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Postcard on the Run is a fun and simple mobile application that allows users to digitally create and send custom postcards on their mobile device but deliver them the old-fashioned way….through the mail. Postcard On The Run can be used anywhere there is cellular or Wifi coverage and orders will be en route within 24 hours. Postcard on the Run….New Technology, Delivered the Old Fashioned Way. Consumer and B2B platforms.
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We are a company building a system to help people take themselves to the next level. Personal development is of number one concern to millennials at work - and they're not getting it. This gap costs employers $20-30K per departed employee. NXT Level You is the only solution addressing this gap head on. Our team of (mostly) millennials is building the full suite of growth tools we wish we always had in a B2B SaaS model. This includes goal and habit tracking, online courses and personal coaching, holistic "quantified self" feedback, and community support. Leaders are empowered by insights and industry benchmarks to help them build happier and more productive workplaces and machine learning ensures the right actions are recommended to the right people at the right time. Our Foundation will host a "data commons" towards the intentional and progressive application of data for human development research.
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We're developing a Virtual Marketplace to help all service sector industries to buy/sell services via virtual currency exchange Problem Solving (Ease of Doing Business) A2Zee finds an opportunity for creating hassle free life of small and large business enterprises (including startups, Entrepreneurs & freelancers) by creating a B2B marketplace for service sector Industries (57 out of 100 business are service sector) which will revolve around our own virtual currency Solution Description We're developing a Virtual Marketplace to help all service sector industries to buy/sell services via virtual currency exchange.

EquipmentFX lets buyers and sellers create equipment listings instantly by syncing the web and mobile devices, share and publish the listing to private networks of buyers and sellers and settle deals using the Stripe payment processing technology. We make money by charging small user fees and % of sales. The target market is $179B in annual new equipment sales, 30 - 40% of which is resold as used equipment during it's economic life cycle. 90 - 95% of used equipment transactions are private; our solution addresses this at the basic level by providing anyone that knows where equipment is to become a "virtual sales event manager" using our SaaS based solution to create, manage and settle deals in a secure, private environment.

Tminus6 is a six-month, mentor-driven startup accelerator designed to quickly propel a select group of promising startups from concept to market. We provide the fuel -- capital, resources, and mentorship -- to build and scale great companies. Tminus6 was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to help them scale quickly: - Capital: We provide seed funding and facilitate deal flow through investor introductions, demo days, and road shows. - Team: We help you build the right mix of skills and leadership and wrap mentoring and a support network around you. - Customers: From day one, we work with each company to identify, engage, and close customers. - Resources: Over $50,000 in in kind resources for each company. Free legal, accounting, creative services, product design and a whole lot more. - Business Model: We work early and hard to make sure your team has a business model that lean, scalable and attractive to customers.

The next generation of mobile is coming.
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Stylematic is a mobile and web app that intelligently recommends apparel and publishes inspirations from your social network. This pocket stylist allows you to virtually try on clothing through your 3D avatar and solicit second opinions. Stylematic becomes smarter the more you use the application and delivers an increasingly targeted recommendation feed to you on a daily basis based on your behaviors. Build your style profile by wish-listing items in your daily Stylematic feed and posting your favorite fashion finds from Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Discuss fashion with your friends and design personalized look books of outfits you love - watch how Stylematic becomes smarter every time!
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Under 100 is a community-driven, social shopping marketplace where users and brand merchandizers work together to discover, buy, and share amazing things that are Under $100 in price. Users can post the products they love and like, comment on, share, and purchase products to express their taste. We reward users with exclusive discounts, free products, brand partnerships, and many other benefits for expressing their tastes. We leverage the taste expressed on each of our products to determine the crowd-sourced popularity of every product, thereby allowing us to curate our platform according to what our users say is most popular. This automates new product discovery and product comparison for all users. We also allow brand representatives to participate as members of our community to form direct, personal relationships with our users. Brands can identify which users should be rewarded as their advocates or pursued as customers, as well as which of their products are most popular.
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Shopperswiki brings seasons latest collection from your favorite brands, delivered to you from your nearest store. For free. At shopperswiki, discover the latest fashion trends by following your favourite brands & designers. Buy from stores around you & try out at the comfort of your home. Our Superfast delivery network will ensure that your order gets delivered the same day. For brands: Shopperswiki connects brands with online shoppers with regular season & product update. We are in the process of bringing brand stores inventory online. In the process correcting the default inventory distribution which is location-wise.
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