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###### THE ENTIRE TEAM BEHIND CATALYST ZERO IS 100% WORKING ON GIANT SWARM (http://angel.co/giant-swarm/) ####### IDEA GENERATION We are enterpreneurial minds. Show us your challenges and we will help you find a solution for your digital future. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT We help you creating something valuable, usable and feasible from the getgo and stay that way while growing. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT We build highly reliable and scalable software in a rapid development fashion with small iterations giving you problem/solution fit at reduced costs.

Tomahawk is a music platform that fundamentally changes the way music is consumed. It forsakes a model where a single provider licenses and streams content to users from the head-end for a user-defined mesh network of music providers. It enables music data interoperability across virtually all streaming sources to enable global social experiences, breaks down the UX silos around music consumption, and has the potential to drastically reduce music services' bandwidth and music licensing costs.
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I have already developed an Extreme Fast VPN Service which is already running and tested in the market. It has built-in features that allow us to compete in the market with competitive prices.

Nonlinear Film Technology is a custom software, hardware and mobile app solution for movie theaters and other live entertainment venues to interact with the audience through a simple app that lets them place votes to change the content on screen. For the first time plot and character choices will be manipulated by the audience collectively and displayed in a seamless manner. The nonlinear experience engages audiences with choices to stimulate the viewer and create further immersion. "Nonlinears" The Mobile App that connects you to the other viewers and syncs up in with the movie in realtime. (Screenshots located in the image above.) Nonlinear Analytics: A Database of information surrounding the viewer, their choices and statistical conclusions based on the movie and its characters. Interactive Video Editing Software: It will give creators the ability to make their Nonlinear Films ready for the movie theater with a unique DCP workflow designed by the experts at Nonlinear Tech.

Accelerator Angel Fund, partnering with Accelerators in local communities to promote entrepreneurship & stimulate economic growth. TechHub Ventures partners with Accelerators in local communities (state's, county's, city's) worldwide to promote entrepreneurship, and to bring innovative technology and products to the world. Founded by Bryan Monteleone (LGLO) and Robert Wells (WellsSpring). TechHub Ventures partners with the non-profit organization, "TechHub Palm Beaches", Palm Beach County's premiere Accelerator.

We help NGOs to raise donations more efficiently. Trackmob's platform is composed by four different products - Online CRM, Online Donation, Face-to-Face App and Donor's Portal - each one with donation-specific features created to increase donor’s lifetime value, data accuracy and overall performance. Trackmob Integrates efficiently with the complex Brazilian banking system and complies with new regulatory directives, helping international NGOs, such as Greenpeace, WWF, Plan International, Habitat for Humanity, among others, to operate efficiently and safely in the country. The challenges for NGOS doesn't stop here. Nor will Trackmob! We are currently following our customers overseas, helping them to achieve their goals in many different developing economies in Latin America, empowering the entire third sector in the region. Want to learn more? Contact us!