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Are you ready to advertise at UEFA Champions League Final Game? Eiffel Tower? Super Bowl? Make it happen! IT'S EASY TO REACH YOUR TARGET MARKET WHEN YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE AND AT WHAT TIME! With SpotFuse you choose the venue you want to deliver your ads to and the specific time-frame your ads will be shown to the people you want to reach.
Costa Rica

Music fans alone, are willing to spend an additional $2.6 billion on better products and experiences. Vicci gives the fans a platform to obtain the products that they want. Vicci mobilizes the consumer-brand experience by putting an exclusive event-merchandising platform in the hand of every fan. Event merchandising is broken: long lines, inventory shortages, and poor customer satisfaction are causing billions of dollars to be left on the table every year. Vicci solves this problem, by putting the merchandise at the finger tips of every fan in the most ideal moments, artists can now market their merchandise to their fans in a unique way; before, during and after the event. Not only can we can increase sales for brands and their events, we provide unique insights in to what is selling, who is buying, and how to better market to these fans. Data and analytics is what empowers these brands to sell better and work smarter.

Mosoro 3D-Sport - a miniature USB thumbdrive sized motion capture product that contains an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and Bluetooth LE. 3D-Sport works by physically attaching the hardware to a piece of sports equipment and, over Bluetooth, the hardware “pairs” to a smartphone app that records how the piece of equipment moves in 3 dimensions during use (for example the ability to monitor how a golf club moves precisely during a swing). Additional products at: http://bit.ly/rLycew
Colorado Springs

Postcard on the Run is a fun and simple mobile application that allows users to digitally create and send custom postcards on their mobile device but deliver them the old-fashioned way….through the mail. Postcard On The Run can be used anywhere there is cellular or Wifi coverage and orders will be en route within 24 hours. Postcard on the Run….New Technology, Delivered the Old Fashioned Way. Consumer and B2B platforms.
Los Angeles

yap.TV is the leading platform for delivering multiscreen social experiences around TV to content creators and distributors worldwide. yap.TV delivers apps that drive tune in, reduce subscriber attrition, attract new customers, drive more engagement, and create new monetization opportunities. yap.TV also has the leading social TV app for iOS, featured multiple times by Apple, which recently reached 1 million downloads with industry-leading engagement.
Los Altos

I have already developed an Extreme Fast VPN Service which is already running and tested in the market. It has built-in features that allow us to compete in the market with competitive prices.

Airtumble is a location based app that takes your music listening experience to a whole new level. Share your everyday soundtracks, discover new music and connect with people enjoying their favorite tracks around you. Simply by pushing "play" in your music player.

Our Doubles get shit done for founders so they can focus on adding values to their startups. Throw us anything. If we can't complete the task, we will source and project manage the execution.