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As a global sports portal developer we provide advertising programs for brands to engage a target market of sports fans of all demographics. Our Battle Sites brand connects fans of all of the major professional and collegiate sports leagues creating unlimited inventory for our clients to engage a rabid base of consumers.

Playgong hosts leaderboards for 1 on 1 real life sports and games played in offices, sport clubs or other local communities. Playgong leaderboards look nice and work seamlessly, all you have to do is click on another player and select either "I won" or "I lost".
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bookacoach software helps automate front and back office tasks like booking, registration, scheduling and marketing for all areas of sports + fitness training including camps, clinics, training programs, teams and lessons.

Champion is a Daily Fantasy football app. Launching season 15/16.

“Elevator Pitch” Winner – 2014 Fantasy Sports Trade Association Summer Conference Simple to the Core. ScoreStreak, a San Francisco bay area funded startup (San Mateo), lets hardcore fantasy players and casual sports fans alike play daily fantasy contests for real money on mobile devices. Fantasy sports have become an obsession for over 40 million adult Americans. However, a larger number of passionate sports fans still don’t have the time and energy to navigate complicated scoring and season-long commitments. We built ScoreStreak around three key goals: Simple, mobile, and fun. The result is a fresh and compelling new daily fantasy sports format. Available on iPhone, mobile web, and desktop web. Sign up and play at www.scorestreak.com or download the app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scorestreak-one-day-fantasy/id905593252?mt=8.
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FanTogether helps venues such as sports bars connect with sports fans that are looking for a place to watch an event, whether outside of a broadcast region or just looking for like-minded fans, from Buffalo Bills fans living in Oregon to rugby fans living in San Francisco. Venues can use FanTogether offer incentives to draw fans in; and fans earn rewards for using FanTogether to find places to watch an event.

Until now, amateur and professional athletes haven't had a place to keep track of their official sport results. Results are almost never on the race organiser's website, and forget about comparing with friends results. Wagaduu! gives virtual prizes for real race achievements. In Wagaduu you can store all your official sport history in one place, and then process the information to obtain the most amazing evolution and comparison charts. You will be able to compare yourself with your friends and rivals, challenge them, and compete in real world activities, all while obtaining virtual prizes and badges to measure up with friends. Wagaduu! has a very strong race rating system. This will help users find new races to participate as well as give the race organisers feedback to improve their work. We plan to become the TripAdvisor of sport events!

The SmackCap™ skullcap is about to change the way hits are monitored on the field. Our sensors are sewn into the SmackCap™ skullcap which is a breathable, flexible material. Athletes can wear the SmackCAP™ with or without a helmet, and each time they are hit, that data is wirelessly transmitted to our mobile app where sideline staff view the hits in real time. The data is also stored in the cloud, so when the game is over, staff can download an ImPACt Scorecard™ showing where, how hard, and how many times an athlete was hit over the course of the game, the season, or their career. Customers include organized teams from youth to professional and parents of young athletes.

KOTHS is the next step in the evolution of fantasy sports! Just as Fanduel and Draftkings compressed the duration of fantasy contests from an entire season down to one day, KOTHS has created new formats that shrink the duration of the contests down to a single game (or less). Therefore, users experience the highest possible level of engagement and instant gratification - even higher than playing daily fantasy. The flagship game is best described as a "hybrid of DFS and Live Propbetting." Instead of drafting a team of athletes, users answer a multitude of creative prediction questions as they are watching a live game (on TV or at the venue). The fantasy sports industry is exploding - over 41 million people played last year - and KOTHS is the ONLY game that gives fans the ability to play for real money in real time.

Overview Spotus is a mobile app that allows smart-phone users to find players and teams around them based on Geo- localization. Benefit Spotus provides an easy, social and enjoyable way to help sport activists to meet each other and in scheduling opportunities to engage in the activities they love Users can select their preferred sport and look for a partner(s) or team(s) depending on their geo-localization, level, gender and age. The smart-phone receives notifications from other sport members. They can accept or decline invitations/ events Customers Sports Activists: Regardless of age, nearly half of each generation participate in most categories of Sporting Activities. There are 209 million people who actively taking part in a wide range of activities. Mobile App Users: According to ComScore Reports; 191.4 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones which is a 77.1% market penetration
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