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Disruption Inc is an international design and consulting firm with Design Thinking founded by Stella Oh, Seoul, in 2016.

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OpenDISRUPTION is a global community working together to design solutions for the world’s biggest challenges.

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Loopkin |

The 1st kids activity service with Design Thinking. which sparks creative problem-solving process from Standford. Where successful kids play

Parents need help with planning things to do for their kids spending over 60% their time organizing and planning events for their kids. So, Loopkin( allow them to find any kind of kids group activity at their any preferred time, date, and place.
Loopkin is the On-Demand Kids Activity Service. Why is not having any instant online platform service for kid’s events a problem? Loopkin is the first platform based kid’s event service. By using Loopkin’s platform, you can instantly book any nearby events. Parents can take part in kids play event and empathize what they need and think.

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| Total Funding Amount: $88,000

$ 88,000 ($ 88,000) | September 2016 | Seed