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We built @FoodKhoj for enabling easy food options for students in campuses. As a spin-off from FoodKhoj, we built eRestro - a SaaS based turnkey solution for restaurants. To solve the problems faced in managing group emails, we built the MailSyncr technology, now known by as @Paceable. In the process of running a completely bootstrapped startup, we also conceptualized Fuzzy Angles as a platform to connect bootstrapped entrepreneurs and students in universities.

Pepper Talk (getpeppertalk.com) is a Cross Platform solution that helps Businesses embed Rich In-App Communication features into their Apps. Our SDK helps apps provide complete chat functionality to their users, helping them talk to each other from within the apps to get things done. For e.g. Buyers and Sellers in a Marketplace app can chat from within the app without having to switch to SMS or WhatsApp. Users can chat with their Friends in a Retail or Travel app, ask them for tips and advice on what products to buy, which hotel to book, all without ever leaving the apps. Users can share Real Time location from a taxi app to their friends and family for safety purposes. It also helps apps engage with their users with rich in-app messaging. Apps can send interactive Polls, Puzzles, Contests, Surveys via in-app broadcast messaging, get instant responses. Businesses can have a real time customer support relationship with their users via in-app messaging.

LiveNinja is on a mission to humanize the way individuals interact online. Using the latest in real-time technology, we provide brands with a human-to-human communication tool makes getting in touch with online visitors fast, easy, and memorable. LiveNinja'a video, audio, and text chat can be embedded onto any website in order to augment the customer experience online. With the click-of-a-button, customers can receive personalized support, advice, and/or consultations face-to-face. The way it works is simple. We give our customers a few lines of code to add to any page on their website. Once a visitor lands on the page, he or she can call their representatives directly with the click of a button. The call will initiate in the browser, without any downloads, redirects, or installations.

We make innovation fun and productive, and help people stand on the shoulders of giants.

The definition of "venture" is "to dare to do something," and we take that seriously. While our main interest is providing promising entrepreneurial start ups with initial investments, AVC is also open to providing private debt equity to established companies. We want to honor companies for having the boldness to dare to do something new by collaborating in the process. Since we were once a start up, AVC has a unique insight into what a beginning company goes through as they grow and develop.
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Akomplish seamlessly and completely connects and integrates contact management, task management, and calendar management not only for you personally but for any and all groups or companies you are involved with. All of this happens with a single login and user interface. It is the ultimate productivity tool for the entrepreneur, small team, and productive individual.
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***PLEASE NOTE: IP Ghoster has moved to SIPN - Please Visit SIPN By Going To http://angel.co/sipn *** In a nutshell, IP Ghoster allows users to directly connect to verified, safe proxy servers worldwide. Our first-of-its-kind driver enables never before possible features such as mobile and complete communications protection. We provide a superior option for the current 220M proxy users and a true solution for the 1.2B people fighting censorship. With IP Ghoster users can be anywhere at any time without anybody knowing who they are or what they are doing.
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VendScreen equips new and existing vending machines with an Android-based touch screen device that wirelessly connects each machine to our cloud-based server providing the infrastructure for vending machine operators to accept cashless payments, upload data, deliver product information, display targeted advertising, and offer retail-type promotions.

**VentureBeat named TeamFusion a finalist in the 2013 CloudBeat Innovation Showdown** TeamFusion is how business does BYOD. TeamFusion is a device agnostic mobile workspace that brings legacy data, cloud applications and custom development together all on one platform and accessible from any device. We built TeamFusion with browser-based HTML5 which means that it works in your browser, on any device (tablet, phone and desktop) and it looks and feels like a native app but without anything to install (no native apps or browser plugins). Users can finally use any device to get the things done that they previously could only get done on the PC. TeamFusion unleashes the power of the phones and tablets that users already have with them rather than continue forcing them to use a patchwork of PC apps, browser apps and native mobile apps. TeamFusion is Mobile, Responsive, Cutting Edge and Downright Sexy. Its how business does BYOD.

YC W11-Expresso is accelerated big data transport for high speed networks and the cloud. We enable previously constrained users, primarily in the media, cloud, and analytics spaces, to move massive data files around the world, between data centers, and into 3rd party cloud systems with minimal effort and at incredible speed. Expresso combines battle-tested high speed protocols with simple, useable interfaces for easy deployment by organizations that rely on large files in their core business.
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