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Blurpi is a fun way to express your spirit for events, passion for causes, and love for brands. Snap a picture and make it instantly unique with a logo of your choice. Our goal is to measure brand awareness and provide business intelligence tools for driving consumer engagement, fan acquisition, retention, and optimal social marketing impact.

Binder is a mobile first simple to use sales management tool that sales people like using. The product is designed by and for field sales people who want to spend their time selling, who don't have time to sit at a desk but who want a software product to make their time more efficient and productive. Binder applies consumer software design to a business application. It uses best practices from Mailbox, Instagram, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter so that the functionality is familiar and intuitive.
Los Angeles

Vizapp is a competitive intelligence tool for mobile developers. Our tool track positions of apps in the two major app stores (Apple Appstore & Google Play Store) based on search engines. An alert system was developed for saving the precious time of developers and marketers, set it and all the ranking news and competitors changes on app sheets will be send directly in your inbox.

A community and discussion site dedicated to referral/reseller partnering. You'll find topics on setting up referral partnerships, creating strategic relationships and building a channel partner network, tools and technologies to use, choosing the right organizations to partner with and how to successfully work with partners.
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Business is personal. So are our analytics. Psykler helps B2B enterprises understand “who” their customers are as individuals. Our profiling engine predicts relationship dynamics, buying behaviours and preferences to put you a step ahead of the competition. Our insights include personality, rapport-building tactics, pitch preferences and other insights that build durable profitable relationships.

Neemware is an in-app messaging and marketing platform that helps businesses & apps communicate, increase engagement & increase their revenues from their mobile channels. With Neemware, businesses can send relevant, contextual marketing messages to their mobile users. This will result in an increase in in-app transactions and hence an increase in revenue for the businesses. Check out Neemware writeup on TechCrunch - http://goo.gl/0sn3t
San Francisco

Black Stone Global LLC was formed by a team of dedicated professionals seeking to pursue diverse top tier professional opportunities. Ready to handle any demand big or small, Black Stone breaks away from the conventional cookie cutter approach and focuses on the unique individual needs of each project or client. Experience cut with the highest of stakes facing the toughest of deadlines; Black Stone’s experienced team personally knows the enjoyment of victory, despite the steepest of odds and most extreme of curve balls. Co-Founded by New York State Senator Greg Ball, who in the matter of eight years won seven elections and made a national name for himself for his unconventional, but successful undefeated political gamesmanship. Through direct experience of the co-founders, Black Stone specializes in several specific sectors including a worldwide technology arm, political and corporate consulting, marketing, and other strategic projects.
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Sell anything off any medium without apps. BuyReply enables consumers to email to buy, tweet to buy and scan to buy. Use BuyReply to sell your product wherever it is advertised.

SANNAA is a specialised Art only online platform. Connects Art communities worldwide.