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Raising $ 2,000,000

17 days left


Indonesian millenials do not have access to attractive designs and quality furniture at affordable prices

Indonesia | Series A
We have closed our phase 1 close of Series B $2.6mn in equity funding. Total of $4m including debt and inventory financing SHA is signed. Our round is open for another $2m-3m. Extra funding will be used to expand and grow in other cities and markets. Valuation and terms will be same as current round.

• NMV have grown 10x in 2016

• CAC has fallen to 58 from 546

• Order number has reached 917

• CIR has dropped to 14%

Raising $ 2,000,000

41 days left

Pison Contents Inc

Pison Contents is a global music distributor and official provider of digital music to Apple Music, Spotify, Google and Amazon.

South Korea | Seed
• Reached profitability in 2016

• Launching Firstrack, a singer-songwriter accelerator powered by MusicSpray's self-producing and music monetization platform

Raising $ 500,000

72 days left


We make wearable 360 Camera, then this product for VR Contents making and Security purpose.

South Korea
• We have the ability to produce high-quality B2C products that can create VR content and B2B products that can secure all directions (15 years experience from Samsung Electronics HW and SW engineer)

• Seed invested by Samsung and Lotte

• Collaborations with Facebook (API, Function)

• Collaborations with Lotte Group (VR, Security)

• After the exhibition of 2 exhibitions, 13 companies and NDA proceedings and MOU with 6 companies in the world

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