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At Digvy Capital, our mission is to build innovative companies that offer the world more choice, convenience, and control. We bring a unique strategy and approach to investing in and building significant companies. All of the startups we support have one thing in common; they are led by revolutionary, creative thinkers whose ideas have the potential to change life as we know it. For new companies with limited operating history, it can be hard to raise capital in the public markets. Most have not reached the point where they are able to secure a bank loan or complete a debt offering. We benefit those small companies by providing first-round seed funding, further institutional capital to fund growth, working capital, and more. We bring years of private equity experience to the table.
Los Angeles

Public registered fund (Symbol:PRIVX) that invests in the top 100 VC backed companies. The fund is available to the general public (no accreditation needed) and offers quarterly redemption. Please read the prospectus and the fund fact sheet available at www.sharespost100fund.com.
Silicon Valley

Osage University Partners (OUP) is a venture capital fund that invests exclusively in startups that are commercializing university research. At OUP, we firmly believe that universities provide an unparalleled innovation engine to launch disruptive startups. Hence, we have partnered with over 65 of the most entrepreneurial universities and research centers to invest in their startups, and share part of our profits with those institutions to further promote the university entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Coolhouse Labs is an early stage Venture Fund + Accelerator. We work with and invest in early stage technology startups who are building awesome products that solve big problems. We offer $50k in funding for 6% of common stock, 70+ mentors, 12 weeks in the Lab, design + product development resources, and over $200k in perks + the opportunity for follow-on funding. We are not a traditional accelerator, we take a hands on long term approach to helping our founders build great companies. Instead of simply turning you over to a network of mentors, we dig in deep with you and focus on developing three things, your: Company, Products, and Customers. You'll get to work hands with our leadership team who will work with you to develop your company and be there to guide you through everything from fundraising to exit. You'll get to work with our in-house team of designers and product development experts to help you build out your product and grow your customer base.
Michigan City

Exponential is a business builder company. Exponential helps a variety of clients, from Super Angels to Early Stage VCs and Multinational Startups that are looking for explore the huge market consumption in Brazil, but who needs local insight and local operation while entering the market. Whatever the need e.g. seeking a local co-investor, growing through merger and acquisition or restructuring the business model to the Brazilian market, we can bring you the network and insight in the market needed. Exponential helps build business in Brazil adding knowledge on local market, network to create business opportunities, sales team to prospecting deals and a business plan to adapt the global strategy for local aspects of Brazilian's market. And we boost growth of Brazilian Startups that built a local innovation for global export.
Rio De Janeiro

Blockchain Capital @ Flight.vc is a partnership between Blockchain Capital and Gil Penchina's Flight.vc. Blockchain Capital is the first sector focused VC firm that invests exclusively in blockchain technology companies and the bitcoin ecosystem. The firm is actively investing out of its second fund. Flight.vc is the largest syndicate network on Angel.co. The Blockchain Capital @ Flight.vc syndicate intends to share every deal whenever possible. This AngelList syndicate allows angels and investors from across the world to back great deal on the same terms as Blockchain Capital's venture fund.
Los Angeles · San Francisco

Drone.VC is the world's first drone fund, focused on investing in early-to-mid-stage technology companies pioneering the civilian and commercial unmanned aircraft industry.
Redwood City

Raptor Ventures is the venture capital arm of Raptor Capital Management LP. We partner with and deploy capital to early-stage, market disrupting technology and media companies to build the next generation of market leaders.

We make investments in early stage technology companies that are led by dynamic, scrappy entrepreneurs. We make 10 investments annually with the ideal size of our investment being $500K - $1M.
San Francisco