We make wearable 360 Camera, then this product for VR Contents making and Security purpose.

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  • South Korea
  • Founded 2016

Raising $ 500,000




The Goal

LINKFLOW wants to help people record all their experiences and memory.
We make wearable 360 Camera, then this product for VR Contents making and Security purpose.


• We have the ability to produce high-quality B2C products that can create VR content and B2B products that can secure all directions (15 years experience from Samsung Electronics HW and SW engineer)

• Seed invested by Samsung and Lotte

• Collaborations with Facebook (API, Function)

• Collaborations with Lotte Group (VR, Security)

• After the exhibition of 2 exhibitions, 13 companies and NDA proceedings and MOU with 6 companies in the world

Pre-money Valuation


Founding Story

I started this idea because of my honeymoon experience. I saw good scenery on my honeymoon but when I came home, there were only pictures that were disconnected. From that moment on, I was worried that there would be no way to record my experience. Based on this, I went to the Samsung Electronics contest where I attended and showed my first prototype. Then I started receiving C-Lab, an internal incubating program for Samsung Electronics . I made a prototype for one year at C-Lab, and based on this, I made a spin-off at Samsung Electronics in November 2016.

Company Description

Link Flow is the world's first 360-degree wearable camera 'FITT360' for virtualization of personal experience, and rapidly virtualizing existing marts using the 360-degree characteristic of the next generation Vadicam 'FITT360 SECURITY' VR Virtual Mart, "FITT360 Market", which enables individuals and companies to easily and conveniently create VR images and to promote the era of business through VR.

Our link flow was spin-off at Samsung Electronics at the end of October, 16, and now we are in Lotte Accelerator. We are currently collaborating with Facebook in order to develop the characteristics of our products that can create first-person 360 VR images. We are collaborating on our products so that we can upload their own experiences to 360-degree images on Facebook.

In addition, we collaborate with Lotte Group to cooperate with distribution of our products, as well as virtual mart works of distributors such as Lotte Mart, etc. We shoot 360 images through our products.

Products & Services

FITT360 |

FITT360 is wearable 360 Camera for personal VR contents creation

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