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Exponential is a business builder company. Exponential helps a variety of clients, from Super Angels to Early Stage VCs and Multinational Startups that are looking for explore the huge market consumption in Brazil, but who needs local insight and local operation while entering the market. Whatever the need e.g. seeking a local co-investor, growing through merger and acquisition or restructuring the business model to the Brazilian market, we can bring you the network and insight in the market needed. Exponential helps build business in Brazil adding knowledge on local market, network to create business opportunities, sales team to prospecting deals and a business plan to adapt the global strategy for local aspects of Brazilian's market. And we boost growth of Brazilian Startups that built a local innovation for global export.
Rio De Janeiro

Sepaton backs up 400% faster than EMC Data Domain, scales from 24TB to 3.8 PB in a single system, delivers industry-leading capacity reduction and is the only solution designed specifically for large enterprise and data-intensive organizations.

BBVA Ventures provides funding and expertise to promising technology companies disrupting financial services. We work with the entrepreneurs and co-investors in the US and EU, becoming a long-term partner in their success.
San Francisco

fodio Technologies provides Financial, Transactional, and Information Technology Services. We offer a comprehensive suite of financial services including general accounting, forecasting, budgeting, analytical and project support, controllership and financial reporting. We work with your team to meet your every financial need and advise you on the best practices to run your business more efficiently.

We select promising mobile, internet, technical, or creative startups. What they have in common is that they target their products at businesses, not consumers. For example, they might be focused on improving a brand’s external communications; increasing consumer-engagement; or delivering customer analytics. We call these “B2Brand” companies.

Caffeinated Bath Soaps, to RTF Spy Drones. Geek Status is your source for everything technological, geek-core, and anything else Geek-tastic.
Los Angeles · Beverly Hills

Prism Skylabs is the global leader in visually understanding and optimizing offline commerce. Its unique cloud service transforms any video camera into a visual merchandising, auditing, and business intelligence tool that can be accessed from any device.
San Francisco

Miles de emprendedores tratan de resolver los mismos problemas desde el principio de su gestación, conseguir mercado cautivo, desarrollo del producto o servicio, tener acceso a inversiones y aceleraciones, contratación del talento adecuado. Estos problemas, suelen ser los principales motivos del fracaso de proyectos muy prometedores e innovadores, según las estadísticas más recientes, el 40% de los emprendimientos tienden al fracaso en sus 2 años de vida. Empresas multinacionales se vuelven pesadas y lentas a la hora de innovar y/o crear productos nuevos, sus protocolos y mecanismos internos hacen que se entorpezca este proceso e incluso les sea muy costoso realizarlo. SimpleBlack lleva su servicio a dos grandes segmentos de manera muy diferente y con objetivos muy distintos. Emprendedores / Pymes Mentorías, incubación, aceleración, inversión, desarrollo y gestión del producto o servicio, son algunos de los servicios que Simple Black les lleva a este segmento en particular.
Mendoza Province

We have developed a turn-key solution for any individual or company to have their own branded mobile app. It is essentially a "wordpress for mobile" - a CMS-driven publishing platform that connects / updates in realtime mobile apps. We currently publish to iOS and will soon be out on Android as well.
New York