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We create truly social mobile games. Our launch title ExpertTrivia opens trivia to a limitless set of questions, giving players the opportunity to make a game with any topic they can think of. Players ask questions as they play, challenging friends and family to anything from 'Movie Quotes' to '19th Century Russian Literature' to their own family history. This unique mobile game provides players with the excitement, fun, and bonding of a classic game night.
New Orleans

Read With Friends focuses on generating content relating to education and social interaction. Our strategy gives us an advantage over our competitors by giving customers a innovative way to read news articles and popular topics while improving their comprehension, memory, focus and spelling ability in a fun, engaging manner. We are looking for an equity partner to help us finish our app and bring it to market. Please email me and I will give you a better breakdown on the specifics.
San Diego

Last year the app market generated £6.5 billion in revenue and the app economy’s global growth was 27%. Historically, companies that have had a huge success with one product are failing to produce successful follow-ons as a result of producing ‘me-too’ products. Slie Labs aims to succeed long term by building a talented team who will produce a range of socially conscious useful apps. Our focus on social impact enables us to see the entire app marketplace and develop accordingly. Our team have already brought one unique product to market proving it is possible to design for the masses and create ‘good’ games which can be monetised. Our first mobile app, Thinking, is a general knowledge quiz that has a party mode for up to 10 players, Junior content created by specialists and encourages social interaction. It has already been released in beta, has over 3,000 users and a 3.6% conversion rate. A second app is already in development.

Questli is a web and mobile game platform to play and create quests. Solve tasks, learn new stuff, earn points & prizes, challenge your friends and have fun anytime anywhere! 1600+ amazing causal games to enjoy. And who creates the next top quest adventure: One of your friends, your favorite brand or why not yourself? Remember: Life is your game.
Lake Zurich

What can you do in 7 seconds?
San Diego

“Elevator Pitch” Winner – 2014 Fantasy Sports Trade Association Summer Conference Simple to the Core. ScoreStreak, a San Francisco bay area funded startup (San Mateo), lets hardcore fantasy players and casual sports fans alike play daily fantasy contests for real money on mobile devices. Fantasy sports have become an obsession for over 40 million adult Americans. However, a larger number of passionate sports fans still don’t have the time and energy to navigate complicated scoring and season-long commitments. We built ScoreStreak around three key goals: Simple, mobile, and fun. The result is a fresh and compelling new daily fantasy sports format. Available on iPhone, mobile web, and desktop web. Sign up and play at www.scorestreak.com or download the app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scorestreak-one-day-fantasy/id905593252?mt=8.
San Mateo

We isolate and invent three cooking elements: The need for granular makings of cooking, which form small powder packs that ultimately produce results. That is our first invention - pills of production. With various sizes and packs, eah powder checmically forms real foods and nutrients, although some food, and you can guess which, do not look like the veggies, but are ideally better, because it takes zero space - leading the question, why do we attach to food shapes, and unimportant elements so much? Nutrient packs, flavors, get processed, with amazingly quick cooking, meaning high temperatures and power, leading to your pasta powder, getting expanded to real sized pasta, or just pasta flavored and shaped, blank tasting molds that expand your pwowder in water. What we aim is expand your entire powder sith some water to create magnificent food, and programs of. Ideally, social is simple, you tag your friends with ingredient patches, and each will get the powders and the finish.
San Francisco

We are building amazing video games using the latest technology. We want our projects to be on the peak of the evolution curve of this industry, and we work hard for delivering the most astonishing products for our users. We have the conviction that the future of games resides in all the changes and ameliorations of experience that VR is bringing to this market. It is through VR that we develop new types of games that push the boundaries as well as generating new experiences. We believe that motivation, hard work and a lot of coffee are the perfect recipe for building an efficient and lovely company.

Sign language and task based Game for family and friends of specillayable, Children and Autistic person.