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42 Media is a group of a few passionate people strive to be the bedrock of a safe haven for ideas, passion, creativity, and greatness.

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Raising $ 300,000




The Goal

42 Media wants to raise pre-A funding round for 42 Media successful launch of Suggesty
42 Media is a group of a few passionate people strive to be the bedrock of a safe haven for ideas, passion, creativity, and greatness.


• Suggesty is a market tested new generation fashion shopping platform with curation function that reflects user’s needs and wants.

• So far, although few due to lack of marketing and PR, user response is excellent.

• We are just getting started. There are many features that we have planned to be added to the app, also with the extra funding we can kick start our marketing plan and start to haul in more and more users.

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Founding Story

Living “fashionably” in New York City is no easy task, especially if you are a nerdy big-data modeling marketer with zero fashion sense like me. One day, I went online to become “stylish.” I was willing to spend some money and look presentable in the capital of fashion and culture. But I quickly found that if you really have zero fashion sense, no online fashion mall can save you. So, I decided to solve the problem with one thing I am good at: Big Data. Two years later with a bit of work, we made our solution: suggesty.

Company Description

42 Media’s grand plan is not grandiose like Musk’s “To Mars!” or virtue driven like Google’s “Do no harm”. It simply started as my dream of a safe haven for creative, passionate, and great people. In the world where the best and the brightest college graduates line up for conglomerate companies for stability, and fewer souls venture for their dreams and passion, I concluded it was because we lack the proper environment to cultivate such culture. But now, probably for the first time in human history, technology has allowed us to make a difference in the society with limited resource. With strategic thinking and planning, and if conditions are right, good and creative ideas can be rewarded thusly. I personally value creativity and passion above all else; however, in current corporate structure, it is very hard to detect such virtues and cultivate them, let alone reward or incentives them.

42 Media believes such creativity and passion comes from the ownership of the project - not just the financial ownership, but full control of their project. We expect every team member to “invest” their time and energy and take ownership. We currently only have one project (i.e. suggesty) under our belt, but in near future, we expect to have multiple projects running simultaneously. For example, the main resource of the company will be shared, but each cell project will be carried out by different units - something similar to a grape on a vine. Eventually, coming to a point where everyone is an owner of some part of the project lacking any need for competing salaries or bonus, they all get a share of the profit. I named this “selective socialism.”

As our first mission and project, we decided to tackle the “online fashion mall” problem with big data. Even with all the latest technology, online fashion mall hasn’t changed in years. It has been relying on editors’ pick, showing thousands of un-relatable search results and bombarding customers with flash sales or cheap marketing tactics. The market has grown to be “product oriented market.” We decided to approach this problem with the oldest trick in the book: personal recommendation based on customers. Furthermore, we will expand the market the way it should have been: “user oriented experience.”

End of the day we are what our name says we are: “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything: 42” – Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

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Sangwoo Kang CEO


| Total Funding Amount: $300,000

$ 300,000 ($ 300,000) | January 2018 | Seed

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