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Evergreen provides a global currency powered by local communities, secured by real assets, transmitted via a simple open API. Our primary delivery vehicles are our iPhone and Android apps. Secure, fast, and free. We allow free, instant payments by providing our own infrastructure for our digital currency. When we charge people to cash out in to a mainstream currency, we adjust the pricing based on the user's trust score, a proprietary algorithm that is based on the user's use of our service and other linked accounts on the social web. We don't believe that people who have long histories of trustworthy interactions should be penalized because of internet fraudsters. We aim to be what Paypal wanted to be, a currency that connects globally conscious users and allows them to transact business without worrying about the problems of archaic financial infrastructure, with a positive social message that encourages the development of interconnected global and local ecosystems.
Palo Alto

Moodsy is a simple, fun way to track your feelings and tie them to the people and places around you, seamlessly integrated with social media to link emotions to your interactions and locations. Share your feelings and stats, and tell the world more than just a simple thumbs up. Get Moodsy! http://moodsy.me/ TRACK Track over 190 different moods with unique emoticons, regularly updated. Moods are compiled into statistics over time. PEOPLE, PLACES Which friend always lifts you up? Where do you feel the best? Check out how your mood changes with each of your friends, anywhere. SOCIAL Share your moods on social media and let your friends know how you’re doing. See the moods your friends share and comment on them. BRANDS Moodsy is the solution for quantifying sentiment data about your customers and gain insight into their feelings. With seamless website integration and a developer API, using Moodsy as your sentiment data hub is easy and simple.
Buenos Aires Province

Return It Please sells labels and other products that can be applied to the personal items of my customers such as cell phones, keys and pets. These labels have unique codes that are registered online, so when the personal item is lost, whoever finds the item has an anonymous way to communicate with the owner and return the item.

Create beautiful jewelry fast. Using Mejorna's jewelry design app, jewelry makers can visualize and share designs with ease of use, affordably, and quickly on their social networks. Gain recognition and reward to have Mejorna physically produce and sell selected designs.

Product recommendations that works! Problems: Get the right customer in front of the right product. Reduce bounce rate. Solution: Natural, socially near recommendations. Breezup take on real life social behaviors and translate them to the digital world, with high fidelity. Building more engaging experiences around products and brands. Breezup is a place where people feel at home and interact with friends through products and brands; in a way it feels very natural. Breezup is how e-commerce really work in the information society of today.

Gumhoo is a fashion/quality-design products social platform that allows you to explore, share, and shop with the same taste of group around the world.

LOYAL JUNKIE is a web and mobile platforms that serves both customers and businesses. LOYAL JUNKIE target the essence of a customer’s SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) behavior. LOYAL JUNKIE is not just a Coupon and Discount selling app. This is a social app where users can play free quick games like Scratch&Win and Shake&Win to win instant free prizes, get new arrivals notification on their favourite brands and collect and use rewards for their shoppings. For Customers: LOYAL JUNKIE is a shopping app, that helps you discover all the best products at venues near you. It shows you popular products and rewards waiting for you at Top stores and restaurants like Nike, McDolands etc. Customers can simply sign-up into the LOYAL JUNKIE by either using its website or mobile apps available on Google & Apple stores. Once registered customer can do the following: Find and Buy Best Offers available by retailers of their choice,
London · Lahore

Vividly is the best way to create and shop high quality wearable art. Vividly gives artists a new medium to share their work, and consumers unique clothing pieces that reflect their personalities. We empower artists to create their own clothing lines by uploading their artwork onto our predesigned clothing templates. We then market and sell their pieces on our website, and artists receive 10% of revenue on sales of their products. Vividly is an end-to-end solution, providing fabric printing, clothing production, marketing, and e-commerce sales. All clothing items are made to order, so we carry minimal inventory. With a unique range of made-to-order products, we empower customers to personalize their clothing by uploading personal images or selecting from our artists’ offerings. We currently design for and market to women in the 18-35 yrs old range, but will introduce men’s items in the near future. All Vividly items are made in the USA.
San Francisco

Under 100 is a community-driven, social shopping marketplace where users and brand merchandizers work together to discover, buy, and share amazing things that are Under $100 in price. Users can post the products they love and like, comment on, share, and purchase products to express their taste. We reward users with exclusive discounts, free products, brand partnerships, and many other benefits for expressing their tastes. We leverage the taste expressed on each of our products to determine the crowd-sourced popularity of every product, thereby allowing us to curate our platform according to what our users say is most popular. This automates new product discovery and product comparison for all users. We also allow brand representatives to participate as members of our community to form direct, personal relationships with our users. Brands can identify which users should be rewarded as their advocates or pursued as customers, as well as which of their products are most popular.
San Francisco Ocotlán

WhoWeUse is a free iPhone app that lets friends and neighbors share the local services they use, such as painters, personal trainers, salons and doctors. An Android version is coming in early 2015. WhoWeUse renders existing services for accessing strangers' reviews obsolete and disrupts local search (43% of Google searches have local intent). It’s the end of danger from following a stranger’s advice, or worry that you are reading a faux review posted by a company--and the beginning of getting the information you need from the people you trust. We have some great news. On February 2, the new and improved WhoWeUse app went live in the Apple App Store. Please see our new video as well. Get the update and tell us what you think!  http://bit.ly/whoweuseapp The app has been revamped based on extensive user feedback and testing following our public beta launch. The new version is much easier to join and use and features a more modern look & feel. Download it & let us know what you think!
New York