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Company Name Personal Bio
SolidFire Contributor
Interbest Contributor
Hardy Farm Ventures Contributor
3billion Contributor
Newsystock Contributor
Finda Contributor
Cloudability Contributor
LUXROBO. inc Contributor
Cherubic Ventures Contributor
Sinovation Ventures Contributor
JOKERPACK Contributor
ZigBang Contributor
ENSWERS Contributor
Altos Ventures Contributor
Sazze Partners Contributor
Standigm Contributor
BAM Ventures Contributor
Hankook NFC Contributor
Onoffmix Contributor
Line Contributor
Hillhouse Capital Group Contributor
Tumblbug Contributor
Chinada Contributor
Rakesh Reddy Partner
GoodWill Contributor
Go partner
PiQuant Co., Ltd Contributor
Wrevel Contributor
gist Contributor
DIF Coupang II, L.P.eeee Contributor
YJM Games Contributor
Dr. Son Soccer Academy Contributor
Exscudo Contributor
Eazymation Contributor
Saguna Networks Contributor
ChattingCat Contributor
JJS media Contributor
Maverick Capital Contributor
Tosslab, Inc. Contributor
Cyzone Contributor
AIM Inc. Contributor
MAETEL, Inc Contributor
Coupang Contributor
SMATOOS Contributor
MAKEUS Contributor
4:33 Creative Lab Contributor
Zikto Corp. Contributor
PRO-POWER Co., Ltd. Contributor
VIISA Contributor
OST Investment Contributor
igniteXL Partner
Hans Creative Co., Ltd. Contributor
Snow Pixel Co. Ltd. Contributor
Spoqa Contributor
KEUKEY INC. Contributor
Maverick Co.,Ltd. Contributor
Naval Ravikant Contributor
Aiji Net Contributor
ideaware Contributor
Halion Displays Inc. Contributor
Mentorloop Contributor
Memebox Corporation Contributor
Fluenty Contributor
Access Bio Contributor
True Fit Contributor
Specialized Types Contributor
Seerslab Inc. Contributor
Lunit Inc. Contributor
Gwabba Contributor
The Ventures Contributor
Brandi Contributor
Mesh Korea Contributor
RocketPunch Contributor
TOOMICS Contributor
Macquaire Capital Contributor
EAZEL Contributor
Viva Republica Contributor
Insight Venture Partners Contributor
Fount Contributor
PageCloud Contributor
Bravemobile Contributor
thefarmers Contributor
SBI Holdings Contributor
Yellow Mobile Contributor
Riiid, Inc. Contributor
besuccessss Contributor
Flamingo Contributor
'abc' Contributor
BitGlim, leaders of the new Renaissance Contributor
TigerCompany Co., Ltd. Contributor
JOBHOP Contributor
PopJoy Contributor
SPRYFIT Contributor
STYLEPILL Contributor
Kaitek Contributor
SEWORKS Contributor
Glance Co. Contributor
The Alpha Labs Contributor
Membersheep Company Co. Ltd., Contributor
nthing Contributor
Glance, inc Contributor
MOINnnn Contributor
DemandShip Korea Inc. Contributor
xxs s
AND CO Contributor
SPACOSA Contributor
Momo Contributor
Smartisan Technology Contributor
LOC&ALL Contributor
Golden Gate Ventures Contributor
Wishket Contributor
SUALAB Contributor
Tapjoy Contributor
Bain Capital Contributor
Kingsley Capital Partners Contributor
Jobplanet Contributor
Between Contributor
Mocoplex Contributor
HelloNature Contributor
Tencent Contributor
NEOFECT Contributor
Y Combinator Contributor
YJ Capital Contributor
Uberple Contributor
Soorim Investment Contributor
Spotify Contributor
Classic Manager Contributor
MichinExpress Contributor
HouseCall Contributor
Clarifai Contributor
Balance Hero Contributor
TOMOCUBE Contributor
InterVest Contributor
Mobidoo Contributor
Anaplan Contributor
Tapas media Contributor
Strong Ventures Contributor
Capstone Partners Contributor
MOIN, Inc. Contributor
moin ddd Contributor
DropDeck Contributor
Dride Contributor
Shinhan Capital Contributor
Company.AI Contributor
Fabelio Contributor
Waterbear Soft Contributor
Mavlux, Inc. Contributor
Motionblue Contributor
Cards Corp. Contributor
KOLMAR KOREA Contributor
Palantir Technologies Contributor
WhooperSoft Contributor
Graph Ventures Contributor
teamBlind Contributor
MangoPlate Contributor
Wholesale Doctor Contributor
Swizzle Global Inc. Contributor
Frograms Contributor
NBA Digital Contributor
Besuccess Contributor
Ybrain Contributor
DGATE Contributor
JKL Partners Contributor
BBB Contributor
FiscalNote Contributor
Tokyo Founders Fund Contributor
vertex ventures Contributor
Fenox Venture Capital Contributor
Bitfinder Contributor
Noom Inc. Contributor
Bapul Contributor
FraSen Contributor
beecanvas Contributor
Engineering Consultants Group, Inc Contributor
Box Contributor
Dable Contributor
5Rocks Contributor
GameCoach Contributor
GreedEat Inc. Contributor
OBELAB Contributor
Paratus Investment Contributor
Goldman Sachs Contributor
DeNA Contributor
flitto Contributor
LINE Corp Contributor
HAXLR8R Contributor
Coresight Contributor
SendGrid Contributor
Maek Contributor
aaaaaaaaa Contributor
UTC Investment Contributor
Hauzd Contributor
Spring.me Contributor
ㅇㅇㅇ ㅇㅇ
NYVP Managing Director
Kingsley Ventures CEO
WADIZ Contributor
Blocko Contributor
NFLabs Contributor
Pison Contents Inc Contributor
Cracle factory Contributor
Softbank Contributor
CyberAgent Ventures Korea Contributor
Zillionize Angel Contributor
MyRealTrip Contributor
Coinplug Contributor
Genoplan, Inc. Contributor
ALTHEA Contributor
FundersClub Contributor
SOSventures Contributor
Keen Home Contributor
Qualcomm Ventures Contributor
Tim Draper Contributor
Aurumplanet Contributor
WOOWA BROS. Contributor
Invesdor Contributor
BigchainDB Contributor
ViralGains Contributor
Lendit Contributor
Yello Mobile Contributor
People Car Contributor
Storm Ventures Contributor
Sequoia Capital Contributor
ChonGiaDung Contributor
Santek (Santec) Contributor
Genome&Company Contributor
Buzzvil Contributor
DT Capital Partners Contributor
Dt&Investment Contributor
DCM Contributor
Rainist Contributor
Crypto_ICO_News Partner
Lotte Members Contributor
VR Leader Contributor
MyMusicTaste Contributor
ScaleChain Contributor
testtest Contributor
LINKFLOW Contributor
Lehman Brothers Contributor
ILIC Consultancy LTD partner
Computer Security and Tech Support USA Contributor
Eunice-ina Contributor
Appknox Contributor