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Suvola is an enterprise software company creating the world's first tamper-proof computing platform. Packaged and sold as self-contained enterprise application appliances, or as public cloud and private enterprise SaaS, products based on the Suvola tamper-proof computing platform will address the need for greater protection against cybercrimminals. These systems also provide a cost-effective, easier to manage information technology infrastructure to support end-user desktop, tablet, mobile and IoT applications. Suvola enhances, integrates and optimizes the best-of-class industry-standard open source and proprietary software to provide exceptional security and trust, while maintaining high levels performance and reliability.

Yapper builds customized Social engagement apps for organizations and member networks. These applications are designed to help members of the community stay connected and build meaningful relationships in their local networks with the focus on local people, local events, and local conversations Customers can select which features they want built into their groups app creating a social experience that is tailored to that organization. Yapper allows every organization to choose everything from login to UI/UX. All features are built in a way where they can be seamlessly embedded and redesigned to fit into any organizations customized app.

Binder is a mobile first simple to use sales management tool that sales people like using. The product is designed by and for field sales people who want to spend their time selling, who don't have time to sit at a desk but who want a software product to make their time more efficient and productive. Binder applies consumer software design to a business application. It uses best practices from Mailbox, Instagram, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter so that the functionality is familiar and intuitive.
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Discover Smart Shopping with BeyondTag. Just wish your price on products & get instant confirmation if your offer was accepted. No more hunting for coupons, discount codes or waiting for flash sales to start to find the product you love at the price you want. On BeyondTag there are no clumsy emails going back & forth with vendors. The stressful bidding against others for the same product - that's gone too! Behind the scenes, BeyondTag's patent pending technology helps brands & merchants increase their sales by optimizing their pricing for each customer. One price fits all is in-efficient! Brands can sell to even their most price conscious customers without widely advertising deep discounts or distributing coupons. Brands & merchants can learn the true demand for their products at various price points & identify their best customers on BeyondTag.

A community and discussion site dedicated to referral/reseller partnering. You'll find topics on setting up referral partnerships, creating strategic relationships and building a channel partner network, tools and technologies to use, choosing the right organizations to partner with and how to successfully work with partners.
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Maineth.com is a business management platform specifically designed for the B2B manufacturing and construction industries. We combine three fundamental systems. Our system revolves around a Project Management solution, and then combines a Customer Resource Management tool and an Invoicing solution. Our aim is to offer a seamless system to our customers focused on user experience. It combines the software components that users actually will utilize for the management needs of their business. By offering the tools that business actually need, we are able to bundle three systems into one simplified tool with a great user experience/ interface. Having identified the actual pain points of our unique customers we are able to save them time, money, and frustration compared to what our competitors are offering. With out our solution, customers would be required to create a hybrid solution to meet their business needs and often combine 3-5 solutions to satisfy their needs.

For just $10, CURRENT gives construction trade contractors (plumbers, roofers, painters), the ability to estimate and sell a project onsite, in the field with a tablet -something that just hasn’t been available until now. It’s web-based and even syncs with QuickBooks, keeping your business on track without the paperwork or data entry, and eliminating more than 60% of wasted overhead expenses in the field and at the office. CURRENT -it's estimates on tap!

Dockerize.it manage your Docker hosts without the fuss of ssh & firewalls. Dockerize.it is a SaaS enabling any user to control remote (or local) servers running Docker (www.docker.com). Extra services as DNS and Tunnels as provided to simplify the remote access.

Prosperio is a platform that allows brands to buy advertising inventory directly from publishers. This means that brands can reduce the costs typically associated with online media buying while improving brand safety and transparency. Founded in 2013, Prosperio's founding team has deep roots in online media and technology. The company was recognized as one of the "Hottest Startups in LA" at the LA tech Summit and was featured at AdWeek in NYC. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica and is venture backed by LaunchPad.
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HIGH ALPHA IS A VENTURE STUDIO : We conceive, launch and scale next generation enterprise cloud companies.