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Venturescore.com is a proud venture of Global Ventures, LLC. Global Ventures, LLC, established in 1996, invests in young innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals with a desire to solving big problems and help world. We combine our resources with a series of intense challenges, real-world skills development, amazing and flexible opportunities and a shared ownership and experience with the most talented young founders and professionals around the world. Join our network of performance based companies using venturescore.com
Boca Raton

###### THE ENTIRE TEAM BEHIND CATALYST ZERO IS 100% WORKING ON GIANT SWARM (http://angel.co/giant-swarm/) ####### IDEA GENERATION We are enterpreneurial minds. Show us your challenges and we will help you find a solution for your digital future. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT We help you creating something valuable, usable and feasible from the getgo and stay that way while growing. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT We build highly reliable and scalable software in a rapid development fashion with small iterations giving you problem/solution fit at reduced costs.

threeDegrees is an online angel investment platform for professional business networks. We provide startups and investors from top-tier business schools and employers an alternative to anonymous crowdfunding sites and slow-moving local angel groups. Rather than screening businesses through an expensive vetting process, we rely on the rigorous selection procedures of elite schools and employers to ensure the quality of our users. The result is a convenient, members-only site to manage a fundraising round: from screening through due diligence and commitment of capital. We've built a prototype and launched a closed beta on November 5th. While our numbers are small (we only invited 5 companies to participate), user acquisition metrics are off the charts.To sign up investors, we ask startups to invite members of their own professional networks. Our first wave of 364 invitations generated email open rates of ~60% and signup rates of ~20%.
New York

Exponential is a business builder company. Exponential helps a variety of clients, from Super Angels to Early Stage VCs and Multinational Startups that are looking for explore the huge market consumption in Brazil, but who needs local insight and local operation while entering the market. Whatever the need e.g. seeking a local co-investor, growing through merger and acquisition or restructuring the business model to the Brazilian market, we can bring you the network and insight in the market needed. Exponential helps build business in Brazil adding knowledge on local market, network to create business opportunities, sales team to prospecting deals and a business plan to adapt the global strategy for local aspects of Brazilian's market. And we boost growth of Brazilian Startups that built a local innovation for global export.
Rio De Janeiro

Entrepreneurs Break sets up informal events with awesome entrepreneurs and provides you with great startup tools and insights. Our informal meetings are put together specially for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs wanna-be, investors, curious students and alumni or whoever is interested and wants to have a nice discussion about entrepreneurship. Everyone is invited to speak and contribute! Powerpoints, lectures, talks and oration are strictly forbidden!

MOVIESUITE.COM is a proud venture of Global Ventures, LLC. Join our network of performance based companies using moviesuite.com.

We are building a portfolio of companies through strong due diligence and allocation diversification. We manage capital and analyze deals for substantial families in North America.

Teamcruiter - ThinCoda believes that hiring costs should never be a barrier for startups and small businesses that want to build their "dream team" today. Teamcruiter is an amazingly simple tool that helps these businesses build a "virtual bench" of rockstars and gurus. Visit Teamcruiter.com

Coolhouse Labs is an early stage Venture Fund + Accelerator. We work with and invest in early stage technology startups who are building awesome products that solve big problems. We offer $50k in funding for 6% of common stock, 70+ mentors, 12 weeks in the Lab, design + product development resources, and over $200k in perks + the opportunity for follow-on funding. We are not a traditional accelerator, we take a hands on long term approach to helping our founders build great companies. Instead of simply turning you over to a network of mentors, we dig in deep with you and focus on developing three things, your: Company, Products, and Customers. You'll get to work hands with our leadership team who will work with you to develop your company and be there to guide you through everything from fundraising to exit. You'll get to work with our in-house team of designers and product development experts to help you build out your product and grow your customer base.
Michigan City