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Exponential is a business builder company. Exponential helps a variety of clients, from Super Angels to Early Stage VCs and Multinational Startups that are looking for explore the huge market consumption in Brazil, but who needs local insight and local operation while entering the market. Whatever the need e.g. seeking a local co-investor, growing through merger and acquisition or restructuring the business model to the Brazilian market, we can bring you the network and insight in the market needed. Exponential helps build business in Brazil adding knowledge on local market, network to create business opportunities, sales team to prospecting deals and a business plan to adapt the global strategy for local aspects of Brazilian's market. And we boost growth of Brazilian Startups that built a local innovation for global export.
Rio De Janeiro

BBVA Ventures provides funding and expertise to promising technology companies disrupting financial services. We work with the entrepreneurs and co-investors in the US and EU, becoming a long-term partner in their success.
San Francisco

We select promising mobile, internet, technical, or creative startups. What they have in common is that they target their products at businesses, not consumers. For example, they might be focused on improving a brand’s external communications; increasing consumer-engagement; or delivering customer analytics. We call these “B2Brand” companies.

VilCap Investments deploys critical risk capital to early-stage companies peer-selected from Village Capital accelerator programs. We will make seed investments in convertible debt, debt, equity, and revenue-share structures, and follow-on equity investments for select high-potential companies. The fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of enterprises in our focus sectors in the US and internationally. Our affiliated sourcing partner, Village Capital, can be found here: https://angel.co/village-capital
San Francisco

Hier twittern A.Kadelke (ak), H.Azrak (ha), L.Raschke (lr), M.Weidenbrück (mw), O.Handke (oh) für die Telekom-Pressestelle. Impressum: http://t.co/4qShvrPhYy

Raptor Ventures is the venture capital arm of Raptor Capital Management LP. We partner with and deploy capital to early-stage, market disrupting technology and media companies to build the next generation of market leaders.

Winton Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm and is part of the Winton Group. We are based in London and look to invest across Europe in start-ups that are utilising data and data science to pursue industry-changing breakthroughs in their respective domains. We invest primarily in companies active in the areas of Data Science, Machine Intelligence and Cyber Security. Alongside our dedicated Ventures team, we leverage Winton’s extensive experience and in-house know-how in data science to make better investment decisions and to actively support our portfolio companies. We do not restrict ourselves to specific verticals, instead we simply look for a strong philosophical match – entrepreneurs committed to building a business in which data is the core value driver.

Drone.VC is the world's first drone fund, focused on investing in early-to-mid-stage technology companies pioneering the civilian and commercial unmanned aircraft industry.
Redwood City

Tylt Lab is a venture capital and venture advisory group based in Santa Monica, California. Our focus is to invest with innovative companies on the verge of significant growth. As entrepreneur-investors with native operating experience, we deploy a hands-on approach in our work with founders. Put simply - we believe in adding value being simply contributing capital.
Santa Monica