Investment Intelligence Platform

Investment Intelligence Platform

It is our mission to bring Liberty and Prosperity for All, through Productive, Intelligently Automated, Regenerative Managed Interconnected Society with Predictive Resource Sharing to ensure Unlimited Investment Resource Availability for all, at any time, anywhere.

Where innovation meets entrepreneurship, BEGINNING is a Nation Building platform that provides investors, businesses, and governments with the intelligence, partnerships, and resources needed to build and run a nation.

Beginning is an exciting initiative of beSUCCESS , Asia's leading tech-startup platform which was founded in 2010. As the top Korean startup media organization, and organizer of the largest Korean-Global Tech Conference to date, beSUCCESS aims to connect Korean and Asian entrepreneurs to the people and resources around the world that can help them succeed. This is achieved through their network of media channels in English and Korean, and through a number of offline events and meetups, including their flagship beGLOBAL SEOUL event.

Inspired by the immense impact and success of beSUCCESS, Beginning was born during the 2015 beGLOBAL SEOUL Conference. It was founded by Mr. James Jung, CEO and Founder of beSUCCESS. James wanted to bring value to overseas investors and corporates, and help them find growing companies in Asia to invest in or work with. Previously, much of the difficulty was in not knowing exactly who the key people in the domestic market were. With a qualified database though, it would be easier and faster to get a handle on this valuable information, and it would benefit domestic investors and startups as well.

If you've ever questioned the value that can be gained from investing in Asia, take into consideration that Asia has continued to offer attractive growth opportunities worldwide. From fast-growing and profitable companies like Alibaba and Kakao, to innovative tech startups like Coupang and GrabTaxi, Asia is home to some of the hottest tech companies in the world. The tech market in Asia is accelerating to unprecedented heights, and this is your opportunity to be a part of it, and benefit from the growth and expansion of your business.

When exploring investment opportunities in Asia, you may discover that finding objective data to identify fast-growing companies can be a challenge. While you can find news, meetups or rumors that suggest a company is growing, it is not enough. That's where Beginning comes in.

We bring together real-time data on every company through our powerful analytical tools, and world-class execution capabilities all in one fully integrated solution. This allows you to identify growing companies based on FACTS. The data is based on actual trends of how businesses are doing and includes performance metrics such as Website Traffic Rank, Facebook Likes, Mobile Application Reviews and Feeds.

In addition, we cut through the clutter to save valuable time for investors. Our insightful and highly trained researchers are constantly curating and hand-selecting great startups for Beginning's database, so that investors can focus on the companies that are showing promising data and results..

We provide advanced intelligence for data including: Companies, Investors, Governments, Products, and Jobs. Moreover, investors and entrepreneurs can easily track the progress of their competitors in Asia, with the added benefit of learning from their mistakes and avoiding similar pitfalls and setbacks.

Another thing that sets Beginning aside from other companies is the exclusive array of services offered to its members. These include investor relation events, VIP dinners, market research studies, The Private Eye, valuable publicity support, and the Great Employee Referral Program..

With our affordable membership plans, you can get access to these impact-driven solutions that have been specifically developed to meet the needs of investors, entrepreneurs and corporates. And because we truly believe Beginning will benefit your business growth and success, we offer a FREE 15-day trial. Get started today .

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