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Bartermill is the trade platform for entrepreneurs and small business. There is possible to sell goods or services, make barter deals and hold tenders. We made comfortable deals’ flows tools, order processing and contact management tools, deals’ scheduler, which allow does not miss your deals. The business rating help you make right choice new partners and create own business reputation. Bartermill is the CRM/ERM/PM. Easy to use modules (storage house, accounting, staff), project management system and task manager allow keep your business up to date. Repose on users’ preferences auto search will inform you about new offers, which might be interesting for you. Bartermill give Teamwork tools for a task force. Tools to help people unite into a virtual creative team very quickly to fulfill a specific target using CRM/PM for groups. (Digital Autonomous Corporations )

Theteacherworld.com is a unique portal developed exclusively for teacher community worldwide, offering cost effective recruitment solutions for schools, colleges and educational institutions Inviting Like minded Franchisees having a Passion for Education business To our “ theteacherworld.com family

MultiBon is a Bonus casback system integrated with social network. Users can earn rewards from our online and offline partners. User can see and share their and friend`s activity online. There is also referral system that let users, earn more rewards from their referrals. All in all MultiBon let to it`s users save and earn money from their daily shopping.

AboutOurWork is a small business connection network and we're changing the way small businesses network with one another. We created AboutOurWork because even with the advent of social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, B2B-focused small businesses still network via networking events. Thousands of local networking events still take place daily and millions are spent to attend them. Every. Single. Day. Unfortunately, local networking events are a timesuck for small businesses and freelancers. Ask any small business owner and they'll tell you the same. They take a lot of time, take a lot of money, and for the knowledge worker that can transact business globally, the local networking event offers little value. AboutOurWork uses data to make the right B2B connection between our small business members at the right time so they can do more deals. Together.

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With a growing amount of businesses at Markera and the amount of communication channels we @Markera aim to help simplify the process of Marketing to your customers in a very cost effective manner. Wether its through social, email, SMS, push messaging, in-app messages, landing pages or adverts we aim provide a the #1 platform for SMB's to run their marketing automation services.

LabList is the StackOverflow of instructions and seeks to be the go to place to find dynamic instructions. LabList lets you create, share, and collaborate on instructions. When creating a set of instructions, LabList allows you to replace numbers and other constants with variables. When the instructions are needed, you enter specific values for those variables, and voila LabList fills in every variable. Using LabList, you can create a set of variable instructions for a task and share instance specific instructions with everyone.
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Pre-release software and video game testing service, we will provide multiple types of services with different time frames. Virtual Goat will allow developers to deploy a perfect product release, and within the time constraints of their deadline. We will provide testing in-house at our location, as well as testing from remote locations to accommodate clients that require a large number of testers.

Squirrel Planner is a software that seeks to transfer all management system processes, manuals and records, from paper to the cloud. You can dictate the necessary tasks to run in order to finish a process using our tools, or even you can choose to buy an already to use process. After this you can assign these tasks to your team members, so they just will be focused on what they have to do and not in all the list of tasks. If employee is new in a task, he can see a video on how to do just a piece of this while they are doing their tasks. This is great to empower employees and simplifies how to make decisions. As delivery times and evaluation of work is recorded by supervisors and employees, the software can create nice reports which make it easy identify performance on goals and people We are looking to create a community to develop processes for our platform and deliver them just like it works now an Appstore, helping people to get best practices in compliance for their companies
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