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TrueNative™ is a B2B company with a native mobile technology platform “TrueNative™” changing the way businesses communicate with their Investors, Employees and other important Stakeholders in “Real Time”. We create native apps across all platforms, Apple, Android or Windows for smartphones, tablets and wearables, helping companies connect with, listen to, and instantaneously share investor, sales, marketing, and other critical information in real time with their stakeholders. TrueIR™ is an investor relations app for publically traded companies allowing them to push information in real time across all devices. TrueMobiCo™ is a "mobile Intranet" allowing information to be pushed in real time to a companies employees on a secure platform and ton all devices. TrueFUND™ - is a secure platform for hedge fund, mutual funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds and asset managers to send information to their investors in real time also on all devices.
New York

Briefly, SKYE is a premium cloud that connects Backers (investors looking to earn extra money by lending cash for a return) and Borrowers (those who need instant cash options) looking for small dollar loans. We have a network of over 22 million students enrolling in college and 15 million young professionals, that can also use our customer focused service. SKYE unlocks cash all over the world and offers rewards to people who want to use this amazing medium in their lives. We use a proven P2P lending platform model; even so, we have molded it for everyday use.

Currently we are developing a smart fitting tool for lower limb prosthetics that will increase the adaptation of the prosthesis, the comfort of the amputee and speed up the whole fitting process.
Porto Alegre

Zapala Go provides removal, relocation and storage companies with a simple, end- to- end solution to schedule, cost, track and trace their consignments. Using Zapala Go, clients are able to obtain detailed, real- time information on the exact status and location of their consignments while in transit or storage, as well as an easily accessible inventory of the goods being moved. Zapala Go can help clients to reduce labour and error costs by 35% per year. This is achieved by enabling open access to job information from any device, resulting in the streamlining of operations processes. Zapala Go is emerging as an innovative leader in the industry; facilitating a shift away from conventional paper based documentation to a fully integrated, digital system.

Exponential is a business builder company. Exponential helps a variety of clients, from Super Angels to Early Stage VCs and Multinational Startups that are looking for explore the huge market consumption in Brazil, but who needs local insight and local operation while entering the market. Whatever the need e.g. seeking a local co-investor, growing through merger and acquisition or restructuring the business model to the Brazilian market, we can bring you the network and insight in the market needed. Exponential helps build business in Brazil adding knowledge on local market, network to create business opportunities, sales team to prospecting deals and a business plan to adapt the global strategy for local aspects of Brazilian's market. And we boost growth of Brazilian Startups that built a local innovation for global export.
Rio De Janeiro

Airbrowz is a customer driven, customer - centric mobile shopping application that allows the consumer to choose what they want pushed to their mobile device. We drive real time promotional, informational et al pushes within regions created by merchants. Merchants benefit by having a targeted customer driven to their bricks and mortar or their online store.

Our first product, coreDynamix™ (CDX) aids in creating a balance between traditional scouting techniques and high-end analytical tools. CDX is not based on reconfigured box-score data or in-game production statistics. CDX focuses on aiding experts in making expert decisions. The system generates a CDX Score – a 100% customized, team-specific rating that measures how close a player (or even a coach or scout) fits your vision of a champion. Next in the queue is Dynamic's entry into the Fantasy Sports market. Our system will function as the "E-Trade" of Fantasy Sports, providing industry tools and knowledge to the user who is searching for a more realistic experience. The credibility and external validation provided by our team sport customers will create a unique atmosphere by which we can provide users with high-powered tools and credible metrics that will impact a Billion-dollar industry.

There are millions of things hidden around you in plain sight. Things you've never noticed because you're too busy commuting. Rifter is going to change everything about your commute. Everything about how you move around in the world. Rifter turns you into a local no matter who or where you are. Throw in your headphones or turn up your speakers, turn on Drifter mode, and just start moving to learn about everything going on right around you. Commute with your headphones or drive to work using your iPhone as your audio device? No problem — Rifter will turn down your music when you move through a rift, and then turn your music back up when the rift is done playing. Do your own thing. But do it a little better with Rifter in the background.

Nonlinear Film Technology is a custom software, hardware and mobile app solution for movie theaters and other live entertainment venues to interact with the audience through a simple app that lets them place votes to change the content on screen. For the first time plot and character choices will be manipulated by the audience collectively and displayed in a seamless manner. The nonlinear experience engages audiences with choices to stimulate the viewer and create further immersion. "Nonlinears" The Mobile App that connects you to the other viewers and syncs up in with the movie in realtime. (Screenshots located in the image above.) Nonlinear Analytics: A Database of information surrounding the viewer, their choices and statistical conclusions based on the movie and its characters. Interactive Video Editing Software: It will give creators the ability to make their Nonlinear Films ready for the movie theater with a unique DCP workflow designed by the experts at Nonlinear Tech.

Codetoki is a platform that helps companies develop and hire programmers efficiently. Codetoki transforms traditional job requirements into badges, which can be earned through multiple choice questions, programming challenges, and real-world projects. We then gamify the process of earning those badges, making them more fun and engaging for prospective staff to work on. By engaging both sides through gamification, we help hiring managers more accurately identify the specific skills they are looking for, and we help developers find better jobs faster by preparing and proving themselves for those jobs.