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graFighters is a limitless playground for the creatures of your imagination. It’s a world where you can bring your drawings to life and play games with them or combine them with other user generated characters, weapons, and items. The main objective of graFighters is to help your characters grow from scrappy fighters to legendary gladiators that rule the graFighters world. Players are rewarded for keeping their characters happy while watching them develop their own unique personalities.

We have 10+ apps in the iTunes App store currently and looking to greatly expand that into a catalog of 100+ niche social apps. Our platform gets astonishing customer retainment and DAUs and has built up several communities of users around the apps.

We make it easy for sports fans to predict, compete, and smacktalk in a couple of minutes, from anywhere. Our mobile apps simplify running your office pool. We've released iPhone/iPad apps for NFL, NBA, and March Madness. We have stellar engagement and an enthusiastic user base: 70% of our users are still playing 4 weeks later. Our 22k users have made 1.2m+ predictions.
San Francisco Ocotlán

Massive Joe Studios is now relaunched as Deep Fried Manna to create interactive books for kids to address the hugely underserved Christian market that is 2b worldwide. As the popular YouVersion bible app crosses 75m downloads, the broader Christian market continues to be completely ignored.
Los Angeles

Velping is a social gamification platform that empowers volunteers, giving them the opportunity to earn rewards, rate non-profits organisations and track their social actions. Velpers help improve awareness of the causes they support by posting their contribution to social media.

Read With Friends focuses on generating content relating to education and social interaction. Our strategy gives us an advantage over our competitors by giving customers a innovative way to read news articles and popular topics while improving their comprehension, memory, focus and spelling ability in a fun, engaging manner. We are looking for an equity partner to help us finish our app and bring it to market. Please email me and I will give you a better breakdown on the specifics.
San Diego

Our patent pending model allows us to provide a virtual location to host games of skill for real prizes. ItsMyChance.com is the only place where someone can win real prizes from free to pennies on the dollar.
Lake Worth

The Global Good Games cloud platform is essentially the heart of it all. It will handle tracking the game player, sending donation requests, accept payments via web forms, and will notify the game itself upon successful donation. The cloud platform may also be expanded in the future to offer full “Back End as a Service” if it is discovered that Developers prefer a “one-stop-shop” for monetization, game state (player information, levels, points, and high scores), as well as distribution.
San Francisco Ocotlán

KiooiK Gaems founded in 2012, KiooiK creates kid-friendly games. As an independent game studio, KiooiK offers a range of products and sevices designed around making games accessible and fun for kids and parents. ★ Memollow is a 2013 Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor award ★  http://www.parents-choice.org/product.cfm?product_id=31427&StepNum=1&award=aw Memollow Coloring Pages AppStore link: http://bit.ly/10z8gqk Google Play link: http://bit.ly/16wG4VK

Introducing Road to 1600 -- the politically-driven strategy/adventure game which puts you in the center of an election campaign for the highest office in the land. Think of it as Oregon Trail with a political backdrop. What will your platform be? How will you drum up support from people, press and donors? Who will you choose as your running mate? From whistle-stop tours and debates to polling results and fundraising, every day of your campaign will be stretched to the limit. RT1600 draws together all components of a successful campaign -- or an unsuccessful one depending on your decisions -- in a simple, approachable, educational and entertaining format. The game appeals to political junkies, gamers and educators alike. Beyond the 2016 election cycle, our prime opportunity for RT1600 lies in engaging youth as an educational supplement. Give high school/college students a first-hand look at what it's like to step behind the podium.
San Diego