edge devices are part of a distributed IoT platform controlled by FogHorn’s cloud services hosted in a private datacenter or a public cloud. The applications with intelligence that manages & controls sensor devices at the edge is developed centrally on standard PaaS platforms (like Azure, Cloud Foundry, GCP, AWS) with FogHorn SDK extensions.
Palo Alto

OpenSkkye - first app to help drone pilots find places to fly. Discover the best places to fly your drone and connect with other pilots. Fly. Explore. Share. Backed up by artificial intelligence.
San Diego

Water scarcity is a problem. NextDrop creates water data networks to help cities avert it. We send a text message to people an hour before water arrives in their homes, and provide the utility with live maps to track where their water goes (and where it doesn't).

Our organized Retail product combines Big data Analytics and sensor systems to deliver real time, on premise personalized Retail offerings, optimizing customer loyalty and store revenue. This product is integrated with SAP HANA backend to support real time big data recommendations utilizing Inventory, POS data and user events; and makes use of BLE beacons to support in-store events, indoor navigation with Retailer-provided planogram. For the mass market in Retail (essentially mom-and-pop Corner Stores), we have launched our products (one for the merchant for broadcasting offers and facilitating Home Delivery thru our Mobile App, and one for the customers in vicinity to view and possibly act on those offers, including Home Delivery, again thru Mobile App) in around 250 Retail Stores in Bangalore. Both our Merchant App (BeeKoun Merchant) and Customer App (Beekoun) are available for free download from Google Play Store anywhere in India.

Smart Gym will automatically track your workouts at the gym. Every rep, set and exercise is logged and presented to you on our mobile app. Our technology will provide real time feedback to help improve your routine. However eventually the times comes, whether we're trying to lose weight or gain muscle, we hit that point in our progress where everything seems to stall. Smart Gym technology will track your progress and unveil the trend of plateauing before it's too late.

With our product you can grow organic and toxic free vegetables, fruits, herbs or spices in an automated and self-controlled micro-habitat. You'll have your own supply of the freshest possible greens right on your kitchen balcony without any action to keep them alive and nourished. You can even use it for other purposes like purely decorative terrarium, beautiful gardens of exotic flowers or even for small animals like frogs and turtles! If you always wanted a little flower or vegetable garden but live in an apartment with no green areas or if you simply don't have the time to dedicate to such a garden, this is the perfect solution for you! If you're a small producer, this product will completely change the way you manage your business. Remember those beautiful but extremely delicate and difficult to grow orchids? Those out of season flowers that your clients keep asking you about? Well... With our product you'll have no more difficulties and you'll stand out from all other producers.
Belo Horizonte

eGlu is a platform which enables Smart Living and provides benefits like security, convenience and energy savings to homeowners. The platform includes hardware devices which connect wirelessly to the Internet and can be monitored and controlled by a mobile application from anywhere. eGlu HUB connects to your home Wi-Fi router and becomes a communication gateway between your phone and all the connected devices at home. The hardware devices include Smart Plugs, Motion Sensor, Door Sensor and Panic Alarm which are part of our Do-It-Yourself solution. They are extremely simple to setup and are truly wireless. They either plug directly into an AC power socket or run on batteries. The eGlu platform is not just limited to the plug-n-play devices. In-wall Switch Modules can be installed behind the switch plates to automate existing lights and fans at home. The platform also lets you integrate IP cameras, allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere.

IBaround leverages contextual data, such as weather to optimize the relevance of marketing content, in order to increase retailers & brands sales. IBaround developed a plug and play algorithm based platform, able to correlate sales data and contextual data coming from web sources, sensors, and sales data. The role of the algorithm is to define precise influence of context variables in product sales variations. The platform is then connected to content management systems of digital channels (apps, websites, signage) and pushes the right message a the right time and place. Eventually, the connection of the platform with sales allow us to measure in real time the efficiency of the rules. The added value for our customers (retailers & brands) is to come closer to the shoppers by: - A local engagement - A live adatapted message - A real time optimized marketing

Omnipaste saves your time by allowing you to transfer data across devices in a smart manner. For example, the way we are used to Copy/Paste is outdated. We have multiple interconnected devices, but still lack the Copy/Paste feature between them. What most of us do today to solve this problem is send emails to our self. Our vision is to blur the line between devices to enable us to use their specialized hardware so that if for example you are in Skype call on your laptop you can switch to your phone’s camera to show other participants around.