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Swizzle offers a user feedback interpreting service that utilizes an advanced AI and big data processing system to collect, classify, and an

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At Swizzle, we distill your app store reviews into actionable insights by diving deep into your feedback using our technology and team of experts. Our service is trusted and recommended around the globe by companies such as Wells Fargo, King, University of Missouri St Louis, IBM Asia Pacific, and more.

We do this by creating customized NLP solutions for our enterprise clients, and providing a data strategist that understands our client's needs, as well as how our technology works. This system allows Swizzle to provide deep insights from the very beginning that far outshine our competition which provide generic sentiment and keyword analysis.

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The Feedback Interpreter for App Developer analyzing user reviews or comments on app store, social media, and online communities.

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Ian Inyoung Lee CEO & Co-founder