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Hipster is creating a real-time, visual public record of the world’s locations. Using their iPhones and Android devices, people share where they are and what they are doing by sending their friends a photographic postcard. The postcards become permanently attached to the locations they were sent from, and are forever accessible to all those who come later.
San Francisco

MokiManage powers solutions for using tablets as single-purpose devices. Use cases include: kiosks, digital signage, retail point-of-sale and much more. MokiManage can be integrated into any application, providing security and better remote management for the device, app distribution, app environment monitoring and app settings management.
Cottonwood Heights

Maineth.com is a business management platform specifically designed for the B2B manufacturing and construction industries. We combine three fundamental systems. Our system revolves around a Project Management solution, and then combines a Customer Resource Management tool and an Invoicing solution. Our aim is to offer a seamless system to our customers focused on user experience. It combines the software components that users actually will utilize for the management needs of their business. By offering the tools that business actually need, we are able to bundle three systems into one simplified tool with a great user experience/ interface. Having identified the actual pain points of our unique customers we are able to save them time, money, and frustration compared to what our competitors are offering. With out our solution, customers would be required to create a hybrid solution to meet their business needs and often combine 3-5 solutions to satisfy their needs.

Crave.ly helps restaurants mange their menus online and consumers find the food they crave. For restaurants, bars, & hotels we help them share and manage their menu all over the internet. Replacing the pdf, word documents and scanned images of menus. Crave.ly turns your menu mobile, searchable, and easy to manage online. For consumers we provide them a place to find new restaurants and to search for the food they crave. We index all menus and tell you which restaurants have that food you are craving.

LiveCirrus is a platform-as-a-service business that enables a full desktop web and app experience on mobile devices. We offer a suite of apps for the iOS and Android markets that showcase the core capabilities of our cloud platform, and are working actively with business customers who wish to use our platform as a means to deploy existing apps to mobile devices rapidly and inexpensively without redevelopment.


We are building a platform that leverages network effects to help thousands of young professionals manage their daily lives. We are backed by Stanford Law School and expanding nationwide. By building a network of active, connected users starting at law schools we are able to combine the best of Web 2.0 and mobile technologies to revolutionize the way attorneys work, and disrupt this multi-billion dollar market.
San Francisco

Instadeal Inc. helps people find the best deal for a desired service/good. 3 core features: LIVE DEALS Users send service requests specifying their availability and the maximum distance they are willing to travel. Then, merchants matching the criteria reply with a specific offer/slot. Users check merchants’ offers, comparing reviews and criteria and either accept or decline. Both the users and merchants leave a review about each other. LAST MINUTES Merchants can offer LAST MINUTE bookings if they have a sudden cancellation. Users can easily check what last minute offers are available in their area. ("I have 3 hours available. Let’s see what are the last-minute offers within 3 miles from my office.") BOOKING SYSTEM Users who have closed at least one live deal or last minute deal will be also able to access merchants’ schedules, booking directly using the app. Prices can vary and decided by merchants based on demands (i.e.Full price on Friday or 20% discount on Monday morning).

GoEpic is bringing the world's most immersive in-store shopping experience to your phone. Imagine a curated digital shopping mall where every brand has their own storefront and they control their own consumer experience. When you shop, you're directly shopping and interacting with the brand themselves. Instead of having access to only a handful of brands, GoEpic allows you to shop thousands of brands, from big name brands to independent boutiques. Discover, shop, and interact with with hundreds of outdoor recreation and action sports brands in over 30 different activities like snowboarding, paddle boarding, ice climbing, yoga, and so much more. GoEpic even partners with each of the brands to produce rich, immersive content such as product reviews, educational how-to's, vivid product imagery and more for the most immersive shopping experiences ever! https://lnkd.in/bCzm7Md
San Francisco

The Giant Pixel Corporation has partnered with Flight.vc to launch The Giant Pixel Corporation Syndicate. This syndicate is distinguished by our operational experience as founders and by the depth of our network. Founded by engineers and designers with a track record of starting companies like Yammer, Eventbrite, and Xoom, The Giant Pixel Corporation is an incubator in the traditional sense: ideas are conceived, prototyped, and brought to market at our purpose-built SoMa offices. We are currently working on three products reflecting our consumer and enterprise history, and backers will have the opportunity to invest in each of the seed rounds raised through this syndicate. This syndicate will also offer opportunities to invest in startups within the larger network of Giant Pixel and its founders. You will be investing alongside many of the same people that helped our earlier ventures succeed.
San Francisco