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Entrepreneurs investing in Entrepreneurs

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Our involvement isn't limited to board meetings and networking sessions. Our value comes from practical expertise in skills like SEO, product development and user acquisition. We are experts at the tactics that turn good ideas into great businesses.

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Sazze Partners believes in building long term relationships with founders, this means rolling up our sleeves and taking on both official and unofficial mentorship roles. Our expertise is in the tactical things that make or break businesses like SEO, product development and user acquisition. We win great deals because founders love that meetings with us revolve around their pain points and what we can do to help solve them. Rather than focus specifically on one industry, we invest in businesses where - The company has already demonstrated traction and leading indicators of future success - We have a concrete plan laying out how our involvement can accelerate their success. If you want to be an active member of a syndicate then invest alongside us. What does active mean? It means: - You want to know what is going on with your portfolio companies, - You want to know what your founders' biggest headaches are, and - You are available to help when founders reach out for assistance.

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Jacob Chapman Founder


Fred Tanada @flight-ventures • @gil-penchina-multi-syndicate-fund. @crimson-growth-partners.  • @stanford. Wall Street. YC Startup School. Singularity U @nasa


Kiha Lee Founder of Sazze, Inc.


Gil Penchina @ Founder


Greg Kwangrog Kim Co-founder of Sazze, Inc.


Portfolio Companies

Company Name Description Investment Date Total Funding Raised Country
Tubloo Supporting contents creators by offering contents sharing platforms March, 2015 South Korea
SUPERMENZ Offering mobile supermarket service January, 2016 South Korea
Mverse Designing and developing mobile accessories and mobile commerce solutions. USD 1.5 million September, 2016 South Korea
Backpackr Backpackr creates apps for travel and languages. May, 2016 South Korea
WANT TO WEAR Fashion Rental Service November, 2015 South Korea
TRAZY Offering travel information June, 2015 South Korea
TRUELITE TRACE Monitoring vehicle's engine for fuel consomption saving USD 2.1 million March, 2015 United States
Rock&Roll Business Group Running a food delivery business USD 621,134 December, 2015 South Korea
Venue Report Promoting gatherings through publishing and venue membership USD 800,000 September, 2014 United States
Mitiyoung learn languages using native TV show February, 2015 South Korea