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Raising $ 500,000

6 days left


We make wearable 360 Camera, then this product for VR Contents making and Security purpose.

South Korea | Seed
• We have the ability to produce high-quality B2C products that can create VR content and B2B products that can secure all directions (15 years experience from Samsung Electronics HW and SW engineer)

• Seed invested by Samsung and Lotte

• Collaborations with Facebook (API, Function)

• Collaborations with Lotte Group (VR, Security)

• After the exhibition of 2 exhibitions, 13 companies and NDA proceedings and MOU with 6 companies in the world

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Raising $ 2,000,000

37 days left


MOBLO is a child product that integrates study and play with blocks and mobile contents . Now, with your help, we plan to make it global.

South Korea | Seed
• Latest development
- Signed 2K units annual supply contract with TUNTUN, an educational company
- Good response following pilot classes at a company kindergarten in the Kyowon Group
- Announced a collaboration with XDF, the largest educational group in China,to offer coding classes
- Awarded governmental tasks in partnership with the Seoul National Univ of Education

• Funding
- Required for R&D and global B2C Market
- Received $4M through VC

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Raising $ 5,000,000

37 days left


Catcha is a free instant-messaging app that records and sends your voice to people you care about. With Catcha, you'll never type again.

South Korea
• Catcha is a free instant messaging app that records and sends your voice to people you care about. With Catcha, you never need to type on a keyboard. All you need is your voice.

• Catcha was designed to make instant messaging faster and easier than ever before. With Catcha, you simply turn a dial to find the face of the person you need to speak to.


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