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Goal: The storage industry is outdated and ready for disruption. We will be the Dropbox of physical storage.

Goal: Feb. 28, 2018, midnight

Raising $ 500,000

6 days left

Private (#400001504)

Provide on-demand storage solutions that allow people to solve their space problems.

South Korea
• We are approaching the capacity of our warehouses and anticipate reaching BEP in the next 3 months.

• Use of funds include:
- Technology
- Warehouses
- Staff
- Marketing

• Current Clients : Wework, Sparkplus, Vatos, Woozoo etc.

Raising $ 10,000,000

98 days left


Full solide state and inorganic electrochromic technology for Smart Windows, Smart Sunroof and Auto-Dimming Mirror

South Korea
• We will use raised fund to install 5G (more than 1m2 glass) sputter equipment and operations of company for 1 year or more.

• In this period, we will focus on develop products with several customer (some of them already connected) and some small products like auto-dimming mirror will be sold to automotive company.

• Company also prepare for the next round investment which is to enter the smart window business (for vehicle and for building)

Goal: Raise funds for metallic wireless communication business

Goal: July 31, 2018, midnight

Raising $ 2,300,000

159 days left

Private (#400002629)

To expand metallic wireless communication business that facilitate IoT network environment.

South Korea | Seed
• ZN Ocean Co., Ltd possess the technology, 'metalWave' which enables seamless communication between existing bulkheads within vessels.

• With fundraising, we have share subscription plans for 1) a sizable client's requests for data communication development, 2) regional office set up in US, India, Singapore, China and Japan, so we can accelerate problem resolution and improves responsiveness.


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