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aiotra is a web platform which offers a powerful new way to get creative work done. And fast. We connect recognized brands & artists who need video content with a community of talented video producers from Latin America. In other words, we crowdsource video content production but in very particular way. The hidden talents will raise from aiotra by working on projects for the most prestigious brands & artists, showing their talent, gaining recognition and getting paid to do what they love. We will offer all type of video productions: Advertising videos, Official Music Videos, Storytelling videos, Shortfilms, Web Series, Documentaries & Instructive Videos. Brand´s are looking for new & more effective ways to produce successful video content, so in aiotra we developed a new way to get video production work done fast and cheap.

We make YouTube & Vimeo Videos/Episodes for businesses. Everyone is moving to video streaming services online to represent their communication foundations. We assist with providing video resources & making exquisite video.
Los Angeles · San Francisco

Sequel lets anyone turn any test or idea into a video for social rapidly and effortlessly.
Montreal · San Francisco

Laernn is a branded K-12 education media company that redefines literacy and integrates learning software with instructional online video and offline book resources. The first product was a book, Get Your Child to the Top, which redefines literacy to include the skillset needed for children to be successful in future job markets and provides a path for parents, teachers and children. CEOs, entrepreneurs, VCs, educators and kids shared their experiences/methods. The website, Laernn.com offers updated resources. Video lessons and further books will be added,centering around new common core curriculum requirements and 21st century literacy needs. Software will support the online learning videos to provide an integrated school supplement/compliment. Literacy should now include: technological prowess; financial literacy; globalization/world culture; ethics and values; creativity; entrepreneurship and the ability to create; social digital collaboration; and effective communication.
Los Angeles

Visiearth.com is a video and photo sharing website with special focus on searching and viewing images of places around the world. Google Maps has been integrated to Visiearth: Users can locate and pin the geographical coordinates of their uploads, Viewers can see the location where the images were taken on a dynamic, navigable world map.
New York

Giving Stage is a virtual venue where artists perform in order to raise money for causes. Viewers make a small donation in exchange for the rights to participate in an exclusive, online-only event. Music acts increase their fan-base by doing good. Charities forward their cause and ignite new movements. Fans enjoy their favorite music while connecting with like-minded individuals passionate about the cause.
San Francisco

Leading CDN, IPTV and OTT providers choose Skytide's online video analytics & reporting to optimize digital media performance.

Rockify is an online music video platform! It's "music to your eyes!" Think of it like Pandora for music videos (only better). Rockify makes it easy and fun to discover new music and share that music with your friends! Rockify is built using the proprietary Rockify platform that gives users easy access to find curated, high-quality music video content, play it on any device, interact with the content and their friends, discover new music through our recommendation engine, and more!
Santa Monica