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For all the social connectivity we have today, the disconnect between an individual and his community is alarming. When was the last time you decided to take a break, and engage with your scintillating city? We tell you the important stuff. The events, the deals, and the news. By making you more aware of the happenings around you, we aim to make discussions and debates feel significant. We make your news feed relevant again.

Are you ready to advertise at UEFA Champions League Final Game? Eiffel Tower? Super Bowl? Make it happen! IT'S EASY TO REACH YOUR TARGET MARKET WHEN YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE AND AT WHAT TIME! With SpotFuse you choose the venue you want to deliver your ads to and the specific time-frame your ads will be shown to the people you want to reach.
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Airtumble is a location based app that takes your music listening experience to a whole new level. Share your everyday soundtracks, discover new music and connect with people enjoying their favorite tracks around you. Simply by pushing "play" in your music player.

Moodsy is a simple, fun way to track your feelings and tie them to the people and places around you, seamlessly integrated with social media to link emotions to your interactions and locations. Share your feelings and stats, and tell the world more than just a simple thumbs up. Get Moodsy! http://moodsy.me/ TRACK Track over 190 different moods with unique emoticons, regularly updated. Moods are compiled into statistics over time. PEOPLE, PLACES Which friend always lifts you up? Where do you feel the best? Check out how your mood changes with each of your friends, anywhere. SOCIAL Share your moods on social media and let your friends know how you’re doing. See the moods your friends share and comment on them. BRANDS Moodsy is the solution for quantifying sentiment data about your customers and gain insight into their feelings. With seamless website integration and a developer API, using Moodsy as your sentiment data hub is easy and simple.
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Deal Stampede helps consumers find the best deals on the web by mining product catalogs for the deepest discounts. Our customers are deal hunters. This group spans all ages, locations and genders. Unlike other deal sites on the web, which all look the same - drab and void of personality, Deal Stampede has a fictional, but knowledgeable cast of category managers to add color. A humorous soap opera, wrapped around dynamic products will play out in social media.

Executips is "LinkedIn for Assistants" - personal, executive, virtual etc... We allow Assistants to connect and share information. Our big differentiator against other social networks is our focus on mapping - we help Assistants find and organise information based on its location.

Discover content from like-minded people. Pinevio moves beyond the social graph and delivers only relevant content. People share all kinds of links, some will be interesting and some won’t according to different interests. Pinevio filters social media streams and curates content based on past behaviour, from within and beyond a users social graph. With Pinevio users can both contribute and discover shared links from one another irrespective of one’s social graph.
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Hand Curated Brief news by Vikas Chauhan. Just News no hiccups. Customer can read the top news faster and with any device. Students and Public is the customer. Native or otherwise. The purpose is to know current or top news in brief without wasting time on browsing news mediums. Here we are going to promote neutral and positive headlines rather than negative or disturbing news. The UI is going to be very simple with addition of filtration( which i am working now right now) to make it easy to read. It supports different languages thanks to Google translate widget.

TownHall is the anonymous sharing app for your company. Post to your company’s private board to start honest discussions and get a feed of what your coworkers are thinking. Have fun with your coworkers by sharing funny work stories and trading inside jokes. On TownHall, you can be yourself at work. Ask work questions you’re not comfortable asking out loud. Propose ways to improve your company work environment. See if coworkers share your opinions. Share anonymous feedback with company leaders. - Only coworkers at your company can see your posts - Share anonymously with text, memes, and polls - Join constructive work discussions and share your opinions and honest feedback - Decide which posts are best by upvoting and downvoting posts - Invite your coworkers to build a constructive TownHall for your company Available on iOS and desktop. Android coming soon.
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