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  • Founded 2008
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Short Description

We are looking for entrepreneurs aiming at the global market

Long Description

Internet Service - The emergence and wide distribution of smart devices have fostered the advent of mobile ecosystem. Capstone Partners is looking for start-ups pursuing such potential; aspiring to solve problems and enhance quality of life with new ideas.

Game - People who plan and structure games are called ‘Game Designer’s. This implies that games have exceeded their sole conception as entertainment program. We are looking forward to discover pioneering games with unique philosophy which are ready to provide virtuous excitement to users.

IT manufacturing - Since the mobile revolution, the manufacturing industry has shown signs of revitalization towards the powerful trend of digitalization. Starting a business in manufacturing could be an excessively burdensome and dangerous journey. Capstone Partners would be an excellent companion to accompany your journey to success.

Joint Investors

Portfolio Companies

Company Name Description Investment Date Total Funding Raised Country
RacoonSoft Computer game developers USD 2.3 million November, 2014 South Korea
LTIZEN Mobile game developers USD 399,300 December, 2014 South Korea
BARUNSOFT Mobile software developers USD 266,200 May, 2014 South Korea
Cocoon Games Cocoon Games develops games. USD 532,401 December, 2014 South Korea
Pien A sports game developers USD 443,667 September, 2012
MADSQUARE Running a video suggestion platform USD 2.7 million October, 2016 South Korea
Polygon Games Online game developers USD 4.9 million August, 2014 South Korea
INNOCEED Mobile game developers USD 265,934 October, 2013 South Korea
Mirinae Games Mobile game contents developers USD 443,667 August, 2013 South Korea
BlueDice Mobile game developers USD 443,667 June, 2013 South Korea