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You can always find a tutor, but finding the right tutor? That was way too hard. Local agencies only offer a limited selection and websites like craigslist leave you on your own to comb through hundreds of listings. But by blending technology + human intelligence, Tutorspree has made it easy for a wide variety of students to get the perfect tutor. You'll work with a real live Education Consultant, who will match you to one of our 5,000 verified tutors across the U.S. using our personalized assessment and search technology. It takes less than 10 minutes of your time, and we offer a Perfect Match Guarantee. Whether you're the parent of a second-grader who's learning to read, a high-school student struggling with AP Physics, or a budding entrepreneur picking up coding, we've got your perfect tutor.
New York

Fifth Eye brings augmented reality to the masses by understanding the surroundings it provides a platform where multiple disparate services can come together and provide an enhanced experience for the customers to try out the various offerings. Through augmented reality, Fifth Eye allows you to understand your interior surroundings and make wiser purchase decisions for your living and office space

Heroic is an online marketplace offering instant virtual referrals of favorite service providers from friends and neighbors. All for free. In seconds you can create a list of your favorite service providers which you can share with others, and see your friend's and neighbors favorite providers. Heroic is the simplest means for time-crunched, young families to hire reliable, home service professionals. Runner-up winner at Minnesota Cup, 2012. BeHeroic.com

We connect executives from small and medium manufacturing companies with international experts to improve operation performance and achieve business objectives.

Gigstart leads performers in to their potential clients and hence caters them very well deserved and desired upfront. Our pitch to artists and entertainers is: 1. Get Discovered 2. Look Attractive 3. Get Booked
New Delhi

Steelbranch streamlines the way the commercial real estate industry connects, communicates and transacts. Steelbranch is a commercial real estate network and marketplace that connects everyone involved in commercial real estate, from small mom and pop businesses to the largest real estate investment firms, allowing them to make quicker decisions, communicate more efficiently, and transact more business. Steelbranch aids in due diligence, creates business development opportunities and saves professionals, tenants and companies time. Stay tuned for Steelbranch's new features launching soon.
New Orleans

"Deal Umpire is not a deal site, not an aggregator, it's different." Deal Umpire puts power back into the hands of merchants by providing transparency into the offerings of daily deal sites. DU is an auction platform where merchants post a deal and the deal sites are given the opportunity to differentiate themselves by bidding to win the deal. The company was developed to solve major inefficiencies in the ever-growing group buying industry.

Dr. Phi is a dental health pass developed for smartphones free of charge with no monthly payments to help people reabilitate their self-esteem and oral health. Trusted clinics and recommended dentists for discounts in dental treatments. 

ProtoExchange is an outsourcing marketplace for hardware development. The platform matches the world's best hardware engineers to clients who are looking for on-demand hardware assistance. The platform works by matching Engineers to client projects. ProtoExchange ensures the engineer and client are a good fit to increase the success rate for each project. Similarly, we set the prices across the network, removing price competition and encouraging top talent to participate in the marketplace. As a result, clients can accelerate hardware development while minimizing overhead; engineers can expand on their hardware capabilities, engage in relevant projects, and earn income without undercutting their own services.

We fuel community & culture for workplace teams with social rewards chosen chosen by the teams themselves. Companies pour $40B into non-cash employee incentives, but most sit in drawers and have no long-term effect. Strong social connections on a team result in 2X job satisfaction and a 3X increase in highly engaged employees. Happenate works like a group gift card. Leaders give their teams a budget and Happenate offers creative choices, from treats in the office to epic outings. Like a concierge, Happenate handles everything to ensure amazing team experiences!