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Veezio is a fully automatic video analysis and indexing platform that is based on the video content. Enabling Video Search, Video SEO, Video Analytics and Content-Based Video Recommendation.

One click video conferencing. Host, record, and review business meetings.

http://giveit100.com Choose something you want to get better at and share a 10s video of your progress every day. Traction: 16 million video views 50k registered users Our users make viral inspirational content for brands: Woman Goes to the Gym for 100 days (1.4m views) http://youtu.be/I5FkshLcNLQ Girl Does Push-Ups for 100 days (300k views) http://youtu.be/gu_1L6XJM-c Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (4m views) http://youtu.be/daC2EPUh22w Most popular categories: Fitness Dieting Language Music Parents Pets See 10 seconds every day of us building Giveit100: https://giveit100.com/@100
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MusikFly matches artists to the right blogs. The platform provides a smart, simple feed for bloggers and other musical influencers to manage their music submissions.

aiotra is a web platform which offers a powerful new way to get creative work done. And fast. We connect recognized brands & artists who need video content with a community of talented video producers from Latin America. In other words, we crowdsource video content production but in very particular way. The hidden talents will raise from aiotra by working on projects for the most prestigious brands & artists, showing their talent, gaining recognition and getting paid to do what they love. We will offer all type of video productions: Advertising videos, Official Music Videos, Storytelling videos, Shortfilms, Web Series, Documentaries & Instructive Videos. Brand´s are looking for new & more effective ways to produce successful video content, so in aiotra we developed a new way to get video production work done fast and cheap.

Rainvid is a social network for video discovery, where users can discover videos around the web based on their interest, and become a VC (video catchers) and add to the site videos they love while browsing the interest. Users can create lists which they can open to the entire community and add videos on the same interest. Sometime small competitions are formed in lists, where users are competing on who gets the most like in a certain list; for example the list of the most bizarre music videos, got some interesting catches from users who added some bizarre music videos on the web. Other users who are less proactive, can just follow lists and discover videos that are trending right now from all over the world.

Virality is a random Brownian motion with a drift, similar to stocks or weather forecasts. We are using stock pricing models to build predictive analytics for video virality  There are 2 products we are working on. 1) Fantasy football for YouTube videos. Tubett is a fun and free to play YouTube market game. Every video has a virtual price that is proportional to its popularity (views + social shares). Players from over 25 countries compete to buy viral videos that they believe are about to take off virally and sell them as price (popularity) increases. Players can challenge friends in custom and global groups/leagues. It is game on viral videos that auto filters the most popular videos as they are also the most traded ones 2) TubEcho is a B2B product that helps brands and media agencies estimate future engagement footprint of their video campaigns and benchmark with competitors to adjust their marketing budget. 

Rockpack is changing the way consumers and companies discover and watch video content. Launched in July 2013, Rockpack has had amazing success. In four months, it was featured globally by Apple in iTunes 4 times and has been hugely popular among the millennial demographic, making it the fastest growing app in its category. Rockpack’s platform will continue to produce market defining Apps for specific market segments and demographics. Our catalogue of content is highly curated, highly relevant, and highly useful for our targeted niches. We are also working with small and medium sized businesses to solve their video problems. In early 2014, off the back of our first success and leveraging our expertise and insights, the Rockpack team is launching a new video platform to serve a more sophisticated market.

We are building Playrcart because we believe in crafting a new way to shop. Our app lets you browse and watch any video content, then buy the related products, without leaving our player. Ever. On any device. Our Player is an enabler. It creates a new ecosystem to market, promote, distribute and retail products using the power of video across the web. Video content is being consumed in ever increasing numbers. Huge numbers. Typically users that wish to purchase viewed content are being redirected to a third party site to fulfil a transaction, be it a cinema ticket, sporting event, an item of clothing or a game. This one step accounts for up to 60% of abandoned transactions worldwide. Our solution allows the user to purchase that content from within the player itself. Focussing on 4 key verticals, Film, Fashion, Gaming & LIVE! our MVP launched with our Film Channel giving users the ability to view film content then conveniently purchase cinema tickets from within the app.

Splitcast revolutionizes the video streaming market with a new technology that completely changes the economics and the experience of live transmission via internet.
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