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Raising $ 300,000

9 days left

42 Media

42 Media is a group of a few passionate people strive to be the bedrock of a safe haven for ideas, passion, creativity, and greatness.

United States
• Suggesty is a market tested new generation fashion shopping platform with curation function that reflects user’s needs and wants.

• So far, although few due to lack of marketing and PR, user response is excellent.

• We are just getting started. There are many features that we have planned to be added to the app, also with the extra funding we can kick start our marketing plan and start to haul in more and more users.

Raising $ 500,000

9 days left


We make wearable 360 Camera, then this product for VR Contents making and Security purpose.

South Korea
• We have the ability to produce high-quality B2C products that can create VR content and B2B products that can secure all directions (15 years experience from Samsung Electronics HW and SW engineer)

• Seed invested by Samsung and Lotte

• Collaborations with Facebook (API, Function)

• Collaborations with Lotte Group (VR, Security)

• After the exhibition of 2 exhibitions, 13 companies and NDA proceedings and MOU with 6 companies in the world

Raising $ 2,000,000



Indonesian millenials do not have access to attractive designs and quality furniture at affordable prices

Indonesia | Series A
We have closed our phase 1 close of Series B $2.6mn in equity funding. Total of $4m including debt and inventory financing SHA is signed. Our round is open for another $2m-3m. Extra funding will be used to expand and grow in other cities and markets. Valuation and terms will be same as current round.

• NMV have grown 10x in 2016

• CAC has fallen to 58 from 546

• Order number has reached 917

• CIR has dropped to 14%

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