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We are experts in diving into and supporting growing companies We build your company snapshot based on your official documents. Which also means that you'll also be able to find them all in the same secure place. Tagged, marked, and categorized based on signatures and companies. We want to make documents easy to navigate. Since we take care of the data entry, management just needs to keep us updated over the phone. No more putting investor updates together in late night hours, just tell us how it is.
Hong Kong

> Exits: TasteSpace > For potential investors / LPs: Venture Capital for Latin America. Rapid demographic & technological change is occurring in Latin America and resulting in significant unmet needs for the raising young and technology minded middle class. Startups are best positioned to innovate nimbly and solve many of the recently surfaced unmet needs while competing with large conglomerates who have not successfully innovated in 10+ years. Major signs of change in Latin America middle class: + Affluence: * Affluent and middle class expected to double to 100mm by 2020 from 2010 + Technology penetration: * Mobile Broadband Connections to reach 500mm in 2017 (100mm in 2012) * Smartphone penetration to reach 45% in 2017 (20% in 2012) > For established VCs: We are looking for a strategic partner to grow in the region
Lima District

We're exposed to a large number of startups (YC, pre-YC, non-YC) through our networks and we like to employ the following as signals when choosing whether to invest: • Address a true burning need (obviously, but cannot be understated) • Have technical, formidable founders • Have technical and/or market differentiation • Have the right timing/leverage emerging trends • Have a clear path to revenue
San Francisco

The Minimum Viable Concept Test (MVC Test) is a consumer research tool that helps startups and investors learn before they launch their MVP. The MVC Test combines a proven consumer research methodology, a comparative database of historic startups tests, and strategic consulting from leaders in new product success.

Abstract by Flight.VC is co-syndicate between Abstract Ventures and Flight Ventures. All investments made through this syndicate will be sourced by Abstract Ventures. Abstract Ventures is committed to backing passionate founders creating solutions to the world's most challenging problems. We're a sector-agnostic firm looking to partner with startups from their earliest stages. There is no idea too big.
San Francisco

Osage University Partners (OUP) is a venture capital fund that invests exclusively in startups that are commercializing university research. At OUP, we firmly believe that universities provide an unparalleled innovation engine to launch disruptive startups. Hence, we have partnered with over 65 of the most entrepreneurial universities and research centers to invest in their startups, and share part of our profits with those institutions to further promote the university entrepreneurial ecosystem.

During periods of rapid business growth access to capital is crucial. But success requires more than capital. The Collective Funds is a venture capital firm that combines social influence with financial resources to create a powerful catalyst for early-stage high growth companies.
Kansas City

An early stage syndicate fund for startups commercializing deep learning in an industry-verticalized solution.
Redwood City