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Scaffold connects offline and online identities. We offer easy to use APIs for services and marketplaces to verify their users.
New York

Whether it’s the office manager charged with the weekly Happy Hour or a CFO planning an office retreat, the majority of people planning corporate events are not professional event planners. Sourcing everything you need for a party or event is a time consuming and complicated process that is quite often tangential to the planner’s core job function. These planners don’t want to spend a lot of time focused on the event but they must get it correct, on time and on budget. That’s where DivvyDown comes in! DivvyDown takes the complication out of the process by offering a one-stop-shop online/ mobile event concierge service that provides recommendations and tools to help customers order the best selections of liquor, beer, wine, mixers, party snacks and supplies and have them delivered directly to the party or event. For liquor providers, the DivvyDown platform provides a new source of revenue without significant investment or risk.
New York

wellmio.de is a curated marketplace for wellness, beauty & health services. We offer a selection of the best & quality-checked providers of each city with instant online booking. wellmio aims to unlock the best wellness, beauty & health offers and make them easily accessible online.

pedalr is a better marketplace for people who love bikes. pedalr allows the passionate cycling community to connect, buy and sell new and used bicycles, gear, accessories and art in a marketplace that is both local and global.
San Francisco

Instadeal Inc. helps people find the best deal for a desired service/good. 3 core features: LIVE DEALS Users send service requests specifying their availability and the maximum distance they are willing to travel. Then, merchants matching the criteria reply with a specific offer/slot. Users check merchants’ offers, comparing reviews and criteria and either accept or decline. Both the users and merchants leave a review about each other. LAST MINUTES Merchants can offer LAST MINUTE bookings if they have a sudden cancellation. Users can easily check what last minute offers are available in their area. ("I have 3 hours available. Let’s see what are the last-minute offers within 3 miles from my office.") BOOKING SYSTEM Users who have closed at least one live deal or last minute deal will be also able to access merchants’ schedules, booking directly using the app. Prices can vary and decided by merchants based on demands (i.e.Full price on Friday or 20% discount on Monday morning).

https://www.barterscloset.com/ Barters Closet is a place for you to easily sell & trade your things items as well as find treasures from others. Listing items & bartering is free, our only fee is a 3.2% commission on items sold. Sign Up: https://www.barterscloset.com/register/ f. https://www.facebook.com/BartersClose... t. https://twitter.com/BartersCloset ig. http://instagram.com/barterscloset blog. http://www.barterscloset.com/blog/

❤ A tool to sell and buy food in a more social and simple way. Rango.me is perfect for merchants to create and launch a customized social food delivery website within minutes, easy for customers to search and order food, follow restaurants, rate dishes, collect status badges and earn bonuses for ordering.
João Pessoa

Founded in 2013 Cookisto is a trusted community marketplace for homemade food. It is here that hungry foodies find personalised, delicious and healthy homemade food prepared by talented home cooks.

Ironing Hero helps you avoid the burden of ironing clothes. A real mission for a true hero that collects the clothes in your home and delivers in 48h for a low price. Addicted to detail!

an app where you have celebrities 'sign you phone' instead of getting a physical autograph (who wants to save paper!) ... add an optional selfie. then sell your digital autograph for CASH MONEY or BITCOIN in the signmyphone marketplace... signmyphone.com validates the signatures to make sure they are unique, valuable, real.
San Francisco